Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Extra Sensory Pawception.

Hi there!  Yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

Since the return of my human brother, Tristan, I'm much happier and I'm eating my food again.  Thought I'd summarise with some of my pawetry.

My human brother went away from me
I was told he went over the sea
Extra sensory pawception
Took an exception
I got confused
Food I refused
Was he coming back
My heart felt a lack
Of his warm embrace
When I nuzzled his face
My human dad 
Was getting sad
So we went in his car
Not very far
To the vet's room
To check out my gloom
He stuck in a needle near my bum
And even so he's still my chum
Gave me a shot
To improve my lot
Improve my mood
It was understood
So home we did go
Ever so slow
I puked on the seat
Not such a treat
Headed indoors
Scampered on paws
Human dad got me to eat
A little morsel of chicken treat
Then one morning
Before the new day dawning
He drove away
What could I say
I waited for a sound at the door
Waiting to see my dad once more
I heard the sound of rattling key
This was really pleasing me
In walked two
How do you do
Frantic with glee
Who did I see
My brother Tristan
Oh how I missed him
With a gentle squeeze
He put me at ease
We went for a walk
Went for a talk
Now I understood
All was good
I'm eating my food
No need to brood
Extra sensory pawception
Upon reflection
Was always there
It's the love I share.


  1. Penny, it's all in the pawception! Glad you are back to your old self.
    Bummer about the car seat, but it happens, right?

    1. Hi human Alex,

      Pawception is better
      As I type this letter
      The puke on the seat
      Not such a treat
      The seat's now okay
      I can puke on it another day.

      Penny the pawet :)

  2. Aww, I'm so glad you're feeling better and eating again, Penny! <3

    1. Hi human Julie,

      Feeling better and eating again
      Now I can blog to you my friend

      Penny the pawet :)

  3. A contestant for the best dog in the world. Please give her a pat for me.

    1. Hi Birdie,

      Dog's got talent
      Ever so gallant
      Thank you for that
      Gary gave me a pat.

      Penny the pawet :)

  4. Glad all is grand there in your land, back to the task. Don't hit the flask

    1. Hi Pat,

      All is fine at my home
      Back to the garden I shall roam
      Well done to you
      Having reached two.

      Penny the pawet :)

  5. Oh Penny, no wonder you are such an Internet sensation. You are a very talented poet. Next time you go in a car though, take a barf bag with you - just in case.

    1. Hi Arleen,

      An internet sensation
      In every nation
      A talented pawet
      Don't you know it.
      Next time in the car
      I might take a jar
      Or barf in a bag
      What a drag
      Could fool the dude
      Be very rude
      Offer his said sack
      Make him crack
      A doggy bag I'll tell him
      Make him real grim

      Penny the pawet :)

  6. Great picture of you, Penny! You did a great job with your poem and letting us know your feelings. Glad your boy is back and things are back on track! :)

    1. Hi Jess,

      Glad you like the photo of me
      It gives me pleasure for you to see
      Pawetic prose
      My feelings grows
      My brother is here
      And gone is my fear

      Penny the pawet :)

  7. Dragon is happy to hear you're happy too.
    Dragon hugs at you! ;)

    1. Hi Al,

      Happy dragon makes me glad
      Thinks are really not so bad
      Doggy hugs to you
      Through and through.

      Penny the pawet :)

  8. It is hard to be happy when a loved one is far away. But when they return, it is a joyous time, for sure. I hope you are like my pups who kiss me when I come home from going somewhere. Love the poetry, very good!!

    1. Hi Dizzy-Dick,

      The pining was bad
      So very sad
      Now I'm a joy
      With the return of the boy
      Pups kiss you
      This be true
      You come home
      From whence you roam
      Thank you for liking my pawetry
      It feels me with glee.

      Penny the pawet :)

  9. Beautifully told Penny! Absence does not always make the heart grow fonder, only the appetite to disappear. So glad you are feeling better and home is once more a happy, happy place! I know your human Gary, is thrilled to have you back on the internet entertaining the blogosphere.

    Patches send her best!

    1. Hi Yolanda,

      Thank you for that
      My heart's where it's at
      The heart grew fonder
      As I began to wonder
      I'm eating some food
      That's very good
      Gary and my brother
      Together with each other
      I'm back to some writing
      Hopefully delighting
      Hi to Patches
      Some doggy scratches

      Penny the pawet :)

  10. Awwww Penny!!! You are so adorable! What a sweet poem!

    1. Hi JoJo,

      Glad you think I'm adorable
      Betting than being deplorable
      You liked my sweet pawem
      Thank you my friend

      Penny the pawet :)

  11. You have a beautiful and sensitive poet's soul, Penny. I'm happy that you're surrounded by all your humans' love again.

    1. Hi Debra,

      That's very nice of you state
      You make me feel so very great
      The love of my family
      Is plain to see

      Penny the pawet :)

  12. Penny. I know, bro. When mom and dad get ready to leave, they wonder how I know.

    Well, they pee in preparation for leaving me
    They put on things called shoes, which give me the blues

    They leave with a pat, and say "we'll be home"
    How do they know? They could get lost when they roam!

    I need to go along, to make sure they make it home.
    I'm so miserable, when I'm left all alone.


    1. Hi Beau,

      Beau your sense
      Is most immense
      Out they go
      What do you know
      They have a pee
      And of they flee
      With things called shoes
      To go check the news
      They try to assure you
      And this be true
      Better you go
      Read the map you know
      Being left all alone
      Can make you groan

      Penny the pawet :)

  13. Aww; I'm so glad for the happy ending for all three involved.


    1. Hi Donna,

      A happy ending for us three
      So happy I need to have a wee,

      Penny the pawet :)

  14. I am so so glad that you are back to your usual enchanting self. Next time you see the packing of the suitcase/bag, puke in it as a warning.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes I back to my enchanting self
      More enchanting than the garden elf
      Next time he packs his case
      I shall race
      Puke in the bag
      Cause him to drag.

      Penny the pawet :)

  15. Lovely pawem Penny and a beautiful portrait shot of your humble self.

    1. Hi Delores,

      Thank you for liking my pawem
      I wrote it for you and for them
      A photo of me
      Humble to see.

      Penny the pawet :)

  16. All's well that ends well they say, and here even Penny's end is well!
    Is there anything sadder than a grieving dogpal?
    Glad that's over for you Penny.

    1. Hi Laura,

      My end is well
      An you could tell
      Not even smell
      Did fell
      I'm a happy gal
      With the return of my pal.

      Penny the pawet :)

  17. To Penny
    Now that human brother's home
    You can write a rhymey poem
    Missing him just made you sad
    To the vet, a shot was had
    Eating now is more fun
    The two of you will take a run

    1. Hi Manzanita and Cody,

      My human brother's back in his room
      And now has ended my sense of gloom
      I write pawetic
      That's the trick
      He went away
      It was hard to play
      The vet's shot
      Helped a lot
      Food is great
      The chicken can't wait
      I go for a run
      With my dad's son
      Paws for thought
      Lessons are taught.

      Penny the pawet :)

  18. Such heart felt poetry from Penny. Oh how she missed Tristan like mad and all is finally well upon his return. Get the steak out mate and that doggy champagne.

    1. Hi Rum-Punch Drunk,

      Pawetry from the heart
      My love shall never part
      Tristan is here
      Such a dear
      Steak for me
      It's rare to see.
      Doggy drinks
      It's time me thinks.

      Penny the pawet :)

  19. Love, love, love this! I laughed, I cried, but I did not puke on the seat. I'm delighted Penny's "tail" had a happy ending. :-)

    1. Hi Lexa,

      Love and laughing
      Crying and barfing
      You didn't puke on your seat
      Not something I'd like to greet
      Happy tails to me
      That you can see.

      Penny the pawet :)

  20. We need more Canine pawetry in the world!

    1. Hi DAVID,

      We need more Canine
      Pawetry so fine
      In the world
      A plan unfurled.

      Penny the pawet :)

  21. This is just lovely, Penny - I am so glad everything is right again and you are feeling better. Indy says: woof, bark, bark, woof and sends lots of wags! :-) x

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Lovely lady and lovely Indy
      Pawsitive thanks from me
      Woof and bark
      Time to play in the park.

      Penny the pawet :)

  22. Simply great post, pleased all is well again.


    1. Hi Yvonne,

      A great pawst to share
      Showing I care
      I'm well again
      Thank you dear friend.

      Penny the pawet :)

  23. It was so nice reading this from an Internet Star's pawspective! I'm glad that you're feeling more like yourself Penny! You are a very talented pawet!


    1. Hi Julie,

      A superstar's pawspective
      My words are selective
      Feeling much better
      With every letter
      Talented pawet
      How good does it get.

      Penny the pawet :)

  24. Awwww Penny!!

    You missed your brother when he

    Went somewhere

    But now he's back and all is well!! Yay!!

    Take care

    1. Hi Old Kitty,

      It was a pity
      He went away from the city
      Back from Crete
      Such a magical greet.
      Now I'm well
      You can tell.

      Penny the pawet :)

  25. ...and this is the house that Jack built.

    That was an excellent poem, Penny! I mean, I'm truly impressed. And so glad you're eating again.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

    1. Hi Michael,

      No cats or rats
      Or any splats
      Mother Goose
      Is on the loose

      Pleased you liked my pawem
      I wrote ahem
      You are impressed
      I might of guessed
      I'm eating my food
      I knew I should.

      Penny the pawet :)

  26. I am so relieved that Penny is back on track!

    1. Hi Michelle Wallace,

      Thank you from me
      Your friend Penny
      I'm back on track
      Since my brother is back.

      Penny the pawet :)

  27. Panny I love your pawetry...you're the most famous dog in all the blog-o-sphere :) I'm glad you're feeling better.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Penny the pawet for your delight
      Now that all is quite alright.
      A famous dog out in the sphere
      I'm liking how that is oh so clear
      Feeling well
      You sure can tell.

      Penny the pawet :)

  28. Replies
    1. Hi Pat,

      I'm better now
      I can even bow wow
      Thank you for that
      My friend Pat.

      Penny the pawet :)

  29. And anyone who doesn't think dogs don't love and have hearts is sadly mistaken.

    1. Hi Julie Luek,

      You know of the love we dogs do share
      Non-judgemental love from here to there
      Those who don't realise
      Here's a profound surprise.

      Penny the pawet :)

  30. What a great dog!!!

    Julie, up above, is absolutely right about that!!!

    They provide unconditional love...

    arf arf...


    1. Hi Red Shoes,

      Very kind of you
      Such words so true
      Julie is right
      Dogs delight
      Unconditional love is what we show
      And love we share to those who know

      Penny the pawet :)

  31. Penny, I've tears of joy for you. So happy you're happy. Why? Because you deserve it. You make a lot of people happy, Penny, you Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar--you!

    1. Hi Joylene,

      Thank you dear friend
      I'd never pretend
      You are so nice
      Didn't have to think twice
      I like to make folks smile
      Show them the way beyond the trial
      Superstar for sure
      The smile is the cure.

      Penny the pawet :)

  32. How pawfect!! Glad to see Penny looking so spry and happy (and well fed!)

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Pawfect selection
      Pawetic pawfection
      Yes I'm spry
      No longer I try
      Happy and fed
      No longer I dread.

      Penny the pawet :)

  33. I knew you would be better when Tristan came home. Good job on the poem! I'm impressed!

    1. Hi Sherry,

      Much better thanks since he came back
      Both of us are now on track
      A pawem impressed
      You are the best.

      Penny the pawet :)

  34. Very Cool bit of poetry Penny.
    Just one of many
    And when read quick
    it sounds so slick
    a clever trick
    Unlike your sick
    And now you eat
    bounce on your seat
    Its good to meet

    Glad you are feeling better, say hello to Mr G

    1. Hi Rob,

      Made it cool for you
      It's what I do
      Read it quick
      And it starts to tick
      If one is sick
      It makes you pick
      A slower pace
      With still some grace
      And yes I eat
      Wont puke on the seat
      My family and me
      Makes me one happy Penny
      Thanks for your kind pawetry
      It pleases me
      I will say hello to Mr. G.
      Then pee on his leg hee hee...

      Penny the pawet :)

    2. :) and arf, to you, Rob.

      Penny the pawet :)

  35. It is a relief to know that Penny is better. He even writes poems now. Wow, what a talented guy!
    Peace and hugs to the whole family,

    1. Hi Julia,

      Indeed I am
      Have eaten some ham
      My pawetry is here
      For you my dear
      I'm a lady you know
      Just loving the show
      Hugs to you and your family
      From me the adorable Penny.

      Penny the pawet :)

  36. Oh Penny, that was beautiful. So sorry about the car seat...but so glad that your human brother is home! And that you're feeling better. I was quite worried about you.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. Hi Tina,

      Thank you I say
      As I shall play
      The car seat
      My vomit did meet
      Better now
      Feeling wow
      Bro is back
      Time to keep track
      No need to worry
      My paws shall scurry.

      Penny the pawet :)

  37. Aw, that's just lovely Penny, good to see you back and happy. Lardy had a scabby lump on her bum shaved and swabbed today and wishes you to know this as it's all she has as news just now and wishes someone would take some notice of it's import. All three of us send you hugs and happiness xx ps, Lardy often gets mistaken for a boy too, it's an outrage of course - I suggest a hint of lipstick might help.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you my friend
      I got there in the end
      Lardy the lady dog
      I'm quite agog
      The scabby lump
      On your rump
      It's most important
      That you vent
      Lipstick for Lardy
      Lipstick for me
      Hugs n'stuff to you three
      Time for me to have a wee.

      Penny the pawet :)

  38. Awww, how sweet. I'm glad all is right in your world again, Penny. You're quite the poet, and we didn't know it. (Do your feet show it? Are they long fellows?)

    1. Hi Susan,

      How sweet it is
      Back to blog biz
      All is quite right
      Got over the fright
      I am a pawet
      Now you know it
      Well what do you know
      I'm suddenly thinking of Poe.

      Penny the pawet :)

  39. Ahhh, Penny,
    you are completely paw-worthy and have stolen my heart :) XXx

    1. Hi Kim,

      And a cup of tea
      I stole your heart
      Now never apart
      I hear it doth beat
      Right next to my computer seat.

      Penny the pawet :)

  40. You've got rhythm and looks
    A great dad and bro too
    So feast away, dearest Penny
    Charming dog, we love you.


    1. Hi Robyn,

      Rhythm and looks
      Writing books
      A great dad indeed
      On his leg I peed
      A real nice bro
      What do you know
      I shall chomp away
      All the way to another day
      Charming lady
      And it's not maybe
      This dog loves you
      This be true.

      Penny the pawet :)

  41. O that is brilliant! Penny is just adorable; so glad she is feeling better. A needle near one's bum does not sound pleasant!


      Glad you thinks it's brilliant
      I am resilient
      Feeling better yet
      Since my trip to the vet
      A needle near my bum
      From my veterinary chum.

      Penny the pawet :)

  42. What a beautiful poem to a beautiful dog. Love the pic too.

    1. Hi Denise,

      A beautiful pawem
      I sure do show'em
      Happy you like my picture too
      A special gift from me to you.

      Penny the pawet :)

  43. I love this pawetry and am glad your human brother is back.

    1. Hi Medeia,

      Glad you love my pawetry
      It really makes me jolly
      My brother is back
      And I'm back on track.

      Penny the pawet :)

  44. Good to see you back to full health, Penny! Your pawetry is wonderful!

    1. Hi Annalisa,

      My health is good
      Like I'd hoped it would.
      Thank you for liking my pawetry
      It makes me happy.

      Penny the pawet :)

  45. yay Penny! So glad you are back to yourself!

    1. Hi Caren,

      Yay I say
      Time to play
      Hello to Cody
      The pirate he be.

      Penny the pawet :)

  46. Awe Penny, I'm crying tears of joy for you. Love the poem too.

    1. Hi Eve,

      Tears of joy
      I do employ
      Glad you like the pawem too
      From me to you..

      Penny the pawet :)

  47. Oh, she's a darling, is Penny! Pawsome seems the mot juste.

    Hugs...happy you're feeling happy, Penny! You ARE a superstar!

    1. Hi Vidya,

      I'm a darling
      The words I sing
      Word that are right
      That give delight
      Thanks for the embrace
      It's accepted with grace
      Happy superstar
      From afar.

      Penny the pawet :)

  48. Hi, Penny,

    SO glad you are a family again.... We do miss our siblings when they are away... at play ... but Dad's always there with his love and his care. SO, dear Penny, never despair...

    1. Hi Michael and his beloved friend,

      We are family
      It makes me happy
      They go away
      We wait for that day
      That they hopefully come back
      With treats in a stack
      Shall never despair
      I know they care.

      Penny the pawet :)

  49. My doggie has the exact same ears.
    But not a poetic bone in his body.

    1. Hi Al,

      Can your dog curl up its ears
      Without any tears
      To look like the princess
      With the funny dress
      In the movie Star Wars
      Which sometimes bores.
      Pawetic bones
      Make curios tones.

      Penny the pawet :)

  50. Love this. Pawception indeed.

    We just had to leave our doggie with my mom's ex-husband. He called to say that she misses us. She is wandering around looking lost. Vacations are hard on doglets.

    1. Hi Robin,

      Affection from my direction
      Your doggy is missing you
      Not sure what to do
      She will be found
      When you're back around
      Doglets indeed
      Have such a need.

      Penny the pawet :)

  51. Tristan is home! You and your human must be rejoicing!

    1. Hi Susan,

      My brother is home
      From where he did roam
      We're all rejoicing
      My love I'm voicing.

      Penny the pawet :)

  52. Hi Gary - I'm so pleased Penny that you're bubbling and happy again - that going away and having a good time - is always difficult isn't ... but now you can forget and enjoy life together again.

    Have a fun weekend walking with Tristan ... cheers to you all - Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,

      I'm bubbling along
      Singing a song
      Now nothing's wrong
      For we belong
      Back together
      No matter the weather
      Must go for a walk
      My brother will talk

      Penny the pawet :)

  53. Sweetest poem I ever read!
    I'm so glad you're well and happy again Penny.

    1. Hi River,

      A pawem so sweet
      Since I did greet
      My brother back
      And back on track
      Happy and well
      Glad you could tell.

      Penny the pawet :)

  54. Replies
    1. Hi Crystal,

      BOL I say to you
      It's really true
      Bark Out Loud
      I'm really proud.

      Penny the pawet :)

  55. So happy you and your 2 humans are together again!! Enjoy :)

    Love the poem!

    1. Hi Jemi,

      Two humans with me
      So good to see
      Enjoy I will
      Such a thrill
      Glad you loved my pawem
      For you and them

      Penny the pawet :)

  56. I'm glad your human came back to you. They're handy to have around. :)

    1. Hi Bish,

      My brother is here
      No more fear
      Humans are handy
      They look after me.

      Penny the pawet :)

  57. Penny, you're as talented as you are adorable! I'm glad you're so happy again :)

    1. Hi The Words Crafter,

      Penny is an adorable talent
      Ever so gallant
      She is very happy
      Lovely Penny
      Although she is sleeping
      I comment in keeping
      On her behalf
      Which includes arf! arf! :)

      Penny's dad
      Feeling glad...

  58. Penny, let me just tell you that you are absolutely adorable. I'm sorry you were so sad, but please don't let sadness keep you from eating next time. We worry about you and need the good cheer you spread across the interwebs!

  59. Hi Jocelyn,

    Right now it's her human Gary
    Adorable Penny
    Pleases many
    Hopefully alright
    Her appetite
    Next time he's away
    Her sadness at bay
    Thank you and cheers
    From Gary it appears

    Penny's human dad
    Glad she's no longer sad :)


I do try to comment back to each commenter individually. However, I might have to shorten my replies or give a group thank you. That way, I can spend more time commenting on your blogs. Thank you and peace, my friend.