Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Living Colour

Greetings friends-
Canada Day, July 1st, 1966, just before noon. With great excitement and anticipation I had ventured to the electrical department of Woodwards in Vancouver. A 12 year old child waiting for a wondrous event that would occur as the clock struck 12.
Several of us gathered around the various television sets. Then that magical moment we had waited for become a glorious reality. The screens went from black and white and were now enriched with colour. All those wonderful colours, the colours of the rainbow, right before our eyes. It was no longer a question of black and white for a whole new world of colour was ours to behold.
During times of deep depression, the 'television set' in my mind has reverted to 'black and white.' Sadly, I could not see the 'colour' within me and my eyes only perceived a 'black and white' world. This was a world where all the positives of a more colourful life were blocked by the relentless onslaught of a dark and dull depression.
It has taken me over 40 years to retune my inner television back to colour. Yes, their are times when some of my programmes are still in black and white. They can be most informative as they challenge me. They challenge me to defy my black and white world and embrace the rainbow.
So I look at it like this. After the rain and the dark clouds comes the sunshine and the rainbow. I allow myself to be immersed in colour. Life is not just about black and white. Life is about all the colourful opportunities presented to us.
That was a wonderful day way back in 1966. The announcer said "The following show is brought to you in living colour." I am mostly 'living colour' and that fills me with hope in my pursuit of a more positive and colourful life. Thank you my friends, please stay tuned.
Kind regards adanac67.

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  1. Life really is about glorious technicolour. About the opportunities that arise and the courage to follow them through. Having the self belief to follow our hearts desires. To rest content knowing that we made the effort. Great Adanac67 - inspiring, insightful as always. Em x.


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