Thursday, 28 August 2014

"Life is Good."

It has been a frantic, hectic time for me.  During my moving to a brand new home, my interaction within the blogging community has been sporadic at best.

It will be like this for about another month. Yet life has been put into perspective. Despite my struggling to cope, I know I'm blessed and grateful for all I have.

On Saturday, August 23, you might be aware of the passing of our beloved friend, Tina Downey.  I had the inspiring honour of interacting with Tina via many an email.  Even exchanging of emails as she lay there in her hospital bed.  Tina and I had much good natured banter.  Her, a co-host of the A to Z Challenge.  I, the ironic opposer of the A to Z.  However, I was truly touched by her sincerity, her compassion for others.  A remarkable lady who made an impact on my heart.

In this often cynical world, Tina embraced the name of her blog.  Yes, "Life is Good" and Tina savoured every moment.  To her family, her friends and from me, Tina will always be loved, never forgotten.

If you haven't had the chance to leave a comment on her site, here is the link : Moving on...on behalf of Tina Downey

I know there will be a number of dedications that will come to light.  Here is one that I would ask you to be so kind as to check out : Sunflowers for Tina - September 8, 2014 #LifeisGood #A to Z Challenge