Saturday, 5 November 2011

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer."

This posting might give you something to sink your teeth into.   Or maybe, it's just a bit of 'filling' before I actually formulate something remotely close to a decent article

"A rotten tooth, said to belong to John Lennon, is going up for auction on Saturday.  The cavity-ridden, discoloured molar is expected to raise £10,000 at least, according to the auctioneers in Stockport.  No DNA tests have been done on the tooth because it is so fragile but it was reportedly given by Lennon to his former housekeeper, Dot Jarlett, in the mid-1960s when they were in the kitchen of his house.  "He was very generous to my mother, Jarlett's son, Barry, told the BBC.  "He treated her like family because he didn't really have a very big family and he really looked after my mum. He used to call her Aunty Dot."  Source : The Huffington Post, Friday, November 4, 2011   

Now then,  John Lennon apparently pulled out his cavity-ridden, discoloured molar.   A bit of  "twist and shout!"   Or maybe he used, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer".   Anyway, I can visualise the proceedings at the auction.  The 'Tooth Fairy' would be the auctioneer and the audience would be made up of eager, long in the tooth, dentists.  And perhaps, the Tooth Fairy might just use Maxwell's Silver Hammer as some kind of symbolic gavel.
Here are some songs you may associate with the Beatles and John Lennon.   'Long Tooth Sally', 'Get Plaque',  'Gum Together', 'Happiness Is A Warm Gum', 'Toothy In The Sky With Diamonds', 'Love Me Chew',  'Yes Decay....all my troubles seemed so far away..'.   Okay, brace yourself, I know you can come up with your own toothy tunes.    All I am saying is,  'Give Teeth A Chance....'
Before I go, the photo is evidently John Lennon's prized molar.   That's the tooth, the hole tooth and nothing but the tooth....


  1. well that was interesting though i'm not sure i believe it really is his tooth

  2. Hey becca,
    Apparently it is his tooth. But, who knows what the tooth is in regards to the photo :)

  3. Truly amazing, what you can put up for sale and get people to pay for. Oops, no offense - were you planning on bidding? ;)

  4. Hey Kim,
    Indeed I will. I've bribed the 'Tooth Fairy' and will get the tooth at a jaw-dropping low price :)

  5. Dear Gary,
    To tell you the tooth, I wouldn't pay that much for anyone's molar. What would one do with it, anyway?
    Anyway, love all the toothy Beatles song titles. Very inventive.
    I suppose you could just dig up the rest of John's body and sell that off bit by bit aswell. Oh dear, that sounds a little bit morbid. And creepy. And perhaps even offensive. I think I'll leave it in!
    Great post, Gare.
    Wishing you all the best, and a good dentist, your way,

  6. Hello Gary:
    We love the post but are somewhat saddened to think that there are people who have available money to consider purchasing this kind of thing and who must, surely, believe that it has some intrinsic worth when, for our part, we can see none.

  7. If he had gone to see a dentist "Fixing a Hole" might be appropriate!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  8. Hmmmm...regardless of who's tooth it is, gross is still gross. Hard to believe such a famous person wouldn't have had better dental care. Happy weekend to you and Penny and your son.

  9. Are you sure? Are you being toothful about this?

  10. I have a couple or three!! Magical Mystery Tooth! Yay! Please Please Teeth? LOL! Oh this is fun!! Strawberry Teeth Forever?

    Off I go!! Take care

  11. The inspiration for "Fixing a Hole"? How about "Your Molar Should Know" or "Within Tooth, Without Tooth" or "We Can Pull It Out"? :D

  12. wait a minute! There aren't many people who are as insane for John Lennon as I am......

    I'm gonna tell you there is no way that that is his tooth. John Lennon giving his tooth to a housekeeper? No way.....

    Not to mention he has been gone since 1980...why would it surface now?

    As much as I adored him ( and still do) there is NO WAY I would want it!

  13. Kinda gross but whatever. People and what they collect is kinda odd.

  14. Oh my goodness that is quite gross!
    Twood have made a great halloween post! ;O)

  15. Hi there,
    And here, evidently is the tooth of matter.
    Thanks for your clever and thoughtful comments and yes, I deliberately didn't use an actual Beatles song, "Fixing A Hole", because I reckoned someone might like to use it in a comment. And the full explanation as to why it was being auctioned is explained in the link. Although, like some have noted, the whole thing is a bit morbid and perhaps lacks a bit of um...'wisdom' :)
    And here are the results of the auction as reported by the BBC,

    "A Canadian dentist has bought one of John Lennon's teeth for £19,500 at an auction in Stockport.
    Alberta-based Michael Zuk bid by phone to secure the molar given by the former Beatle to his house keeper Dot Jarlett, who worked for him in the 1960s.
    The tooth was from a collection of rock memorabilia owned by Alan McGee, former boss of Oasis's label Creation Records.
    Other items being sold included oil paintings from John Squire of the Stone Roses and gifts from politicians.
    Mr Zuk, who has written a book on celebrities' teeth, said: "Once I heard it was up for sale I had to have it."
    He plans to display the tooth in his surgery as well as take it on a tour of other dental surgeries and dental schools.
    "Some people will think its gross, others will be fascinated by it," he added."

    Fangs a lot, everybody :)

  16. I was a huge fan, but I still think I'd prefer an autographed napkin. A clean one.

    Happy weekend, Gary! And Penny!!!

  17. Hi Joylene,
    I could always send you over an autographed chewed up dog bone.
    And I do mean one of Penny's bones. You could make a fortune auctioning it off.
    And don't forget to put your clocks back. It's been nice being one hour closer for a week, but sadly, time for you go back eight hours from this time zone, eh
    Penny and shy, humble me, wish you and yours, a happy, one hour longer, weekend :)

  18. What will they think of next to get fools to part with their money?

  19. Never , ever, ever, overestimate the "taste" of the masses. This will take a bite out of somebody's bank account and require the owner to tell everyone he has a tooth that once belonged to a person with more "Imagination" than he. My best

  20. Hi Gary - well that was a shock .. yugh .. and if it's so delicate - has it been fumigated and has it got its Health and Safety Certificate??

    Honestly .. what ever next - well don't tell me please .. I need to stay sane ... I'd use Maxwell's Silver Hammer - I think I've always hated that song since I saw it used in a nasty tv series murder mystery ..

    as Tit Willow - from the Gilbert and Sullivan archives .. similarly - gives me the heeby jeebies!!

    Cheers for now .. I need to find my teeth and screw them firmly down .. or find Bob the Builder's Hammer and hammer 'em home .. Hilary

  21. Gary, I didn't catch your reminder soon enough! I was up at 5AM! Oh goodness, I hope my mind can cope. The last time I saw 5AM I had to get up to pee.

  22. Yes, I heard about this on the BBC a couple of days ago. I believe a dentist purchased said tooth. Strange chap.

    The lengths some people go to ah ...

    Catcha later, good sir

  23. Hi Susan,
    Good question. Maybe they could auction off an autographed poster of my shy and humble self :)
    I shall go ask the "Fool on the Hill"
    Thanks Susan and have a peaceful week.

    For sure, Henry. 'Imagine all the people living life in teeth' :)
    My best to you and your loved ones,

  25. Hi Hilary,
    Not sure, but it certainly should have a Heath and 'Safeteeth' Certificate.
    I'm sorry you hate that song since you saw it used in a nasty TV murder mystery.
    ..and 'Teeth Willow' could give anyone the heeby jeebies :)
    Ah yes, 'Bob the Builder'...can we Fixodent it? Yes we can...'
    Cheers Hilary and fangs....

  26. Hi Joylene,
    I do so hope that you then put your clock back to 4 A.M.
    Oh hap pee days...

  27. Hi Wendy,
    Indeed, the said person was a dentist and a Canadian, eh :) Probably plays a lot of ice hockey and needs a replacement tooth. The number of players who have lost a tooth...
    Take care and keep smiling :)

  28. Hmm, I think I'd pass if someone - however famous - offered me their rotten extraction. But each to their own I guess :-)

  29. Hi Gary,

    This IS an important breaking news story! I have the gnawing sensation that Lennon's tooth will be won by a banker with a house in the Cayman Islands who has a fetish for music boxes and dentin. The tooth will be ever so gently placed inside a music box upon a plush velour cushion. A scratched recording of, "We All Live in a Yellow Submarine" will play, while the tooth spins around, and around and around. There, the greed-ridden, banker will dance in circles until his own teeth drop out of his mouth in anticipation of another auction.

    Shall we go brush our teeth now?

  30. Hi THE SNEE,
    More like 'wind-breaking' news :) Still, an article you could sink your teeth into.
    Of course, at first, we thought it might have been bought by a being from another planet in the 'Molar System'. It turns out that the tooth was purchased by a Canadian dentist.
    However, your thought of some greedy banker on the Cayman Islands and the music box, sounds more appealing. Perhaps sharpen the tooth and use it as a needle on the record player.
    I shall now go and brush my teeth inside the Yellow Submarine :)
    Fangs for that, Rebecca.
    In kindness and tooth from Wall Street, your way, Gary

  31. Very clever, Gary! But that tooth? Well, that's just gross!!

  32. Hey Nancy,
    Must agree with you, that toothfully speaking, it's just gross! :)

  33. Eeeewwwwwww, oh GROSS me out or what! Who in their right mind, would even consider buying that for 10,000! Obviously they are NOT in their right mind! Give me the 10,000, I'll use it to invest in annuities....something worth while with a nice return! Who would want an old smelly tooth. NOT EVEN the tooth fairy would consider touching that disgusting item. This was a 'tooth defying' article....very different....just a 'tad' weird, but that is your are hilarious! friend. ((((((HUG)))))) sending your way.

  34. Hey Manic Chef,
    And speaking of rotting teeth etc,, perhaps the biggest cavity is the one between the ears of the person that purchased the tooth :)
    In fact, it was a Canadian Dentist and he bought said tooth for the equivalent of 31,400 Canadian dollars. Then again, he does live in Alberta LOL eh
    Actually, there's a rumour that the Tooth Fairy got a hefty commission on the sale. My friend, tooth is stranger than fiction.
    Laters eh :)

  35. I would have given up a million dollars and my prized pussy (cat) for such a wonderful, legendary piece of Mr. Lennon. In fact, I would have pulled out one of my own tooths and stuck this tooth where the other tooth was and that's the whole tooth and nothin' but the tooth- so help me, tooth fairy.

    hahaha... how funny I am to me.

    I give many thanks, Gary, that you brought this story up front and center. It made me smile and remember to brush my yellowed, crusty teeth. I must go now and construct other amazingly brilliant comments on other blogs, social network sites and forums.

    Everyone, prepare to be thrilled!

  36. Hey Kelly,
    'Imagine' that? You parting with just a mere million US dollars and your prized pussy (cat) to have Lennon's tooth and 'twist and shout', pull out one of your own teeth to be replaced with Lennon's tooth. Perhaps you might stick said tooth right up at the front of your mouth and you could be the topic of conversation at all those weird and wacky parties you go too.
    And talking of the tooth and the Tooth Fairy'....I've been told that the fairy wants to have its wicked way with you. Gosh and chomp! :)
    Kelly, you are too funny and I say this through um gritted teeth....:)
    I'm delighted that this posting gave your yellowed crusty teeth something to sink into. I shall, when I have a moment to spare, check out your award winning comments on blog sites that will be left in gnaw, I mean awe of your never ending 'wisdom'. To tell the tooth...
    Everyone, prepare to be 'drilled'!


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