Saturday, 4 October 2008

Pass It On.

Pass it on. A dear friend of mine, who has embraced the positive ideals of the 'Changes' ethos, has told me that I have demonstrated 'Step 12' of the Changes 12 Steps To Mental Health. 'Pass it on'. I like to think so.
Although I live a double life, when I challenge myself and go out the front door, this virtual recluse steps out into his other world. I try to be involved and when my involvement touches the lives of others in a positive way, that, to me is heartwarming achievement. For, I firmly believe that when we pass on the positive possibilities that we have experienced, we pass on that most powerful of gifts, the gift of hope.
I am involved with Changes for all the right reasons. The empathy that I have witnessed, the empathy I try to provide, is testimony that we can all be here for each other. I extol all the positive virtues that have helped turn my life around.
I have come a long way, I have a long way to go in my recovery. Yes, there are moments of great emotional torment. There are moments when I get disillusioned with the negative environment that undermines and questions my sincerity. The good news is that I work through such situations. I will not allow negative scenarios the 'oxygen', that ironically, in the past, almost suffocated me.
So to you, I 'pass it on'. I have learnt through working with Changes that, if I apply the 12 steps, my life can be so much the better. We can truly be here for each other. We have the right to a happy, positive life. We know we have a choice. If you have embraced the positive choices in your life; you too can 'pass it on'.
Here is the link for the the new Changes forum. I hope you will check it out.
Please stay positive and keep smiling.


  1. Very helpful and informative; took a look at 'changes' site. Lots of room. Thank you for the kudo and the earlier message; stay well. dcreief

  2. Warm greetings dcrelief.
    Thank you very much for you kind comments. This our new forum site. Which I hope will soon be buzzing with positive interaction.
    Just wanted to say that you are a truly great writer dcrelief and your blogs and poetry are an excellent read.
    You have inspired me to attempt to write better. Thank you and take good care. klahanie.

  3. Klahanie,
    I hope you received the note about using my DC site and Zimbio zine. Do I need to add a feed gadget?
    You have impeccable writing ability and sensitivity already! It is I who have been inspired by you. Take care too. dcrelief

  4. Dear klahanie,

    There is much wisdom in your words, it spells out that there is hope of recovery for us all. Throughout these bloggs I have felt with you much of the torment you have experienced in your life, equally you have shared your joy and overwhelming positive feeling towards all those arround you.
    Keep up the good work.

    Your friend


  5. Hi Philip. Thanks for your kind thoughts. I know you what an honest, sincere person you are. You embrace the philosphy behind the recovery program. May your own personal recovery grow with each positive step you make forward.
    Warm wishes Gary,

  6. Dear Klahanie,
    It has been ages since I said "hello". So, hello. Glad to hear you are doing so well with the changes programme. Perhaps you will drop by to MAGMH one day, it has been so long since you appeared "in person". Anyway, hope you keep up the positives and retain that great sense of humour of yours.
    With Very Warm Wishes,


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