Monday, 5 April 2010

A 'Beautiful Blogger' Award.

Wow!  How good is this?  I have had the great honour and privilege of having this, 'Beautiful Blogger Award', passed on to me by a most superb blogger and writer, 'Joylene Butler', author of the novel,  'Dead Witness'.  I would highly recommend that you check out 'Joylene's  informative, helpful and inspirational site at the following address: :Joylene Butler . Thank you very much for bestowing this honour upon me, Joylene.  I am truly flattered.
I now, with great delight, pass this award on to the following ten bloggers.  My choices cover a wide range of topics, but each one of these worthy recipients, fires my imagination.  So I thank them.  I would kindly ask that the recipients, if they so wish; would make a copy of the above logo and forward the award on to their choices.
Here are my ten choices that are in no particular order.
Cher: 'AskCherLock'.: A wonderfully diverse blog that is most informative.and thought provoking.
To Discover Ice. : A blog I have just recently discovered and has some very interesting facts and articles.
A Write Blog.: An excellent, heart warming blog with some wonderful photographs.
A Day In The Life.: The ongoing and inspirational journey of a very dear friend of mine.  A superb read.
Psycho Carnival. : 'Kelly' does a zany, quirky, at times, serious blog.  A blog I have great fun interacting with.
My Reverie : 'Shanaz' creates a wonderfully written blog.  Funny, informative and most inspirational.
Virtual Synapses : 'Ryhen's' site gives my brain a workout.  Clever, funny and serious; all rolled into one site.
Not Singing The Bipolar Blues : 'Sonya's' tale of resilience and positive determination, will, no doubt, inspire.
10000 Memories of the life as a caterpillar. : Clever, witty and most interesting.  A pleasure to read.
Stupidation : A charming and delighful blog.  Funny and clever in a sweet, innocent kind of way.

So there we go.  I had lots to choose from.  There is a lot of talent out there.  It's a great honour to be involved in this excellent community of bloggers.   Thanks again, Joylene.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to these excellent blogs, Gary. I'm thrilled to meet their acquaintance.

    Thank you for inspiring me.

  2. My pleasure, Joylene. It's good people like you that have been a most positive catalyst in my ongoing writing adventure.

  3. Congratulations Gary, you deserve this award so much. It's a great way of finding out about other blogs too.
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Gary. Congrats on the award.
    I have come across a few blogs from the list. Now to check out others.

    Have a good day!:)

  5. Congratulations, my friend, you certainly deserve it. Your site is humorous, kind and inspiring. It certainly has always appealed to the better half of myself. And you've always treated me and everyone one else I've seen you interact with -with respect. I will check out the other sites that I haven't already checked out already. If you recommend them, they must be good.

    Thanks for the award, Gary. It's an honor. Take care.

  6. Gary, I have spent a lot of time seeking interesting blogs through the randam 'next blog' button and through Blogs of Note; that's how I found you.
    I would say that one in a hundred of these blogs are intesting to me therefore I feel delighted that one of your blogging friends, Joylene, has recognised your skills!
    Congratulations, you have made me think and made me laugh and you have been a good contributor to my blog too.
    Thanks for giving an opportunity to discover more new blogs and thanks for including me in your list. I intend to visit them all this week!

  7. Aww... Nobody has ever told me before that I'm beautiful. Thanks so much Gary. I knew all this make-up and slimming and skin toning and hours at the gym would someday pay off.

    Whoa? It's not a beauty award?

    Oh, what the? I thought you were referring to the way I look. Aw shucks. Well, forget about my face. I look like crap anyway. So you mean this is an award for bloggers and the work they do on their blogs? Wow this is awesome. You know, after a year and a half of blogging, this is the very first time I received something like this. It really gives one the impression that I'm not into people, yes? hehe.

    Anyway, thank you for the award Gary. I rarely encounter genuine guys on the web. Fortunately, I found one who is true in every aspect and who deserves my utmost respect. And that person owns a blog called "Klahanie."

    P.S. what does Klahanie mean? =)

  8. My most heart-felt appreciation to the author of this heart-warming and funny blog, Gary aka Gare. Like Ryhen, I have never received such a spirit-boosting award, for blogging, and so I am delightfully surprised to receive one, from you.

    And congratulations on your award too. :)

    Thank you my friend.

    Keep it real,

  9. Congratulations of the beautiful blogger award and thank you very much for the great reading list. I'll start working my way though the list tonight.

  10. Dear Gary, I am so honored and humbled to be on this esteemed list. You have been a treasure-find for us and your blog is a must-read along the blogging highway. Thank you so much.

  11. Beautiful Blogger! with beauty!


    You flatter me Gary. However, I value your judgement for I do think you offer something quite special within your own blog.

    So I accept you complement with due humility.

    And your blog?

    For me it shows a resilience and humility which I find refreshing.

    I like your humour and your determination to see the best in whatever faces you.

    So you've earned that award.

    My conratulations to a unique blogger............and a unque person Gary.

  12. Hi Diane,
    Thanks and congratulations on you also receiving this award.
    It is a great way to find out about other blogs. Some of them I have only recently discovered and I wanted to give them credit for their excellent and varied blogs.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  13. Hi Ajit,
    Thank you and you may just recognise one of the blogs on the list more than any other:-)
    Congratulations to you!
    With respect, Gary

  14. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for your very kind words. It has been a real pleasure interacting between our two sites.
    I like the fact you can switch from a rather serious blog to something very humorous.
    Much respect and congratulations to you.
    With kindness, Gary :-)

  15. Hi bazza,
    That is most kind of you. I am truly flattered by your comment.
    I was pleasantly surprised that Joylene considered me worthy of such an award.
    Bazza, your blog is an informative delight. Your interaction is greatly appreciated. I've no doubt you will find much of interest in my varied selection of recipients. Congratulation to you.
    With respect, Gary

  16. Hi Ryhen,
    Hey buddy; aren't you looking good:-)
    Here, let me go all mushy. It is the beauty within you that comes across so eloquently in your intriguing, thought provoking, humorous and inspirational blog.
    I sensed you were genuine when you responded back to me on another site. You mentioned that you were not interested in folks who were just in it for 'self-interest'.
    Well, I couldn't agree more. I write for fun and for therapy. I like to be involved in a positive interactive community. You are very much a catalyst in my ongoing journey through this wonderful experience. Congratulations to you. Well deserved. Happy blogging and can you send me over some of your 'make-up? lol With respect, Gary

  17. Hi Shanaz,
    Awe, thank you. I'm so pleased to note that you found the award 'spirit-boosting'. That makes me very happy to know that.
    I think you do a wonderful blog and your sincerity and realness comes shining through in all that you write.
    Congratulations to you and happy blogging.
    With peace and respect, Gary :-)

  18. Hi 'lifeshighway,
    Thank you for your kind words. I hope you find enjoyment in the wide selection of bloggers I have given the award too.
    I am most fascinated by your blog and I am so pleased to have started to interact with your good self.
    At a later date; I am going to create a blogging award for what I consider very wondrous, magical blogs. Your delightful blog is one of my favourites.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  19. Dear Cher,
    That is very kind of you. It was indeed a pleasure to pass on the award to your excellent blog.
    You show much versatility and knowledge. Yours is a very intelligent and respectful site. I greatly appreciate your interaction.
    You are a most worthy recipient of the award. Many congratulations to you.
    With kindness and respect, Gary

  20. Hi John,
    'Beautiful Blogger'. Absolutely. The beauty, the heart warming tales that you note about your family convey to me that you are a very decent and caring chap.
    You do a wide variety of other stories that I consider a fascinating read. Your 'days out' photographs are very good. So, my friend, I considered you to be a most deserving recipient of the award. Maybe we could come up with another category: 'The Handsome Blogger' award. I've put my up-to-date photo, way down at the bottom of my site. Guess that leaves me out of such a category lol.
    Thank you for the very nice compliments. I am truly flattered.
    All the best, John and happy blogging.
    With respect, Gary

  21. Hi. just wanted to say thank you! much appreciated, especially because I really enjoy your blog!
    I think i can't find better words than Ryhen did saying: "I rarely encounter genuine guys on the web." and.. yeah that's why I appreciate this award from you so much.
    I'm very busy with other things right now so I almost forgot about the existence of my blog :) however receiving such award from you inspires me to go back to writing as soon as possible. which I'll certainly do.
    Not to mention that I have a duty to pass the award to other bloggers now.
    Also I'll spend some time to check out other winners.
    that's it for now, I guess
    keep in touch
    and thanx again!

  22. Congratulations on the award, Gary - well deserved.


  23. Dear Gary,
    What can I say... You like me- you really like me!
    Thanks for passing on this award to me (among others, who I will certainly go on to read) and congratulations to you for winning it in the first place. You thoroughly desrerve it, as, of course, do I!
    Seriously, though, it is always a pleasure "interacting" with you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of my blog.
    From Your Pal,

  24. Joylene? Is that a real name?
    Come to think 'klahanie' is a bit odd isn't it?
    Anyway how do we know you are a beautiful blogger if we can't see you!
    Now, Mr Stupid; that's real beauty!

  25. Hi MG,
    Thank you very much for your most flattering comment.
    You blog is one that I have just recently discovered. Despite the fact I realise you are busy with other things; you are doing very well and you have my full encouragement.
    I'm so glad that this award inspires you. However, please don't feel pressured in passing on the award. That is entirely up to you and at a your own pace; if you so desire.
    Enjoy checking out the other recipients. To me, this is all part of my commitment to the ongoing positive interaction within the blogging community.
    Take very good care. With respect, Gary :-)

  26. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks and don't forget to wear your 'tiara' for the awards ceremony that may just be held this year at 'Moonbase-Alpha' :-)
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary x

  27. Dear David,
    Me thinks you are stealing speeches from 'Sally Field'? :-)
    Thank you for your complimentary response.
    You and I go way back to the glory days of the 'Mind Bloggling' blog 'library'. Indeed, we have been interacting on a regular basis, for quite some time.
    I hope this highly-coveted award brings even further awareness of your excellent, intelligent, transparent and 'food for thought', blog.
    Congratulations, David. With respect and admiration, Gary.

  28. Hi Tom,
    Welcome to the festivities. Glad you could drop by.
    "Joylene? Is that a real name?" Answer: Yes.
    "Come to think 'klahanie' is a bit odd isn't it?"
    Answer: Ask the 'Chinook' tribe located in the Pacific Northwest of North America.
    "Anyway how do we know you are a beautiful blogger if we can't see you!"
    Answer: Scroll down to the bottom of my site. On the bottom right hand side of the site you will see a very 'beautiful' photograph of me.
    "Now, Mr Stupid; that's real beauty!"
    Response: So perhaps you think that is an actual photograph of my good buddy, 'Mr. Stupid'. Perhaps you mean the name of his blog.
    Well Tom, we eagerly await possible further interaction from you.
    What kind of a name is 'Tom Eagerly'? Is that a real name? Bit odd isn't it?
    Kind regards, 'klahanie' aka 'Gary' :-)

  29. Sometimes seeing such lights just spurs the imagination to great heights. No matter what the scientific reason, our own imaginations are much lovelier.

  30. Hi Cher,
    I think your comment has gone through on the wrong posting:-)
    Anyway, I completely agree with what you have noted. Our imaginations are much lovelier. I hope so. The posting is about my imagination and seeing 'glowing orbs' from the perspective of a being on another planet. I hope this makes some kind of sense.
    With respect and imagination, your way, Gary


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