Friday, 16 October 2009

'Method' Writing.

When I write, I become the story. I call it 'method' writing. My thoughts transport me to a place of many and varying themes and emotions. Sadness, laughter, comedy, inspiration, loneliness, isolation and pain. A feeling becomes a story. When I think of sad times; the tears run down my cheeks. When I think of good times; the joy flows, and my fingers type a merry dance upon the keyboard.
Within this man beats the passion of someone who writes for therapy, who writes to make sense of it all, who writes to inspire himself and others. I am but one man, a man who has discovered the power of the written word.
Now, I will immerse myself, take on the sensations that are lingering in the depths of my soul. I sit here and sense my pain. I am sad , I am scared, I am lonely. The bravado I convey to the outside world is nearly shattered. The reality of my isolation comes so very close to battering away the force that is my positive spirit.
I sit here and I cry. I think of a love lost, shattered dreams and ambitions that died a slow and painful death. Why did it have to be this way? Why did I hurt those I care so very much about? The complexities and the self-destructive nature of my past actions have left be bewildered, confused and aching to make things right.
So, I work through what I'm experiencing; as I continue to type away. I know that the tears will subside. I will be cleansed. The healing process, my recovery, remains undaunted by the verbalisation of this moment. For this moment shall pass. I have written this for you and for me to read. I am feeling better.
Today was a lovely day. Autumn is here with its resplendent blaze of coloured leaves. A final splash of glorious colour before the plants and the trees go to sleep for the winter.


  1. Your piece shows the power of words and thoughts. Your pain was evident. I'm glad you felt better by the end. I find concentrating on happy thoughts and potitive experiences often helps when I'm feeling down - and a lovely autumn day is always a blessing.

    Take care.

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Like you, I find focusing on positive experiences can be very much an asset in my writing and in my life.
    I like to variate my writing styles. However, no matter what, I actually take on the emotions of the moment that is within my mind.
    So when I do a blog on 'chips, as an example, I become a chip:-)
    Take good care of yourself, Suzanne.
    Positive wishes, Gary:-)

  3. Hi, Gary,

    Yes, it can be destructive to look back on your life and think about the mistakes you have made, lament about what you should have and could have done - we've all got plenty of those moments in our lives, It's so hard to move on from too.

    When I'm writing, sometimes a word or phrase will trigger a particularly unpleasant memory but I feel that discomfort and use it to bring realism to whatever I'm writing to hopefully allow readers to connect and identify with the writing.

    The feeling is generally fleeting and I've forgotten about it by the end of the day - but it must be hard if your demons follow you.

    Take care

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Gary;
    Once again, you hit the nail on the head. So kind of you to share something so very personal and intimate about you. I like to try and look at myself from a second set of eyes when I am experiencing the extremes in my emotions. It helps me to get a clear perspective to treat it as if I was advising someone else on how to deal with the issues. I appreciate how you always end up ( like me) on the positive angle and that you can be constructive in your process.
    best always

  5. Isn't that what writing is about? To enter a room of your own creation and live there for a while and convey what it is like to be in there to others.

    You can certainly do that.

    The challenge is to be able to walk back out of that room and leave it behind for a while. enjoy another room with the autumn colours.

  6. Hi Julie,
    I try not to look upon past, sad events in a destructive way. Rather, I have tried to work through the sensations of the moment via my therapeutic resource of writing.
    I, like you,try to use thoughts pleasant and not so pleasant; to hopefully bring a realism and a sincerity to what I write.
    I work through my 'demons'. I have learnt lessons about myself and know that I am mostly someone who lives in a very positive way.
    I agree with trying to connect with a reader. For when I write, I visualise that I am having an intimate conversation with just one person.
    Thanks for you kind input on this.
    Warm wishes, Gary x

  7. Hi Heather,
    As you and I both realise, my dear friend, that writing can be a powerful resource.
    We are both firm believers in being open, honest and transparent. I try to write with passion, and yes, at times, raw emotion.
    Your analogy of looking at yourself from a 'second set of eyes', is spot on.
    Yes, we both try to have a positive outlook in what might be perceived as negative. Challenging ourselves, and embracing the positives, is a big part of both our lives.
    All the best to you, Gary x

  8. Hi John,
    I absolutely agree with you. It is indeed the sharing of these 'rooms' and giving a bit of insight into our lives and thoughts.
    I work through the emotion of the writing theme, leave the room, look outside and think, 'how grateful I am for my life'.
    It has been a beautiful autumn. Thanks again for yet another excellent comment, John.
    Kind regards, Gary.

  9. Hi Gary,

    Guess that we all choose our own confessional. I think that reliving our darkest hours is a form of exorcism, and takes away their power. Like wise remembering our joys, reinforces them, makes sence of it all, and strengthens us.

    And yes, the "fall" as you folk call it, is a glorious final firework display from nature to end the year.

    Look after yourself

    Philip X

  10. Hi Philip,
    First of all, I just wanted to say how nice it is to have a comment from you. We had some great banter in the past.
    I have indeed used my writing as an emotional release. I consider myself cleansed after I have verbalised my thoughts and feelings.
    Like I know you will, I continue to seek and cherish the positive aspect of life.
    I am most grateful in having you as a friend. I am grateful for all I have.
    I'm cheering on the new, exciting and positive adventure that has been transforming your life and that special lady in your life.
    The fall beckons us with those final splashes of vibrant colour. Soon the winter chill, the cold, crisp nights, will be upon us.
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary x

  11. thank you Gary, my mum always told me Iwas special. X

  12. Dear Gary,
    Glad to know you are OK after our meeting last Monday and it is enlightening to know, aswell, how you go about writing your funny, inspirational blogs.
    As you suggested, I might try my hand at "method writing" and write a surreal blog of my own one day. At the moment though, cannot seem to think of enough "cheesy" jokes. Get the reference? Or perhaps I'm just too "chippy" a character to copy someone else's blog. Oh, there I go again. Maybe I can do it. Who knows?
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  13. Hi juliet
    Thanks for leaving a special comment. I think you can sense the power of the positive interaction in this wonderful community of bloggers. I am most grateful.
    Warm wishes, Gary x

  14. Dear David,
    It was really nice seeing you on Monday. As you know, I'm okay (whatever the heck 'okay' is).
    Thanks for thinking that my blogs can be funny and inspirational. As we discussed. I think, and I am but a humble amateur; that absorbing the feelings of the moment, can help the creativity flow. I also think it is important that when I write, that it is indeed important to visualise that I am 'talking' directly to just that one reader. This, I think, by using a direct one-to-one style of writing, conveys a sincerity and a transparency.
    I know there is a comedian within you waiting to be unleashed. Just your comments and the good-natured banter we have shared; indicates you have the gift of comedy.
    'Holy smokes', David. I seemed to have rambled on here. Your cheesy references, when the chips are down, are most welcome. Nice 'fry' David.
    Giggly wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  15. Gary,
    As always, I am impressed by your talent and candor. I am grateful you are an open person, willing to share your experiences.
    Positive thoughts to you,

  16. Hi Dixie,
    Honesty and candour are attributes that I try to convey in my writing. Honesty, talent and candour shine through in your inspirational blog.
    Most pleased to note that you have done another blog.
    Peaceful wishes, Gary x

  17. Gary,thank you for doing ,what HAS ELUDED ME ,put into words ,your spirit,and your heart.The thing Ikeep in my mind,is IN TIME ,THIS TOO SHALL PASS,i know this to be true.Enjoy the new beginning that is autumn.PEACE.

  18. Hi david.s,
    Working through our feelings, our sensations, indeed, trying to make sense of it all; can be aided by using the therapeutic powers of the written word.
    To verbalise, to interact with others through our blogs; can be a most positive resource.
    May you rejoice in the beauty of the autumn colours. May the changing of the seasons be cause for celebration as your life changes for the better.
    With respect and empathy, Gary.

  19. What you say in this piece is so true.

    I believe everyone can relate to this on their own way and in the context of their own lives.



  20. Hi 'Steve',
    I knew you would relate to what I was attempting to articulate here.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is coming along very nicely.
    Kind wishes, Gary.


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