Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Focus On Respecting Nature.

In today's fast-paced, hectic society; we can forget to slow down and marvel at the wonders that our lives, our world, has to offer.  When we look, really look, the world has precious gifts for us all to embrace.
The other day I was at my local 'Focus' 'DIY' shop in Leek to check out what was available in the gardening section.  I went there to look at the variety of plants, and yes, of course, I kept an eye out for garden gnomes, fairies and solar lamps.
It was a very pleasant day and the day became even nicer.  As I strolled about; I came upon  a wondrous sight.  A blackbird was nesting right between the 'Winning Plants'.  How marvellous that the nesting home of the blackbird was respected.  I had witnessed  the natural environment of one of earth's little creatures, in an  unnatural setting.
I left the gardening centre with a garden gnome and a solar lamp.  Yet, all I could think about was that little bird.  If I had been rushing about all over the place;  that magical moment may have passed me by.  I stopped just long  enough to savour a truly heart warming vision.  I'm so glad I took my camera.

I took one more photograph.  Being very careful not to disturb our little winged friend; I discreetly took the above picture.
Sometimes, we need to reflect upon life and appreciate what our world has to offer.  When we do this; the rewards for all of us are abundant, profound and so positively inspirational.  Like the good folks at 'Focus'; I focus on respecting nature.  A small yet significant moment in my day.


  1. Dear Gary,
    Hello my short-haired, yet decidedly hippy in outlook, friend.
    I totally agree with you about respecting nature, so much so that I wanted to vote for the "Green" Party at this general election. Unfortunately they have not put up a candidate in our area of Stoke North. All we get are the three major parties, UKIP, and the dreaded BNP!
    A lovlely photo too, aswell.
    Yours in Sleepless Camaraderie,

  2. A beautiful message that is so true. Often or not, we can't let the negative aspects of today's news in the world mar the beauty of today's world. Glad to know you appreciate this and you're remind everyone about that.

    Everyone should do their part in protecting nature.

    Great photos, dude. Take care, Gary and stay true.

  3. Hello Gary
    What a beautiful post, and so glad you had your camera so you could share it with us. It is wonderful that this little blackbird is respected, we could all learn a lot from our precious animals and nature. They adapt to our mad world and get on with life. Thank you so much for posting this it definately has the ahhhh factor!
    Best wishes

  4. Blackbirds are the best singing garden birds in England, aren't they? On Sunday afternoon, out of curiosity, I kept a record of all the birds in my garden.
    I saw collared doves, magpies, a robin, blackbirds, a pair of blue tits, sparrows, starlings and a song-thrush. There is often a green woodpecker on the lawn but it's probably too early in the year as yet.
    Lovely pictures, lovely post.

  5. Awesome post

    You are our winner of the S&F Award this week, Congrats!

    Lizzy and Elle @ sexnfries

  6. I live in a place surrounded by nature and I still marvel at its beauty. Kindred spirits, Gary. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lovely post today. We should all take a minute or two out of our day to enjoy nature's little miracles.

  8. Gary, my friend, that was superbly sweet of you to acknowledge and say hi to the cute little bird.

    This post made me smile. That sign "Blackbird Nesting, Please do no Disturb" is so thoughtful, and endearing. I'd do the same thing!

    Have a good day, Gare. Glad you're out of the trance and back on earth!

  9. I like the little gnome guys that moon and flip people off!!!!

    Didn't pick any of those fuckers up, did you???

  10. Dear David,
    So you realised that I was wearing a wig. Yeah, I guess I'm kinda' of a short-hair, bordering on no-hair, hippy.
    I knew you would relate to respecting nature. The 'Green Party' would be someone I'd vote for. And the 'BNP' can eff off back under the rock from whence they came.
    Thanks David. I hope you get some sleep.
    With respect, Gary.

  11. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for that. Indeed, there is a lot of good things in this world. It would be nice to see the media do a bit more focussing on the good news stories. Sensationalising all the bad stuff gets quite tiring.
    I reckon buddy; that we are all in this together to leave a cleaner, greener, more peaceful planet for our children.
    Thanks Kelly. With respect, Gary.

  12. Hello Diane,
    You are so right about us learning from the examples that our precious creatures are trying to teach us.
    It was heart warming to see that the staff had respected the blackbird's home and made sure it would not be disturbed.
    I was so glad I managed to get such an inspiring image. I realise that a lot of the folks I interact with, are aspiring writers, who try to remember to bring along a pen and paper. I think remembering to bring along a camera can have a significant impact when trying to convey an inspirational story.
    Thank you Diane. Your blogs most definitely have the 'ahhhh' factor:-)
    Peaceful wishes, Gary

  13. Hi bazza,
    I didn't realise that blackbirds are perhaps the best singing garden birds in England. I think it is time I observed and listened more carefully.
    That is quite a vast array of birds noted in your garden. I have seen, with the exception of a green woodpecker, all the birds you mention, in my garden. My friends up in Durham had peacocks visit them in the early hours. Bloody noisy birds:-)
    Thanks for the compliment, bazza. It is most appreciated.
    With respect, Gary

  14. Hi Liz and Elle,
    Wow. Thanks for thinking it is an awesome post. That means a great deal. And a big thanks for bestowing the 'S&F' Award on me. I shall drop over and thank you on your very enjoyable, clever, interactive and funny site.
    Respectful wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  15. Hi Joylene,
    As you know, I am very aware of the magnificent beauty of where you live. I have had many an uplifting experience in beautiful British Columbia.
    I know you have a great respect for the natural environment. It a pleasure to share my thoughts.
    In peace and harmony, Gary:-)

  16. Hi lifeshighway,
    I just knew from experiencing the wonders of your excellent and magical blog; that you would be someone who takes the time to marvel at the miracles of nature.
    Thank you kindly.
    Peace and respect, Gary

  17. Greetings Shanaz,
    It was a magical moment to see that sign and the respect shown by the staff and the public.
    I knew, based on our positive interaction and your wonderful blogs; that you to would respect one of earth's little creatures in the same way.
    Am I back on earth? Oh yeah..but I did have, yet again, another journey to that beloved planet 'Uranus':-)
    You have a good day also, Shanaz.
    Respectful wishes, your way, Gary

  18. Hi Crazy Brunette,
    Hey Ashley, I reckon I should get some of those gnomes you mention. Sadly, I didn't get any of those type of garden gnomes.
    When you say they, 'flip people off'; I'm wondering if that is anything like 'toss people off'. Now 'tossing' has quite a different meaning over here in England. Our mutual buddy, Kelly, now knows what 'tossing' means.
    You rock, Ashley. I shall be coming over to your site and leaving a comment soon. Please be fucking gentle with me. I'm really quite a nice guy.
    Kind wishes and shit, your way, Gary.

  19. Am I EVER anything but kind????


    Flipping off if putting your middlie finger up and it means 'fuck you'!!!!

    Dont worry about redaing my last post, apparently it sucked. Wait until my new post tonight!!!

  20. I think you are a very kind person. I've no doubt you'd give me your last piece of candy.
    I'm from Canada and I knew what you meant. Just messing around based on what a our new friend said in a comment on Kelly's blog. This might surprise you but a few folks have given me the one finger salute.
    Look forward to your new blog, Ashley.
    Take care and keep smiling.

  21. Hi Gary
    What a lovely way to enjoy going to the gardening shop. It's a new twist to stopping and smelling the roses. We all need to take time and appreciate the tiny little things. After all when God wants our attention, trust me, He does not shout. I loved this one. It made me feel warm and fuzzy. Thank you I needed it!

  22. Hello Gary old chap. I saw a Jay the other day; didn't know what it was, had to look it up in "My Big Red Book of Garden Birds of The British Isles", published 1934. Don't suppose they've changed much since then.
    I can often hear Blackbirds singing. I approve of what the Gardening Centre did. Live and let live, what?

  23. Hi Heather,
    Yes indeed, that experience at the gardening centre left me with a very good feeling.
    Like you mention, we need take time to appreciate those little moments that are on offer in our everyday lives.
    Dear friend; I'm glad this posting made you 'warm and fuzzy'. That is a most positive result. Thanks Heather.
    More warm and fuzzy wishes, your way, Gary

  24. Greetings Tom,
    No I don't suppose that birds have changed that much since 1934. But, my oh my, haven't they changed a fair amount since they were apparently dinosaurs? Me thinkest if I saw a 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' taking a dump on my solar lamps..well, my good friend, I reckon I would just let him get on with it as I rushed screaming out of my house and down the street....
    Right then...I'm glad you hear blackbirds singing. It was very good what they did at the gardening centre.
    Thank you Tom. Kind wishes, Gary

  25. Hi Gary,
    This so sweet. Thanks for doing the photo-op at the shop! Your telling of the story brings it down to the nitty gritty. I do respect the little creatures. It's the big ones in DC that give me problems!
    At my home we're already seeing Cardinals and Bluebirds; normally winter birds. I'm wondering if that volcano threw their flight off.
    The mobile phone towers throw off the bats and bees. We get more mesquitoes and less plant pollination, as a result. So my community has brought in a beekeeper to help. Still working on the bat prob.

    Omg, my comment sounds like I'm joking, but I'm serious. Nice creature-feature, Gary.
    Dixie x

  26. What a lovely story - and terrific photos. Thank you so much for sharing.


  27. Hi Dixie,
    I hear you. I believe the big ones in 'DC' are known as 'vultures' :-)
    You make mention of a number of environmental issues. I think they are all serious points to ponder.
    You've got a good heart, Dixie. The little creatures are blessed to have someone like you who respects them.
    Kind wishes and respect, Gary x

  28. Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you kindly. I appreciate that.
    You know, I'm still recovering from watching that bizarre video you posted. Like ouch:-)
    Take good care and enjoy your weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  29. Hey Gary, love the post, love the photographs. It is lovely to see people making an effort to protect our wildlife. I am so glad you had your camera with you. After a camping trip in Northumberland last week i have decided that I should carry a camera with me where ever I go. The views were breathtaking and the variety of birds we saw was amazing.
    I learned to identify quite a few different birds by the way they fly and the songs they sing. I heard a curlew for the first time.
    Thank you for making me smile Gary.
    love and happy thoughts. Julie. X

  30. Hey Juliet,
    It was heart warming to know that the staff at 'Focus' were aware that we must respect the wonders of nature.
    I was so glad I brought the camera along. As you mention, it is a good idea to be prepared for some superb photo opportunities.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed you little trip up to the Northumberland coast. Your observations of the birds must have created a most positive glow in your heart. Great stuff.
    Take very good care, Julie. Warm wishes, your way, Gary x


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