Monday, 21 June 2010

The 'Wee Folks' Wedding.

Today would be a day of magic, wonder and inspiration.  For today was the 'wee folks' wedding.  A joyous celebration of the deep, powerful love of Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess and Geoffrey, the garden gnome.  The above photograph is Fidelina posing with her sister bridesmaid, Venetia, as they make final preparations in anticipation of the event.

Above is a photograph of Teagan, the best gnome, and of course, Geoffrey, the happy groom.

The wee folks were a bit reluctant to have the wedding in the day time.  Yet, the day and the starting time were symbolic of the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.  As if by magic, the ceremony commenced and the sun hid behind the moon.
The wee folks would be most honoured if you have a look at the photographs from their wedding.  The wee folks wedding, a profound statement that true love conquers all.

Clicking on the link below will take you to this truly magical wedding.


  1. I did check in, but I think I went to the wrong venue and missed the knot tying. I'm sure it was bowtiful. Good 'elf and fairy happiness as the newlyweds set up gnome together...

  2. Oh how wonderful, magical, amazing.

    The beautiful bride was enchanting and Geoffrey looked so handsome. The whole thing brought a tear to my eye.

    I wish the happy couple every happiness in their life together. Maybe one day we will be hearing the patter of very tiny feet. X

  3. Gary, Gary, Gary. Truly, truly, truly,..... well truly.

    An inspiring view of a fantastical world

    A piece of work, befitting, well, yes befitting!

    Your mind never fails to erm, well, no not fails; to quote some one we all know, amazing!!!!

  4. Fantastic, Gary! I do hope the happy couple have a lovely life together - not long until we hear the patter of tiny fairy-elves?

    Julie xx

  5. Well these two prove resoundingly that there is no place like gnome. Congrats to the happy couple I'm sure they will have several hundreds of years of bliss. The pictures were lovely and everyone looks happy. I loved being invited and thank you.

  6. Beautiful post Gary, I feel so proud to part of the 'Wee folks' Wedding. This will be a marriage blessed with magic and happiness.
    Lovely pictures and hope they enjoy this wonderful and longest day of our year. They have all night to party! Hope they make the most of it.
    Magical solstice wishes to you all

  7. Congrats to Geoffrey and Fidelina! They look so serene and happy, Gary, Thank you for sharing the lovely photos with us. I did leave a special gift at the Wedding, I hope they like it, just a little something from me.

    Peace and a burst of magical star dust,

  8. A truly magical moment. The wedding looked very well set up. Great, man. Good job. I weeped with joy.

    Hope the rest of their lives are just as blessed as this day and I'm glad I came today and added to the splendid majesty of the ceremony by having my pants down below my ankles at the time. :)

    Btw, in the last photo... Are those two gnomes holding up a drunken monkey? Somebody had a bit too much celebratory champagne, aye? :)

    Great post, Gary.

  9. Dear Gary,
    How splendid, wonderful and downright bloody amazing!
    Your fantastical brain never ceases to impress- form a psychiatric perspective, that is!
    The wedding itself must have been a brilliant event for all, but I think my invitation got stuck in the post, so I, unfortunately, could not attend. Your wondrous pictures more than make up for it though.
    Thanks for this insight in to the wee folks' world, and, of course, your unhinged mind.
    Will speak to you soon.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  10. Beautiful :-) May they live long and prosper and the force be with them, always.

  11. Hi Julie jewel,
    It was indeed an awe inspiring ceremony. The 'wee folks' hope that you manage to have a wee look at their wedding photos.
    Have a fairy nice day:-)
    Magical wishes, Gary

  12. Hi juliet,
    It was so wonderful, magical and amazing. I was honoured to have been able to witness, from a discreet distance, the wondrous proceedings.
    The 'wee folks' are very grateful for your happy wishes.
    Me thinks the patter of very tiny feet may become a reality in the not too distant future:-)
    Thank you, Julie.
    Enchanting wishes, your way, Gary x

  13. Hello Smallandsnappy,
    I am so pleased you have considered this an inspiring view into what is most assuredly, a fantastical world.
    This has been a deeply profound time for me as the 'wee folks' gave me and our world a bit of insight into their world. That has been truly amazing.
    Thank you, Philip.
    Magical wishes, your way, Gary

  14. Hi Julie P.,
    I have no doubt they will have a lovely life together. I will pass on your kind thoughts to the happy couple. I have a bit of a hunch that the gentle patter of tiny 'fairy-elves', may just be sometime soon:-)
    In magic and wonder, your way, Gary x

  15. Hi Heather,
    Indeed, they are living in the world of 'better gnomes and gardens':-)
    I shall pass on your congratulations to the 'wee couple'. They were thrilled that you accepted the invite. Thanks for thinking the pictures of the wedding were lovely.
    All the fairy best, your way, Gary:-)

  16. Hi Diane,
    And the 'wee folks' and myself are so honoured that you were part of the magic of such an enchanting day.
    I can now tell you they partied and play sweet, gentle music all through the night. The wind chimes added a magical backdrop.
    Magical solstice wishes to you, Diane.
    In peace and harmony, Gary x

  17. Hi Shanaz,
    The serene and happy couple thank you kindly for your warm wishes. So pleased you liked their photographs.
    They were thrilled that you left them such a thoughtful, special gift.
    Peace and positive, magical dreams, your way, Gary :-)

  18. Hi Kelly,
    Awe shucks man. The thought of the wedding making you 'weep with joy' is making me 'weep with joy'...
    They are truly touched by your kind thoughts. 'Scarecat' noted you with your pants down to your ankles. Scarecat has told me that it has weird urges to do something with you:-)
    Yeah, actually the monkey had too much banana punch. Monkey did not realise that a certain unnamed gnome had laced the punch with 100 proof moonshine:-)
    Gnome, fairy and Scarecat wishes, your way, Gary

  19. Dear David,
    Perhaps I should be some case study. Some psychiatric probing into the inner workings of my fantasy brain.
    I'm sorry that your invite got stuck in the post. I had instructed a very special pixie to hand deliver it to you. I shall have to have a word with a certain pixie. Glad you enjoyed the photographs from the biggest, sorry, smallest wedding of the summer.
    Must go now and check my hinges. Look forward to our next conversation and my imminent arrival at your abode.
    Your with the very best of magical wishes, Gary

  20. Hi Jaye,
    Thanks for your kind thoughts. I have no doubt they will live long and prosper. I mean she is a fairy princess and has plenty of pixie pennies to keep them going, well forever:-)
    In magic, Gary

  21. wow! neat wedding. i hope they could always be happy!

  22. This was wonderful, Gary. I'm a sap for romance. Hope they live happy ever after!

  23. Beautiful wedding.

    I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I said "OMG, I missed the summer solstice" and ran right over here.

    The bride is lovely.

  24. Hey Lenny,
    That was neat. The 'wee folks' are so happy that you hope they could always be happy.
    I reckon the magical couple will live happily ever after.
    Thanks, Lenny.
    Happy wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  25. Hi Joylene,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I think the 'wee folks' wedding is the very epitome of what the power of true love is all about.
    I shall pass on your kind wishes.
    With respect and some magic, your way, Gary :-)

  26. Hi lifeshighway,
    It was a beautiful wedding. And to think I had the great honour of witnessing it as it was happening in my garden. I was so flattered that they chose my haven of tranquillity.
    'Fidelina' looked gorgeous:-)
    With magical wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  27. This is so cute and magical. Congrats to Geoffrey and Fidelina. They look beautiful in the pictures.

    Have an awesome day...:)

  28. Hi Ajit,
    Hello, my fellow space traveller:-)
    I will pass on your complimentary congratulations to the magical and happy couple.
    You have an awesome day, dude.
    Kind wishes and a bag of chocolates, your way, Gary:-)


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