Friday, 24 October 2008

A Symphony of Empathy.

I am truly honoured that a lady I consider to be a writer of great honesty and transparency, has asked me if we could do a collaboration blog. The following is what she so kindly forwarded to me. Her portion of the blog and my continuance response, is testimony that we can indeed embrace the power of empathy. Behold: "A Symphony of Empathy."

I wonder if there would be more peacefulness in a world where people were a symphony of empathy. We need kind exchanges of understanding each other’s feelings or similar experiences.
For me I thought I might be alone with the depth of pain I felt and no one to tell me how to let the pain "roll away" from my heart. My days are mostly spent alone and the mind plays tricks to tell me that no one would ever understand. I’ve been sitting here experiencing "bad days" and wondering how to keep going. So what do you do when you’ve lost your way?
I took a sabbatical from my regular writing and posting of "let me help you articles" to find ones that would help me. Why; because I was no longer helping anyone to feel good about themselves. I had lost me along the way and that affected my writing. My posts became more negative with each passing day. My loss began to affect my "working" relationship with others… and a personal one or two as well. I didn’t search, I just wandered from place to place reading in a reading world.
That was about the time I met an individual who "talked" to me. With his own experience he was able to see the written word I spewed forth as a plea for understanding. His kind regard of my situation opened the door for me to experience a symphony of empathy, as he brought along friends to offer support for my wellness; my wholeness.
Though my initial reaction was "fear to be known," "fear to share," and "just plain fear," his demeanor was assuring and I stepped through a portal of communication. I experienced what he called, "positive interaction," no matter how much I fought to be my old self. Today it is easy to understand what he has taught me, but my explanations are not as "pat" as I’d have them for sharing with you. So maybe I should let you experience, first hand from him, the definitions of the way he brought me to a measure of peace: a symphony of empathy!

Empathy. There will be those that read the preceding writing who will experience a profound sense of understanding. If you know someone who has had a 'broken leg' and you have had a 'broken leg'; You can empathise. Many of us have had 'broken legs', broken hearts, broken spirits. Yet we can realise that that despite life's twists and turns, despite the painful ironies, we have the power to challenge a negative environment.
Positive interaction, being there for someone, caring for the wellbeing of another, empowers us. We can be a part of something. We can be involved and being involved, can give us what so many of us crave; the sense of belonging, the sense of being needed. We have the right to be valued.
The journey along my own personal road to recovery has encountered many 'potholes'. When I finally ventured out my front door, I challenged my anxiety and managed to rekindle my enthusiasm for life. Often, my enthusiasm has been greeted with indifference. This apathy almost made me give up, yet again. However, after so long being a recluse, I have discovered a resilience that will not allow me to get overwhelmed with disillusionment. For now, those that continue to undermine and devalue my good intentions, will find that their cynicism has no power over my life.
I reach out, with genuine understanding, to those who have been subjected to a negative world. We can find strength in empathy. Embrace the power of solidarity. We can support each other and relish the positive possibilities. Seek the peaceful harmony of that song we call 'contentment'. Through "A Symphony of Empathy", we will reach out to each other and know that we do have the right to a happy life.
Dcrelief, I thank you for your courage and your openness. Continue to find therapy through the power of the written word. With sincere empathy, please know that I am here for you. We embrace positive interaction. Help each other, we help ourselves. Indeed, we can all be an integral part of "A Symphony of Empathy."
Special thanks to dcrelief for her thought-provoking contribution to this collaboration blog.


  1. Klahanie,
    Was it coincidence that you posted on the very day I "needed" this again? I think not. Thank you for allowing me to share in your blog.
    Peace from dcrelief.

  2. Daer Klahanie & DCrelief,

    Thanks Klahanie for pointing out dcreliefs blog. Like you say she is a very good writer and has written some great poems. Hope that you both continue to send each other such positive vibes, you seem to really complement each other.
    Do I detect a hint of romance?
    Sorry, couldn't resist that one, but you both deserve happiness as you say in your blog(s).

    With Very Best Wishes,

  3. Hey David,
    Always a pleasure to get a comment from you.
    As you know, good sir, I have tried to maintain positive interaction. I have great respect for dcrelief and her blogs. I like to think that we display genuine empathy.
    Like you David, she is an accomplished poet. So perhaps we can further the therapeutic interaction which is happening here.
    The "positive vibes" that you mention are for all those who wish to embrace empathy.
    Very best wishes to you also David.

  4. Klahanie & David:
    See my blog titled, "Love at first write" to answer the comment. Wishing empathy and peace to all.

  5. Klahanie:
    Your new blog site look is wonderful! Congratulations again on the collaboration blog! Most sincerely, dcrelief

  6. Hi to klahanie and dcrelief,
    A great piece of writing, that brings to life, two people, who inspite of living poles apart have united in the common cause of exposing the heart of mental ditress. I know klahanie is devoted to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness and it is good to know that there are like souls over the "pond".
    I hope this is the begining of a long lasting collaboration, that will reward and enrich us all with it's insight in the world of mental distress.

    Bless you both

    Smalland snappy

  7. Hi smallandsnappy,
    Thank you so much for your very nice comments regarding this collaboration blog with our friend 'dcrelief', from the other side of the pond.
    There is a lot of empathetic power happening here. Philip, my dear friend, I thank you for being such an integral part of our goal in reducing the unfair stigma that is still attached to mental health issues.
    I value your friendship. Warm wishes klahanie aka Gary.

  8. I love the idea of a collaborative blog - Pen and my photographic work is largely collaborative (although not over such a geographical divide), see - - from our collaborative photo web.
    I absolutely think that more empathy (a symphony) would improve the world - the ability to put yourself in another's shoes is one of the most desirable of human characteristics. I eagerly await the growth of your collaboration.
    I like the change in the design of your site and love the garden pics.
    Very warmest wishes

  9. Greetings Tone.
    Thank you for your lovely comments (my fellow collaborator along with 'Radioman' on Radio 5 Live).
    I really must check out your collaboration photo blog with Pen a bit more often. (always pleased to give you a bit of 'exposure'...hmmm, yeah I know, we did some photo puns on one of your past blogs).
    Thank you for your nice remarks about my new template and my garden.
    Yes indeed this overseas collaboration with dcrelief has been a wonderful experience. Empathy in action.
    Warm wishes to you tone the blueshawk. klahanie aka Gary.

  10. Klahanie:
    You have such wonderful friends and I am glad this collaboration pleased them and possibly spoke to them. And I have gleaned a warm feeling from reading ther remarks.
    Kind regards and thank you's to "smallandsnappy" and "tone the blueshawk". dcrelief.


  12. Greetings L.R.
    A wow back at you. Thank you for commenting. Very much appreciated. I send you positive thoughts.
    Warm regards klahanie.

  13. Klahanie,
    L.R. is a very special friend of mine. dcrelief

  14. Hello dcrelief,

    I'm so pleased to see that your very special friend 'L.R.' has so kindly left their comment and became a part of this magical interaction. Warm wishes to you both.

  15. Dear Kiahanie & dcrelief,
    Keep up the positive thoughts!
    Wonderful writing.


  16. Holy Crow! It's like you were reading my mail. Thanks.

  17. Dear Heather,
    Thank you so much for commenting on this blog.
    You know, your positivity and resilience continues to inspire.
    I hope that many shall click on your comment icon and be led to your wonderful blog.
    In peace, Gary x


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