Sunday, 4 December 2011

Depression Is A Thief.

Depression is a thief.  Robs the colours from the rainbow.  The dreams, the hopes, the beautiful colours, I so embrace, had faded to a teasing, taunting background blur.  Faded to murky shades of black, of grey, of white.   
No, not again.  Please, not again.  And I lay in bed.  Watched the shadows dance upon the wall as the cool autumn breeze drifted in through open window.  And I lay in bed.  Hardly noting the tears streaming down my cheeks.  It had all become too much as I lay there and thought of my sleeping son.
Depression is a thief.  It robs you of the joy of the simple things in life.  Blocks out the sounds of the singing birds playing gently on the branches of winter trees.  Depression is a thief.  Steals the wonder from your heart and suffocates with impending doom.  

And yet, despite it all, I have received gifts of caring, compassion and hope. You have reached out to me and your kindness is clear, profound demonstration that we can all be here for each other.  Thanks to you and thanks to my determination to cling on to those delicate strands of positivity that linger in the back of my mind, the colour is beginning to return.  It's a little bit blurry, a little bit hazy, but the uplifting colours of optimism have started to immerse my being.  I even heard the sweet sounds of winter birds playing gently on the branches of winter trees.
And thus, thanks to David at,  A Day in the Life  and Kim and CindyLu, over at, CindyLu'sMuse,  for doing guest postings while I have been trying to work through this bout of depression.  I am heartened and encouraged by such genuine and inspirational concern.  I thank each and every one of you for reaching out to me.  For thanks to you and your warm wishes, the thief has been apprehended.


  1. Gary
    everyone suffers through down times, but most don't go down to the depths that you do. Your battle will not be lost. Carry on valiantly. The pictures remind me of the pink floyd album cover with light going though the prism revealing beautiful color on the other side. peace my friend.

  2. It is so good to see you posting here again. I'm glad you are fighting your way back up through the deep water. Keep swimming, keep breathing, we need you back with your positive attitude and good vibrations. Best wishes to you and your son and of course, Penny. As always, good healing thoughts headed your way.

  3. You are as eloquent as you are brave. I feel honored to know you, and glad indeed to know that the thief has been apprehended and the colors are returning to your life. May you and your family have a happy holiday season.

  4. Dear Penny, Keep up the good work in helping Gary make his way back into the rainbows full beauty.

    If our humans would just cling to us thru those dark times, we will always help in any way we can to pull them from the depths of hell.

    Give your human a huge hug from me and my Vickie because we have really missed him.

    Keep pulling my friend


  5. I don't know what to say. The Queen's language doesn't seem adequate at moments like this. Having lived with a dark cloud over me my entire life, I know how silly it sounds to hear "Take care." The sentiment is sweet but empty.

    There are no words to ease your pain. If I was there I'd say nothing. I'd bake cookies, make tea. I'd walk Penny. Play crib with Tristan. Answer the phone or the door. Do dishes. Sweep the floor.

    But I'm not there and besides, who needs a woman hanging about cleaning when you want quiet. Okay, I'd do laundry instead. No, that's too noisy.

    Hey, I make a mean meatloaf, chicken pie, spaghetti...

    And I clean windows. I'd ...

    Okay I'm feeling better already, but you probably aren't. Course, if you think about it, the fact I'm not there should bring you some peace. Apparently, I'm a chatterbox. Listen to the nice quiet and relish the fact that Joylene is in Canada, days away.

    Now do you feel better?

    Generally this works for my sons.

    I'm clicking on "publish your comment" now... (pulse racing...)

  6. So, does this mean you had a "Grinch" that tried to steal your blog?? And now he's apprehended!! App away.

    Very eloquently written, Gary! Taste the rainbow, my friend.

    Peace and love,
    Dixie :)

  7. That was a powerful analogy, and eloquently put, Gary. Good to hear from you again. I hope your day is filled with colour.

  8. Gary my friend, it's great to see you writing again, but mostly that the 'little rays of lightened hope' is starting to peek through the darkened clouds. I know of what you speak, I've been there, and you know that. Now what I must say to your statement "the thief has been apprehended"....I would like to add to that sentiment, in the most compassionate manner possible....."HANG THE BUM UNTIL TILL DEATH DOES PART...scum bag! Warm positive vibrations being sent your way in the form of prayers....good buddy! Later....

  9. My friend Meg is bi-polar and there are days when she cannot even get out of the house. I feel for you my friend and hope that you see better times soon and can see all those rainbows in their full color.

  10. Awwww Gary. You are gonna be ok. Keep posting, keep writing - these are beautiful and very poignant words! Take care

  11. Dear Gary,
    I remember quite clearly when I was depressed that, quite literally, the colour had drained from things. The world appeared as a grey, monotonous thing. So, when making our film, "The Search", for the Pathways Group, I wrote the the following line for the voice-over: "I met the colour grey, and made freinds with it". I believe this is a very common experience for those sufferring with depression, one which is even written about in psychiatric journals. So what you write of is in no way "abnormal" or strange, it is just how this illness tends to affect us.
    You write so eloquently of this, Gary, and I feel for you at this trying time. Know I am always here if you want to just off-load some shit, talk, or whatever.
    Yours with much empathy and very best wishes,

  12. Yes it is like having a dementor sucking the essence/ happiness out of you. Apparently there are certain foods that prevent the happy serotonin from being absorbed into the brain and others that help it.
    Check out:

  13. You are so incredibly strong, Gary! I know of the darkness, and it's quite.....lightless there. I'm glad that your light bulb is starting to glow. You are truly one of my most favorite people. I think about you, your son, and Penny often. Fortunately for you my light is on a dimmer switch, since I can be so blindingly bright...or is it that I'm not too bright? Hmmm.

  14. Those are some powerful words. This expresses what I've been feeling of late. I guess it's partly time of year, but my fears also are trying to control my life and they are putting up a strong battle. Sometimes I wish I could just sleep for a long time and wake up to find out my current problems were just a dream.

    Hang in there Gary. Those colors of the rainbow are worth it.

    Wrote By Rote

  15. Oh, Gary, it's so great to see you writing again. Am I being too optimistic that this means a positive step toward a brighter future for you? I love how you've chosen to describe the big D. Thank god the thief's been apprehended; I'm of the same opinion as The Manic Chef - may there be swift justice! CindyLu has offered to kick some A on that one. She's small but mighty!
    Joylene made me laugh, I think I saw a bit too much of myself in you'd agree! Love your writing, Gary, superb as always - you truly rock! Here's to light and colors and warm happiness - bring 'em on!

  16. Hi Ray,
    Thanks friend and maintaining a positive focus can keep us all going through the darkest times. Nice to know we are not alone.
    See you on the 'bright side of the moon' :)
    In peace to you, my friend.

  17. Hi Gary! Good to see you here again. I have just made a return myself so it's comforting to see an old friend. Joylene is hilarious but I think I would likely be very similar. You know my thoughts on all of this so what else can I say but....Hugs!!!

  18. Hi Delores,
    Thank you, dear lady. I will keep my head above water as you have sent me the life jacket of hope and peaceful wishes.
    Your wishes for my son, Penny and me, are highly cherished.
    Peaceful and grateful wishes, your way, Gary

  19. Hi Susan,
    That's very kind of you to say. And I'm honoured to interact with such a thoughtful dear lady such as you.
    The thief is in custody and awaiting sentence :)
    Happy holiday season to you and your loved ones.
    With respect and gratitude,

  20. Dear Bert,
    I've just had a chat with Penny and
    she is determined I keep seeing the colours in the rainbow.
    And you, a dear friend in doggy world, are indeed just the tonic to keep keep Vickie comforted and smiling. We can never underestimate the value of love that you animals display to us.
    And now Penny has given me a big hug and is making it difficult to use the keyboard! :)
    Thanks Bert and Vickie.
    Warm wishes your way, from this human, Gary. Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, from Penny xx

  21. Hi Gary .. this time of year isn't easy, the times of life aren't easy and then add in that nagging doubt of the mind thief .. you've risen above before and I know you will now - you are a man of strength and a caring and devoted father .. with many thoughts - Hilary

  22. Dearest Joylene,
    Oh my, for someone who doesn't know what to say, you have expressed some amazing thoughts with profound clarity and humour. Indeed, your words resonate with sincerity and understanding. And despite your own "dark cloud", you always find a way to see the sunny possibilities that lie beyond that cloud. Gosh, sorry, that was nauseating, eh :)
    Actually, despite you not being here and baking some cookies and making tea, your kind gestures are greatly received. I'm sure Tristan would be thrilled to meet you and heck, I could be the interpretor and explain to him, in the 'Queen's English', what the heck you were saying, eh :) And Penny would be thrilled to meet an actual published author such as your good self. She would take great delight in showing you a few extra writing techniques that she has tried to teach me. Alas, with me, Penny has failed miserably. I, a mere human, could never write as well as her. However Penny would love to make you more famous than you already are.
    Ah laundry. Actually, it would be worth watching you try to work one of these weird British washing machines. Which reminds me, I have laundry to do, a house to vacuum and a bathtub to clean. Yes, as the depression lifts, I'm getting these strange urges to do some cleaning and dance naked down the street. Okay, I'm kidding. I cannot be bothered doing any cleaning.
    Your cooking talents are known far and wide. Shall you be doing a recipe book? Just think it could be titled, '101 Ways To Use Maple Syrup'.
    Oh, speaking of windows. You do realise that double glazed windows take twice as long to clean....
    Joylene, I'm delighted, beyond any adequate adjectives, that you are feeling better. To have you verbalise your awesome thoughts and feelings on my shy and humble site, are a wonder to behold. In fact, I greatly appreciated your long and winding comment. In fact, part two, England's loss, is Canada's, notably British Columbia's, gain. England needs more "chatterboxes" like you. Sometimes it's just too darn quiet, over here, in lil' ol' England. Whoops, 'lil' ol' is more something an American might say....
    Joylene, I feel tons better. Thanks for that. Nothing like a bit of good natured humour blended with some serious thoughts, to make my day, eh.
    And now, I shall click on "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT" and wonder what the heck I just wrote.....
    Thanks Joylene.
    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary and of course, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.....'Arf! Arf!'...

  23. Hey Dixie,
    How did you know? :) In collaboration with "Scrooge" and that bloody "Humpty Dumpty", alleged greatest 'off the wall' comedian, ever, they attempted to steal my blog. That jail cell is mighty full, as the three of them await trial :)
    Thank you Dixie and I'm tasting the colourful rainbow.
    In peace and love, your way, Gary and of course, Penny :)

  24. Hi Botanist,
    Warm greetings to you, Ian. Thank you and I'm going to try and be a bit more proactive.
    Colourful wishes, your way, Gary

  25. Hi The Manic Chef,
    My dear buddy, thanks and it's good to have put up a posting. Not sure how I managed it because I'm quite spaced out. No change there then :)
    And through the gift of empathy, we share and we relate. This is powerful and together, my friend, we can help each other, be here for each other. We know that we need not be alone and interaction is inspirational and uplifting.
    The thief shall be tied to a stake and I shall throw rotten vegetables at it! :) Then we shall watch it die in a pile of rotting cabbages....
    Warm and positive wishes, your way.
    In peace and empathy, Gary

  26. Hi Michael Offutt,
    Indeed, I have friends with bi-polar and those dark times can take them to the depths of despair.
    My best wishes to Meg and to you, my friend. The full depth of colour in the rainbow is returning.
    In peace and brilliant colour, your way, Gary

  27. Dear Old Kitty,
    Thank you, dear friend and I know, with such caring and comfort from you and so many others, that all will be okay :)
    Although it's been a great struggle to concentrate on writing and being proactive within the great blogging community, I shall do my very best to move on in a most positive and colourful light.
    You take care of you and Charlie

  28. Dear David,
    Indeed, the fading of the colours is a quite literal sensation. Colours, interests, the music that we love, fades into a dreary, black, grey, white and monotone world.
    Within your eloquent response has brought further confirmation that you would understand what I was alluding too.
    As you know, the fading of my perceptions has been brought on by the onslaught of a negative force. A force I am determined to conquer for me and for my son. Positivity will win out.
    I look forward to our next chat. And I do so hope these fine folks within the great blogging community drop by your site and wish you a 'happy birthday'. Happy birthday David and enjoy the milestone.
    In peace and empathy, your way, Gary.

  29. Hi Madeleine,
    That's a good way to describe it. Indeed, a healthy balanced diet can be conducive to our well being. I thank you for the link :)
    Take very good care.
    In kindness and appreciation, Gary

  30. Hi middle child,
    And if only the thief could be locked away and left us all alone.
    I guess the battle makes us stronger.
    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  31. Hi THE SNEE,
    Dear Rebecca, thank you and I believe we gather strength from each other. Your continued kindness and understanding is a great source of comfort.
    My light bulb is one of those energy efficient ones. Darn thing takes ages to light up! :)
    I really appreciate your caring wishes for my son, Penny and me. I'm blessed to know you and you will know that I'm always around to support you in your own personal journey to realise a happier, more colourful life.
    You may well be on a dimmer switch. Although, when you are on full, your brilliant glow shines for all the world to see. As for me, I think I may well be on a 'dumber switch' :)
    Brilliant, colourful wishes, your way, Gary....

  32. Hi Arlee Bird,
    Lee, thank you for your articulate and thought provoking transparency. Yes, we can be slaves to our fears. That inner critic that feeds us with negative thoughts. We have to understand that the inner critic tells us lies. You are determined to win the battle because I know that you would rather live your life with realistic positive anticipation, rather than, negative speculation.
    My dear friend, you are highly regarded and much respected within the great blogging community. I know this will inspire you to continue to embrace all the positive possibilities on offer.
    Thanks Lee for your understanding wishes. May we both embrace the dazzling colours of the rainbow.
    With respect and gratitude, your way, Gary

  33. Dear Kim,
    Thank you, dear lady. It was a struggle to formulate this posting and I do so hope this is an indicator that I'm taking a positive step forward :)
    It has been your ongoing kindness and inspiration that has been a vital catalyst in my attempting another go at writing. I'm very grateful to you and for your beautifully written guest posting.
    Ah yes, The Manic Chef, CindyLu and your good self, might just string up the thief for crimes against the mind :)
    Joylene and you are both a good laugh. And yep, laughter is the best medicine:) Did you know, despite Joylene being a famous Canadian type author, eh, she's totally in awe of me and Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. Go figure, eh...
    Here's to you rockin' and rollin' as you dance upon the brilliant colours of a vibrant rainbow:)
    Warm and colourful wishes your way, to you and that small but mighty, CindyLu.
    In peace, Gary

  34. Hey Heather,
    Thanks and as you know, I 'threatened' to put up a posting when we chatted on the phone on Saturday. And yes, I noted you have put up another posting which I will duly and I hope others, will duly read and maybe comment on.
    Joylene is well funny eh. And you are like well funny eh and we do have some good laughs. I reckon its got something to do with being Canadian! :)
    I know you relate and understand, my dear friend.
    Hugs and colourful thoughts, your way, Gary

  35. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks Hilary and very well stated. These are daunting times for many and to add to that the stress of the 'season to be jolly', the lack of light in the Northern Hemisphere and you have quite the mix.
    The "mind thief" will never win. I almost went back to the darkest of places. A place that I will do everything in my positive power to avoid.
    I greatly appreciate your encouraging words, Hilary.
    Warm and colourful wishes, your way, Gary

  36. I have been through this only once in my life. Fortunately, it has never returned. So, I know enough to understand, but not enough to give you advice. What I can offer is a hand on the way back, To me it was like being on elevator stuck between floors and knowing that the other person in the elevator was the Devil.
    The clouds are parting. My best

  37. I read about your blog over at Bert's Blog, and I wanted to lend my support. I've suffered one "major depressive episode" in my life, and many serious other medical issues. I know from my experience that depression is one of the hardest things to deal with. I admire that you're writing about it here and finding the impetus to keep moving forward.

    My one bout with depression changed me forever. I now seek out things that make me smile every single day to keep those dark clouds away. I admire you immensely since you have fought a far longer battle than I did.

  38. Oh, Gary, thank you for such kind words in your response - but truly, YOU are the inspiration. I believe those in your community here would concur! I'm just honored to know you, to be some small part of your life. And it was truly a privilege for me, to have my writing on your cool blog.

    So...the Canadian woman is funny, eh? lol Joylene's a blast! Humor does certainly help; in fact, when I can't find any is when I know I'm in trouble. It's a great indicator of positive mental health, don't you agree?

    You've left me with a wonderful image. Rockin' and rollin', dancin' on the colours of a rainbow is a great one!! You and Penny'll have to join CindyLu and I for such a magical dance!

  39. Hi Gary. Your post is very eloquent - almost like poetry and is the nearest I have come to understanding what depression is like through your words.
    It's leaving you sounds like that moment when the monochrome Wizard of Oz bursts into Technicolor!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  40. You’re damn right, Gary, depression is a thief! But, with strength and endurance - when we can muster it - we can steal back what it took from us.

    Here’s hoping anyway :)

  41. Depression robs you of the light; it also robs you of the strength to go on.

    I don't even cry any more; when depression comes, I sit and stare.

    I am glad that you are able to post again, without this wonderful community of friends we would be very lonely indeed.

  42. Giant HUGS for you Gary! Depression can take over your whole life. You have to fight it. You can put it in it's place. I hope you are taking time to exercise as that can help with depression. I'm sure Penny would love a hike in the woods. :D

    Take care of you, my friend.

  43. What a beautiful post that started murky and grey, and ended with a resounding hope and positive energy. Dear Gary, depression is indeed a thief, and it robs, robs, robs us of appreciating the little things in life, and I'm glad that you have dearest friends that'd helped you swim to the shore from the pull of the waves filled with torment. I am so very happy for you that the thief has been caught in time. Keep strong, my dear friend. I hope these positive thoughts reach to you and warm your heart. Smile. Take it a day at time. You'll be alright. :)

  44. Oh Gary, I'm so sorry to hear that you've depressed. I was there a year ago. I know exactly how it robs you of everything enjoyable. But there is an end. The color does come back. I wish you all the hope and happiness in the world. Don't let go of tomorrow. Hope will get you through anything.

  45. Hi Gary, I would be blessed to guest blog for you anytime dear. The valleys are sometimes unbearable, but the view at the peak is worth the ride. Hang in there.

    A very interesting analogy. I like to think I took the 'devil' to the basement level, kicked him out the door at pushed the button for the top floor.
    Thank you for your words of support and indeed, the clouds are parting as the earth is beginning to be bathed in brilliant colours. My best to you and your loved ones, Henry.
    With respect, Gary

  47. Hi KB,
    I thank you for your kind words and I'm delighted you would take the time to visit from over at Bert's Blog.
    I thank you for your understanding and your encouragement. I do so hope that verbalising my experience can hopefully be of help for others as we endeavour to be here for each other.
    Each bout of depression has also brought strengthened renewal to appreciate and embrace all that is good in my life. Despite all the traumas that have triggered my depressive episodes, I am grateful for all I have. I am grateful for your comment and truly, when we help each other, we help ourselves.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  48. Hi Kim,
    Dear lady, you are most welcome. I thank you for such flattery and I'm blessed to have such wonderful, thoughtful people grace my site with such remarkable responses. It truly was a cherished article you shared with us on my site. I'm very grateful that you submitted it and gave me the chance to take further reflection on my life.
    Yeah, eh, Joylene is a well cool Canadian type lady and she sure can be funny n' stuff, eh! :) Laughter is the bestest darn medicine and I embrace the ironies of life :) Humour ('humor')is great indication of positive mental health well being.
    Okay, let's start a rockin' and a rollin' and a dancin' on the colours of the rainbow. Gosh, look at CindyLu and Penny :)
    In peace and gratitude, your way, Gary and Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :)

  49. Hi Gary yes and the diet is more than a healthy balanced diet, it's actually a diet specifically for sufferers of depression. :O)

  50. Hi bazza,
    Thank you, my friend and your description is most apt.
    Or, speaking of movies, the moment Summer Holiday, starring um...Cliff Richard, turns from black and white into splendid colour as it washes down into colour from the top of the screen...
    Cheers, Gary

  51. Hi Masked Friend,
    Indeed, the thief is awaiting trial and has been told that stealing positivity is a crime against the vulnerable and fragile mind.
    We live in hope :)
    In kindness and empathy, Gary

  52. Hi Friko,
    Indeed, my friend. Depression can be so debilitating, the very concept of getting out of bed can be a daunting task.
    I recall one of my life changing moments. At the brink of death, I spent five weeks in an NHS hospital. A man who tried to kill himself through the insidious nature of alcohol. Five weeks alone with no visitors. I have moments where depression has almost overwhelmed me. Yet, mostly I live my life with realistic positive anticipation rather than, negative speculation. That and the wonderful support I receive from the great blogging community has given me the incentive to cope as best I can. Thank you and we both know, we never need feel alone.
    In kindness and gratitude, your way, Gary

  53. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you. I do my very best to not let depression overwhelm me. I utilise positive distractions and get a fair amount of exercise. And yes, Penny loves going for a walk in the beautiful English countryside.
    My situation is an environmental issue and the immediacy of the plight of my son has a direct bearing on my well being. We shall continue to do our best to cope and remain positive that all will be okay.
    Big hugs to you, Sharon.
    In kindness and warm wishes, Gary :)

  54. Hi Shanaz,
    Thank you for such wonderful words of comfort and understanding.
    The warmth and sincerity of those who would visit my site have been most uplifting. Your kindness is a wonder to behold and I'm heartened by such a comment.
    I shall stay strong and I know, you will stay strong. The thief will never get away with it :)
    Thank you for your positive thoughts, Shanaz. My heart feels the warmth of your words and wishes.
    Positive and peaceful thoughts, your way, Gary :)

  55. Hi Nancy,
    Absolutely. Through determination and embracing the positive resources on offer, the colour, the appreciation for life, returns. Hope and the knowledge that we are not alone, is a powerful catalyst for realising a better road ahead.
    Thank you, Nancy.
    Warm wishes and kindness, your way, Gary

  56. Hi Victoria,
    How delightful to see you here :) I've just noted you've been blogging again. I kind of lost you under the radar.
    That would be very nice if you would grace me with a guest posting on my site. We must work out some arrangements :)
    Yes, amazing isn't it. We find ourselves down in the valley, we pick ourselves up and admire the view from the top of the mountain. And what a colourful panorama before our eyes and soul :)
    Thank you, Victoria.
    In peace and kindness, your way, Gary

  57. Hi Madeleine,
    A very good point and I do know that it is aimed at those who are experiencing depression. Serotonin helps the Neurotransmitters to work more adequately and the right diet for sufferers is vital in achieving better well being.
    Excellent advice, Madeleine. Thanks for that and along with applying other positive resources and reluctantly going back on anti- depressants, I'm getting better. The only thing is that the ongoing situation with my son makes it one heck of an effort to keep a positive outlook. We shall do our best. Thank you, Madeleine. I greatly appreciate your advice.
    In peace and kind wishes, Gary

  58. Hi Y'all,

    Just stopped to catch up and tell y'all that I was so happy to hear from Penny! I just can't tell y'all!

    My Humans have been sidetracked the past couple of weeks with real life stuff. Thanks again for remembering us and visiting. It sure was great news to stop by and find you feeling better Gary. It's a wonderful rainbow you found.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  59. Hi Hawk,
    Penny is always delighted to visit your pawesome and pawsitive site, Hawk :)
    Ah yes, 'real life' can get in the way of blogging. Totally understandable that things need to be done.
    Thank you. I'm doing my best to see those wonderful colours in the rainbow that for a while there, had faded away.
    Take good care of yourself and your humans, Hawk :)
    In kindness and gratitude, Gary

  60. Well... I'd say you hit the bulls eye, describing Depression. Every word of it. A thief that robs you of 'the joy of the simple things in life'. And when you really think of the meaning of that quote, I don't know how many people actually can put themselves in that place where you're feeling that. It's a very dark place. If you're fortunate, as I can see you have been, with your readership in the past and present, you'll have people there to offer their support. They might not be physically there but if somebody has taken the time to attempt to console you or offer advice with a long or short meaningful string of words, I'd say you're fortunate, in that respect.

    Some folks have nothing, like the post after this- where you describe the homeless, the cast offs of society.

    I'm proud to call you friend, Gary. One, because of your empathy towards others and two, you actually get the meaning of Depression and tell it like it truly is.

  61. Hi Kelly,
    I like to think that most folks would never experience the dark and lonely place that captures you during the heights, or should that be, the depths of depression.
    Thankfully, I'm blessed with support and positive interaction from those who know and those who want to try to understand. Indeed, I'm very grateful and when I have gone out to help those less fortunate than me, my gratitude for all I have is enhanced. It makes me determined and inspired to be there for others as they have been here for me.
    Kelly, it my honour to have your friendship. We have shared the gift of empathy and that is most powerful.
    You and I and all those who have been to the dark place, must jail the thief for audacious crimes against our minds.
    With respect and empathy, your way, Gary

  62. It's good to see you writing again. I truly believe that writing helps us in many ways. On my new post on Friday you can see our dog, Lucy, a Beagle, who is a real joy to us as Penny is to you.
    Show her to Penny who will get a laugh out of her pose. My best.

    Thanks Henry and even though it has been difficult to post with so much transpiring in my personal life, I do consider writing, much like you, to be a therapeutic distraction.
    I shall send Penny your way to see Lucy the beagle. I'm sure Penny will have a pawesome time :)
    With respect, Gary

  64. Gary, wow! I can identify with this post so much. You have come such a long way and for me you are truly an inspiration. I know you wrote this post a while back and still it lets others such as myself know, that we are not alone.

    Thank you:)

  65. Hi Madison,
    First of all, thank you kindly for commenting on this archived posting. You inspired me with your thoughtful posting to submit this to twitter. I just knew you would relate to this.
    We need never be alone and thanks to kind, caring and understanding people like you, we can continue along the positive pathway.
    Thank you :)
    Gary (looking rather like Penny in the icon photo)


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