Friday, 17 October 2008

Fleeting Glimpses In The Shadows.

Fleeting glimpses in the shadows
Shadows cast across my mind
Through the haze of confusion
I cast my thoughts upon the flickering light of hope
Lost in a stormy sea of mental confusion
I reach for the threads of fading optimism
Lost in a world
Where the cynics scream my name
This man, this sad and lonely man
Defies the insincere
I travel along the pathway
That leads to empathy
I am the child that embraces
The remaining embers of hope
I seek that elusive dream
The dream of contentment
Through the fleeting glimpses in the shadows
I see the light of love


  1. this is lovely.

  2. Klahanie: I just couldn't resist reading your poem again; and now when will you publish us some poetry? A very beautiful job! ~dcrelief

  3. Hi dcrelief. I thank you for your kind comments. It was you that inspired me to attempt some form of a poetic blog.
    I wrote it whilst being distracted by my son and his buddies. Oh life can be such a challenge. Thanks for that dedication blog you did. You are a truly inspiring writer. I send you genuine empathy. Warm wishes klahanie.

  4. wow! This truly is beautiful. Thank you XXX

  5. I like that you view the elusive dream of 'contentment' from the perspective of a depressed state. With depression, it is a cycle. From happiness being real, and then swayed to the other end of being within reach but a little too far away and then back again, as real as it gets, only to go away just like the teasing waves of the ocean. Sending you loads of warm and happy energy. Your friend, Shanaz. xxoo

  6. Hi Shanaz,
    Wow, thanks for taking the time to comment on this very archived posting.
    I'm loving your analogy here, Shanaz. Indeed, I'm doing my best to immerse myself in the soothing possibility of calmer seas at the beach's edge.
    In peace and warm wishes, Gary :) xx


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