Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Mighty Neighbourly

Warm greetings-
Before commencing with this blog, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our fellow blogger and good friend Simon. Over the last few days Simon has been there for me during a very traumatic event in my life. He has taken the time to visit me and listen to my plight. Indeed, he even came and gave me moral support as I attempted to assistant Co-ordinate a Changes meeting. So to you Simon; thank you for your kindness and sincerity. You are a shining example of altruism.

Time to start my blog titled: Mighty Neighbourly.

When I'm not sure what time it is, I reckon I can rely on the 'Neighbourhood Watch.'
Neighbours. Come on, admit it, some of you are now humming that tune from that Australian Soap Opera. You know the one, where the acting in it gives you new appreciation for the performing skills of the 'Thunderbirds.'
I am most fortunate to live in a peaceful and friendly neighbourhood. My son and I are surrounded by quite the collection of cheerful cosmopolitan characters. My next door neighbour is an Irish dude with a Spanish girlfriend. The neighbours below me are from Birmingham. (the city in England not the one in Alabama) So that leaves me, the guy with a somewhat mixed-up accent and my son, also, with a somewhat mixed-up accent. I'm thinking that maybe we should walk around with subtitles flashing across our fronts. That way we could minimise conversation confusion. (hey..with today's never know..)
It's not always an ideal situation in this neighbourhood. A few days ago I ventured out to give my car a thoroughly good cleaning. Once finished, I stood back and admired my gleaming 'mid-life chrisis' mobile. Fast-forward 24 hours. What has happened to my car? It had now taken on the appearance reminiscent of my car in Vancouver back in 1980. Had Mount St. Helens erupted again and the prevailing winds dumped ash on my car in Leek?
Well no, not really. One of my neighbours had decided to do a trial run of Bonfire Night 7 months early. Excess foliage plus matches equals unwanted inconvenience. The consequences of their actions had turned my shiny blue car into a dull grey car. Oh well, bless 'em, they did apologise. However their hosepipe to my car would have been a good plan. Still a guy can dream eh?
This peaceful neighbourhood hasn't always been this way. I shall tell you about the battle my son and I commenced 5 years ago in another blog.
Today I salute my good neighbours. "Hi Gary, how are you? Would you like a cup of coffee?" I reply:"Thank you my friend...that's mighty neighbourly of you."
I thank you for your time. Kind regards adanac67.


  1. hya klahanie,

    i treated my car to its first clean over the weekend, slightly shameful as i bought my car a couple of months before christmas!!!

    but like yours it certainly take long before its back to its original state, i can remember when i was younger and first had me car i used to spend aaaagggessss getting me car show room clean with wax and everything! where as know me cars lucky to get a bit of a spray with a hose pipe.

    i'll look forward to your next installment about the neighbour situation!


  2. Hi adanac67,
    Talking of cars, I drive a (soft top)convertable, so I'm not able to drive it through an automatic car wash, as I did with my previous cars - therefore I have to admit it doesn't get cleaned as often as it should. However I do so love driving it with the top down (weather permitting of course) I often say to people that "I've had my top off today" or "if you press the right buttons my top comes down" (they don't know I am talking about my car - which sometimes raises a few eyebrows) which is what I intended anyway! - maybe I should be a little more circumspect with regard to who I say this to (or may be not!) I'ts more fun this way.
    Your neighbours sound like a decent bunch of people, which is all to the good.
    Look forward to the next episode of 'NEIGHBOURS' D x

  3. Hey adanac67 -

    Hope things have eased for you, you too are a very decent person, whose kindness and consideration adds comfort to many people. I know. And you're right about Simon. Purkul says of simon, he has a nice light - I think I know what she means, and I think he does too.

    Loved the neighbours blog! I heard somewhere that if you have good neighbours and you want to move, take the neighbours with you. My neighbours are also great people. I live in a terrace house with people either side. More considerate people you couldn't ask for. There is something enormously reassuring about having neighbours who you feel comfortable with. Here's to Mighty neighbours in every sense of the word.

    Thanks for yet another great blog.

  4. We had 2 superb neighbours at our old home - they would feed the cats when we holidayed, gave lifts, would lend their car, looked after our kids, cut my hair, etc - so good - they keep in touch now and have a key to our new place to help out and we do the same for them even though we are now a mile apart.

    As for car washing - I have a motorhome that I do partly by hand then finish off at the local jet wash and we also have an Espace which, if I take the amateur radio aerials off, will go through the car wash. It's just when I forget the aerials are on.....tend to scrape a bit at Sainsbury's car park in Newcastle!


  5. Hi guys-
    Thank you for all your comments. They mean so much to me.
    ...and Domenica..I don't think I could possibly "top" your comment :-)
    I'm really struggling against an overwhelming negative environment right now. Thanks to your support, I know I can challenge this. Help each other, we help ourselves.
    Warm regards Gary.

  6. Hi again adanac67,

    Just to let you know,I am thinking of you, I am sure we all are, as you navigate your way through your current challenges.
    I have also experienced a very challenging time throughout this past week - which resulted in "THE ATTACK OF THE GREMLINS" - was going to do a blog on it - but it appears that the gremlins have also entered my computer! (they sneaked in through the back door, when I wasn't watching and slipped under the radar!)
    But I have now got their measure, and given them the BOOT!
    I know that you will too,(it just takes a little time)
    It took me almost a week to see the pesky little devils off!
    In the meantime, I send you my best wishes, D x


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