Thursday, 10 November 2011

Reaching Out To You.

The ethos, the ideals of my blog, have and always will be my attempt to demonstrate that my mental health issues are only a small part of who I am.  I endeavour to be of support and encouragement to those who may be experiencing feelings of great isolation as they battle with the turmoil of mental health concerns.   Yes, I am mentally ill, yet I am not ashamed of who I am.   
I endeavour to display realistic positive anticipation in my daily life.   For the impact of negative speculation plays on the mind, destroys the uplifting energy I so desire.  I'm battling here.  I cannot focus.  I cannot eat.  I hardly sleep and sleep has been the only freedom that I know.  And when I do catch those moments of precious sleep; instead of waking up with an air of optimism, I wake up to wave upon wave of panicky thoughts, drowning what's left of my fragile ego.  
I'm gasping for breath as I write this.  The fragments of my positive energy punched, kicked and suffocated by an unrelenting negative force.  One of my few remaining passions, the passion to write, something I hold so dear, is garbled and sporadic.   
And what has triggered this negative energy?  The sadness in the eyes of my son.   Sadness caused by the desperation of not having work and being able to move on with his life.  His sadness, a grim reminder of the torment I endured all those years ago.  I see his pain and I relive my own personal nightmare.  Somehow I must regain my inner strength.  The love for my son depends on this.  
And thus, my dear 'electric friend', my 'electronic tonic', this very frightened and lonely man is not going to post for the next little while.   Instead, I'm going to do what the ethos of this blog set out to do.  To encourage and support others.  I will be as proactive on as many of your blogs as my exhausted mind will allow.  I embrace the true spirit of the caring and sharing blogging community.   Indeed, all different, all equal.   
I thank you for your time and your understanding.   And now, I'm reaching out to you.....


  1. Here's my hand Gary....grab on. Life is a roller coaster of highs and lows, each one of us travelling in a different direction at different speeds. Here in this strange twilight of the internet we all travel together and share a moment in time. My prayers are with you and your son; I think of you through the day as I do many of my electronic friends, good wishes and positive vibrations are headed your way.

  2. Dear Gary,
    A very heartfelt and passionate posting, my hairy pal.
    I fully understand, having spoken with you earlier, your decision not to post for a while, and I empathise with the situation of you and your son.
    Just know that I am always (well, most times) available to talk to, and feel that you are handling this situation, although it may not seem like it to you, with grace.
    I certainly hope that things soon improve, and you are always welcome to come visit if you feel like getting out for a while.
    With Very Best Wishes,
    P.S. I think, this time, I may be the first to comment. Yippeee!

  3. Bugger! Beaten to it once again!

  4. I'm sad to hear you are so down, Gary.

    *Sends virtual mug of comforting hot chocolate, extra-milky, with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce*

    Look after yourself and look after your son.

  5. DEar Gary, We have been very neglectful of our bloggin friends the last little while as we try to acoomplish all that we must.

    So please accept my personal apology for not being a better friend.

    My Vickie and I feel helpless right now. WE want to help but feel there is little we can do.

    But know that we are here too. We are thinking of you and your son daily and hoping and praying for you to find what your hearts need.

    Please know we are here for you.

    Bert and My Vickie

  6. Gar, I hate to hear that you're so down. And I hate it that your son is still struggling with his situation. Even though you're down in the hole of depression and anxiety right now, know that you've got eleventy billion virtual hands reaching out to give you a lift up out of that hole. You're a beacon of positivity (for us), even when you aren't feeling like it much. Thank you for your kind words on my post today. Even though it was a sad day for me, your words actually did make me feel just a smidge better - and I felt you reaching out. You just holler if you need a helping hand from a fellow hoser, eh? Smiles and hugs to you across the pond!

  7. I admire your courage as you embrace the dark days with things you enjoy the most. Many cheers your way!!

  8. David has brought up a valid - and very important - point. Although to you it may not feel like it, you are most definitely handling things with utmost care and compassion, patience, presence of mind and wisdom.

    As parents, we often feel even more than what our children feel, which can at times make the suffering seem unbearable. Keep that in mind, lest your worries about your son's situation overwhelm you. Remember, he is your son; you made it through your darkest days, he surely will too. He has you to lean on.

    I, too, am here for you, Gary, as I'm sure countless others are. You have so many friends who truly care about you - that says more than anything about just what a wonderful person you are.

    Positive thoughts and wishes for you - and wags & sloppy kisses from CindyLu, too :)

  9. Dear Gary, I'm holding onto the belief that something very good will come to son soon. I believe this without proof or reason. You are his father. He is with you. And I, for one, am glad that you have each other. It's a blessing that you're protecting him during this dark time. It may not seem like enough, but from the point of view of a mother who has lost deeply, I hear your pain, understand your fears, and yet feel a strong sense of peace. He's where he should be, safe with his father. What a comfort that is.

  10. Hello Gary:
    Although we have only 'known' you for a short time, we have already felt the warmth and humour that you work so hard to show to the world at large. We are happy to reach out in friendship to you and trust that we shall continue to see you around the Blogosphere if not at 'home'.

    These are, we can appreciate, terribly difficult times for you and for your son. We can understand the need you feel to support him and are quite sure that just by being there for him that is all that can be expected since so many things are completely out of your control or his.

    Our thoughts are with you, dear Gary, take the greatest care!

  11. You are such a special person, Gary and have been such a support to others. So many of us out here are thinking of you. Take care and look after yourself and your son and may life start to brighten for you soon x

  12. Oh Gary! Do reach out - we're here! I'm here! And Charlie too - although he mostly goes off on his own but he does return eventually!!

    Take care

  13. For what it's worth, I'm here too. Hold on. We may not have a clear path but we've all got each other to make it easier going. You're a good Dad. It'll be okay. Just hold on.

  14. Gary,

    This was so touching and so honest. Even though I am just an electric friend, I have to tell you that I have always felt a cushioning shelter here on your blog. There is a powerful softness to your words that makes one feel accepted no matter what. You are loved by many. My electric heart is with you and your son.

  15. My thoughts are with you and your son, and may this great circle of electric connectedness be of some support as you make your way along.

  16. Oh Gary, I'm so sorry to see you so down. You're such an inspiration to all of us and your positive posts and comments never fail to lift my spirits.

    I know you're worried about your son and that's a natural thing. But he has one huge advantage over many other young people in the same situation - he has a wonderful and caring father.

    Sending love to you and your lovely boy. And I wish you strength to see you both through this time.


  17. Dear Delores,
    Thank you and beautifully expressed. Through my darkness and through the bright wishes of others, I reach out and find a way for me and my son.
    I know that we firmly believe that we can be here for each other, encouraging and uplifting. My dear friend, you are profound demonstration of gentle caring, for me, for all of us. I am deeply grateful to you.
    In kindness and positive thoughts back to you, your friend,

  18. Dear David,
    Thanks and through this verbalisation, I feel that little bit better.
    Yes, I need some time to reflect, somehow gather my thoughts and move forward from here. I will take this opportunity during my sabbatical to attempt to be more proactive and be more supportive of my fellow bloggers.
    I'm most appreciative of our phone calls and the moments I grace you with my company. It is of great help.
    Thank you for your kind and thoughtful wishes. I shall do my utmost to cling onto the positivity I so cherish. Hopefully see you soon.
    With very kind thoughts, your way,

  19. Dear Ian,
    I will be okay and I say "cheers" for the virtual mug of hot chocolate. A soothing reminder that times will be better for my son and thus, for me.
    Thank you, my friend and please take very good care of yourself and your loved ones.
    With respect and kindness,

  20. Dear Bert and Vickie,
    I completely understand that you have things to do beyond the blogging world. One can only do so much and I would like to think that all bloggers understand this.
    You are both dear friends to me and Penny the Jack Russell dog.
    Just visiting and demonstrating such kindness is a precious gift.
    Your kind and gentle thoughts are duly embraced by a man with a tormented heart. I'm truly blessed to know you both.
    And please know I shall always endeavour to be there for you.
    With respect and warm wishes to Bert and Vickie, your friend,

  21. Dear Michelle,
    Warm and thoughtful comments such as yours keeps me inspired to cling onto the delicate strands of positivity. I am determined to overcome a negative environment that has attacked my tenuous grip on the positive world I so wish for my son and for me. The " eleventy billion virtual hands" provide me with such profound and uplifting comfort. No adequate adjectives to express my gratitude.
    I do try, even when my own life seems to be crap due to circumstances beyond my control, to be of positive inspiration to others. A positive distraction can work wonders.
    Michelle, I was truly touched by your heartfelt, wonderfully written post in regards to a gentleman who had a deep and inspiring impact on your life. I'm am heartened if my comment would provide you with a modicum of comfort. I do try to reach out just like you have reached out to me.
    Thanks hoser and I always appreciate your helping hand from across the lil' ol' pond, eh :)
    Smiles and hugs back atcha',

  22. Dear SprigBlossoms,
    My friend, the courage and the transparency I portray will get me through the darkest of days. If, by such openness, I can be of some help to another, the result will be magical.
    Many cheers and peaceful, bright wishes, your way,

  23. Dear Kim,
    I suppose the frustrating part of it all is that I do feel like I'm handling this long-running situation, with calmness, caring and compassion. And sadly, the one vital element that could be of help, is nowhere to be seen.
    Absolutely, when our kids hurt, we hurt. And at times, I think my perspective of his situation comes from my own sensitive feelings of what I endured during the darkest moments of depression. I have tried not to let the situation overwhelm me. The immediacy of it all just makes it hard to bear. It is true, however, that I pulled through my darkest days and I stay resolute in my faith that he will too.
    Kim, I am grateful in knowing you are here for me and I know I can take heart in knowing there are many others here for me. You are a very special lady and your ongoing support and understanding has provided much solace. I thank you.
    Peaceful wishes, your way and a couple of doggy kisses from Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star xx
    With respect and kindness,

  24. Dear Joylene,
    Your thoughts are deeply profound and when I'm in the depths of my own personal despair, I think of the unimaginable heartache you and your family have endured.
    Your remarkable resilience has been a poignant reminder to me that I'm blessed and that all will okay.
    And with renewed strength that my ongoing support and love; my providing of a warm environment without him feeling pressure or guilt, will have him realise the day that he can move on with his life and spread his wings.
    Joylene, you are a truly remarkable lady and that little voice of optimism that gently talks in the back of my ravaged mind, grows that little bigger. Thank you, dear friend.
    In kindness, peace and admiration, your way, Gary

  25. sending you positives thoughts and energy as well as lots of hugs. I also extend my virtual hand to you grab on and hold on tight i promise not to let you go.


  26. Dear Jane and Lance,
    It has been and I know, a continued and meaningful delight to interact with such kind decent people such as you.
    From the very outset of my blog, I've reached out and extended the hand of genuine friendship, indeed, to be a part of something that has proven to be very special. I will continue to be, as best I can, proactive on other blogs. My own blog shall rest for a while. Time for me to visit a few blogs I have neglected recently. For that, I'm very sorry.
    These are the toughest times since I was in the throes of mental illness that brought me to the edge of death. And thus, as my focus on one of my remaining passions, the passion to write, has been severely distracted, I will continue to dedicate my efforts in seeing that smile return to my son's face.
    Thank you, Jane and Lance, for your eloquent comment and for your friendship. The gift of friendship is a cherished and priceless.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  27. Dear Teresa,
    Your kind and flattering words resonate. I'm heartened in the knowledge that you and others would spare a thought for my son and I. I know that there are many suffering through dark times and I shall continue to do my very best to be there for others. Thank you, Teresa.
    With peaceful wishes to you and your loved ones, Gary

  28. Dear Old Kitty,
    Thank you and I will, most assuredly, reach out. I know that you and all those lovely friends, are there. And yes, even Charlie who after a trip around the neighbourhood, returns and meows in the knowledge that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, is a buddy of Charlie :)
    Warm wishes, your way,

  29. Dear Austan,
    Having you here, for what it's worth, is a priceless gift of friendship. Thank you.
    With each other's help, that path is just that little bit clearer. A few potholes along the way, but we climb back out.
    Dear Laura, your kindness and encouraging thoughts, are highly treasured.
    Positive wishes to you along your road back home.
    In peace, Gary

  30. Dear Chris,
    My dear electric friend, you are an electronic tonic. I am deeply flattered and uplifted that my words would resonate within your heart. This is what I have always tried to do. Reach out and show my transparency, my flaws and my sincerity.
    In my quest to let my blog sleep for a while, I have neglected a number of blogs. And yours is one that I have visited, yet not commented on recently. This will soon be rectified, my dear friend, for you write with great beauty and passion.
    I am blessed with your loving wishes for my son and I.
    Loving wishes to you and your nearest and dearest.
    With positive thoughts and respect, your way, Gary

  31. Dear Susan,
    I'm very grateful for your thoughts for the both of us. And may the electrical interaction be of much help and inspiration to all of us.
    With kindness and gratitude, your way, Gary

  32. Dear Suzanne,
    We will be okay. The very thought that my posts can achieve the positive outcome that is very much wished for, gives me much hope for better times beyond the shadows of doubt.
    Thank you and I do know there are youngsters who desperately crave comfort and understanding from their parents during these awful times of economic uncertainty.
    I shall gather those fragments of positive strength I have left and stay steadfastly determined that all will be just fine, for him, for me, for all of us.
    Warm and peaceful wishes your way, Gary


  33. Dear becca,
    My wonderful friend, I thank you for your positive thoughts, energy and hugs :)
    And you, a lady with remarkable resilience and determination, I extend back my virtual hand of friendship and caring.
    Hugs and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary

  34. Hi Gary, All of us fathers who have raised a son ( and only a son) go thru the same doubts, discouragements, and panic moments in the process of
    balancing his life between your expectations and his anxiety. But, he will take into awareness your feelings and go on to make his own life. If you were not concerned with his opportunities and success in life, you would not be a father. My own son is now 55 and has made a fine life for himself , though not the one I had thought he would make. I am sure yours will too. My best.

  35. You're very welcome, Gary. Reading these wonderful comments from so many people who, like me, haven't had the privilege of meeting you yet, but still feel a great bond ... well, damn -- it's the kind of human experience that keeps me going.

    You are a kindred spirit, and everyone here knows it.
    God Bless you and your son.

  36. "A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away."
    - Arabian Proverb (and one of my favorites).

    You, Gary, have clearly touched the lives of so many through this blog - and now it is your turn to let us reach out - to you. It may only be a comment such as this, or a positive thought from foreign shores, but in actuality it is much much more than that. It is friendship. No greater thing. And oh my, look at the love upon this page! A tribute to you, good sir :)

    Thinking of you and your son. And remember, the sun shining at the edges of every cloud reminds us that every difficult situation has a bright side. Big (hug)

  37. Dear COUNT SNEAKY,
    Indeed, all of us loving fathers will empathise at seeing our children go through heartache and the heartache we feel due to it.
    Your words are thoughtful and encouraging, Henry. Your son is a fine example that his pathway was one that turned out very well. I'm waiting for the day that my son's pathway towards realising his own independence, comes to a wonderful reality.
    My best to you and your loved ones. Thank you, Henry.
    In kindness and friendship, Gary

  38. Dear Joylene,
    I'm very grateful for your follow-up comment. The interaction and kind, powerful, positive thoughts so profoundly displayed, are true testimony, just how blessed I am to know people like you.
    This is such uplifting tonic for the soul and a wonderful feeling to know such a human experience give you strength. Indeed, it gives me strength.
    Thank you for this lovely message, Joylene.
    Peaceful blessings to you and your loved ones.
    In kindness and admiration,

  39. Dear Wendy,
    A wise and poignant proverb. A reminder to embrace the positivity of friendship and discard what is to our detriment.
    I really have tried to clearly demonstrate my genuine caring and concern for others via my blog. I reach out and the amazing people within the great blogging community, have held my hand.
    Your beautifully touching comment is proof positive of the friendship we share. And the friendship of so many has given me further resilience to carry on doing my best to hold onto the positive remnants I truly cherish.
    Thank you, dear Wendy :) Your thoughts for my son and I are treasured. I see those glimmers of sunshine on the edges of the clouds. With renewed vigour, I shall turn what can be perceived as a negative, into an inspirational positive.
    A big hug back to you in New Zealand :)
    In kindness and gratitude, Gary

  40. My dear friend I'm here for you, though thousands of miles away. If I could be there tomorrow I would, and I'm serious. Just try and not concentrate too much on how unhappy your son is, because it will not help either of you. All he can do is keep trying whenever a job, no matter what it is, comes available to try and secure it. Which I know he has, but he has you to assist where you are able, and he has a home with you. Just don't let his situation cause to bring yourself into an emotional/mental dark place. Go take walks with one another, do some simple things together. My father was never there for me that way, and I think you are such an inspiration, and a model father figure, he is so fortunate to have you. You are my hero because YOU out shine ALL dead beat fathers everywhere. You AWE me. Much Dude luv being sent your way. Do you skype? I do, that helped me when my friend in Ireland was there for me every day, I was able to see her and talk. So think about it, and if you do, just send me an email. I will give you my Skype name. I'm here always......Later!!!!!!

  41. Hello Gary. The wonderful response you have had to this post says an awful lot. You must know how many people hold you in their affections and will be hoping for an upward turn in your fortune. I add my name to that long list. You are a giver of pleasure to many and our blogging lives will be the poorer until, in your own good time, you are ready to return. Good luck to you and yours, Bazza.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  42. Hey, my friend, you know you always have my support in your battle with depression. As always, I can see you have an amazing group of folks here, offering their support and words of kindness and inspiration. Depression can be overwhelming. It can be an unrelenting monster. And I can understand why you feel the way you do, in regards to your son's unemployment and his own depression. I really do hope you and your son get a break and a positive change soon. You deserve it.

    From one guy (me) that suffers with Major Depressive and anxiety disorders to another friend (you) who suffers with his own mental illness, I say, I COMPLETELY EMPATHIZE. And I sincerely hope that your blogging break gives you a much needed break from the negativity and maybe... hopefully, peace of mind. I think it will. It would be nice if you and your son could get out and take a walk together and just, you know, put your minds at ease by not worrying about those problems for awhile. Any peaceful distraction would likely help. I know that's easier said than done- for a lot of reasons- but I hope you both survive and triumph in ways that are small and large.

    Take care, Gary. You can contact me anytime.

  43. Hi Manic Chef,
    I thank you for your kind and considerate comment. I'm blessed to know you and maybe some day we shall meet in 3D reality :)
    I do my best to focus on other aspects of my life besides the ongoing situation for my son. All I can do is be there for him and do my best to think of a positive future. The immediacy of the situation makes it difficult not to be immersed with his plight.
    My son is striving to be independent and the interaction he wishes from me is rather limited. I have to respect that. The job market is grim and desperate for all too many. Even the limited work he has had has been laced with corruption. This has been demoralising for him and for me. Despite my illness, the dark place that calls my name will never defeat me. And thanks to decent folks like you, I continue to feel uplifted that things will become better for all of us.
    I understand, all too well, not having a father be an inspiration. My father, who may or may not be alive, has a grandson he doesn't know. Thus, it makes me even more determined to be the best darned loving dad I can possibly be.
    I'm very flattered by all that you have said. I don't have a SKYPE set up. I may contemplate this at a later time. However, if I do get it happening, I promise to let you know. Your offer is greatly appreciated.
    You know you have my empathy and understanding in your own personal battle to have a happy, peaceful, more positive life. I'm honoured to call you a friend :)
    In kindness and sincerity, your friend, Gary

  44. Hey bazza,
    I'm very thankful for all the wonderful responses that have been received. It heartens me that you and all these fine people would take the time to leave such uplifting and inspirational comments.
    I'm very flattered, bazza. I embrace the ideals of a sharing and caring blogging community. You, good sir, are testimony to this.
    Until I blog again, I shall do my best to interact and comment on several blogs. I wish to give as I have so profoundly received.
    Thank you, my friend.
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  45. Gary...I hope you know I am always here for you. Email me when you can't sleep or need to chat. As always you and your son will be in my prayers. You both can get through this rough time. I know you can. Look for things to laugh about. It will make you feel better and lead to more laughing. Have you ever seen Wallace and Grommit? I watch a dvd of them when I need a laugh...They work every time.

  46. Hey Kelly,
    My good buddy, you have been tremendous inspiration and support to me via blogging and various other social applications. The battle against depression can seem to be a lonely place. Yet, these amazing folks and your good self, are proof positive that we do not have to feel alone. You and all the others, have shown true demonstration of all that is good with humanity. My gratitude for this is immeasurable.
    Thanks Kelly and we maintain a positive focus, as best we can, that this awful situation for my son and for so many, soon changes for the better. Resilience and determination has kept me going. I just have these moments where I falter.
    I know how you empathise with all of this. And I respect your honesty and transparency in regards to your own personal battles with your mental health concerns.
    I'm sure a break from blogging will be good for my overall well being. I've been too distracted and yet I need distractions that are different positive resources. I'm going to visit other blogs and try to give some hopefully interesting input. Heck, I'm even going to go for walks and take photos. That will be good. My son would rather, at this point, be left alone to work it out for himself. He will know I am here for him, without being intrusive, whenever he is ready.
    All I can do is try to stay positive, reflect upon life and realise that one day, this will all be a memory and my son will have the independence he so craves.
    And thank you for your thoughtful and heartfelt email. I shall respond to that later on,
    Thank you. It's an honour being your friend.
    Take care and may you continue to embrace all those positive possibilities on offer.
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  47. Gary
    last I checked, you can not give more than all you have. Take care my friend, we are here for you.


  48. Hi Y'all,

    Gary, my Human is willing you strength and I am stretching my paw across to Penny that she may give you the comfort you need.

    And Penny, I wish I could have cuddled with you and given you the comfort you needed to endure the few weeks of fireworks. I hope you and Gary can cuddle and give each other the strength each needs in these trying times.

    Love y'all.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  49. Dear Gary, It's that kind of a day. Your description of your mental illness and Rubye Jack announced she is dying. It's so amazing how quickly blogging brings us close together. Even though I'm across the pond, reach out.... I have long arms and a warm heart. Cody the cow-dog too and sends regards to Penny the star.

  50. Dear Sharon,
    I'm so grateful to know you and I really was blessed to have received that email from you. You are a most positive tonic.
    I know that this rough time will one day be a distant memory and a profound learning experience. And laughter is, very much, the best medicine. Something I endeavour to subscribe too :) Ah yes Wallace and Gromit. Good for a laugh and heck I might even go and watch early morning cartoons. I think the Flintstones are on...
    Thanks Sharon and peaceful, positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  51. Hi Ray,
    Wise words, my friend and I'm comforted in knowing I have so many friends such as your good self.
    Take very good care of yourself, Ray.
    In kindness, Gary

  52. Hi Hawk,
    Please thank your human for such rejuvenating wishes. And Penny senses your paw which will give her added strength to give us comfort :)
    Penny notes your kind words and thinks of you sending her virtual cuddles. Thankfully, the fireworks were not as bad as other years. Penny is such a blessing during these trying times :)
    Thanks Hawk and we send y'all some loving virtual cuddles.
    With appreciation, your way, Gary

  53. Dear Manzanita,
    Oh my, I read that heartfelt posting by Rubye Jack and your thoughtful response.
    Absolutely, their is a great energy for good within the great blogging community. We have seen the very best of humanity. I'm heartened and I'm blessed.
    Your long arms and warm heart are gratefully embraced, my dear friend. And your blog, although I don't always comment, is a most excellent and varied read.
    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, extends a loving paw and a cuddle to Cody the cow-dog x
    Thanks Manzanita.
    With warm wishes and much respect, your way, Gary

  54. Hi Gary .. I am so sorry to hear things aren't going too well - life can be so challenging .. but you're doing the right thing for your son - sharing and giving of your time .. especially as you can understand his depths, as you've been there yourself .. with many many thoughts - and a big hug ... Hilary

  55. Oh, and here I am, a day late and a dollar short, as is so often the case...

    I feel for you. I've been through some rough patches in my life, things that went on too long, left me feeling so much less than I am capable of feeling. I hope you are out there (up north!), helping the people around you.

    Please don't forget to come back.


  56. Hi Hilary,
    I'm very appreciative of your kind comment and that thoughtful email you sent me.
    I'm doing all I can to help my son and I'm determined that these trying times will become a thing of the past. I know, all to well, the debilitating impact of depression. I realise my priority is to see that smile return to his face.
    I've been to that awful place and I'm doing all I can to never return. Your support and the support of so many others, has been and will be, a most positive tonic.
    Thank you, Hilary.
    Peaceful and positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  57. Hi Pearl,
    I'm grateful for your comment and I appreciate how busy you are with your clever, funny and popular blog :) And no dollar is required, for your thoughtful comment is embraced with gratitude.
    I extend to you genuine understanding and I know that we can all be here for each other. Transparency and the courage to show who we really are, is the first step towards a more positive reality.
    Right now, I'm in England, doing my utmost to have a laugh with the local folks and explaining to them I have a Canadian accent, eh :)
    Thanks Pearl and shy, humble Gary will eventually return. Which reminds me, I guess you are about due for one of my 'award winning' comments on your terrific blog.
    In kindness, respect and admiration, your way, Gary

  58. Hi Gary .. bloggers seem to have the ability to read between the lines .. I'm in wonderment at everyone's support .. it is just amazing - and everyone's comments will be incredibly supportive for you in the future. My wishes for you both .. at a time when life is just plain challenging .. you have some wonderful friends here .. Hilary

  59. Hi Gary

    I don't know what it's like or know anyone personally who has had a mental illness so I find it difficult to give you words of comfort with any substance. How can I? Just know that I am thinking of you and I will pray for you and your son tonight and ask our Universe to move and shift in anyway to help your healing. Meditation helps me in unsettling times. It really does calm the mind....promise.

    Take care dear friend


  60. Hi Hilary,
    Thank you and I do indeed have some incredibly supportive and encouraging blogger friends. This is true testimony to the power of good that can be extended through this great and growing community. I am blessed and I shall do my utmost to reciprocate such warmth.
    Thank you, Hilary. Your friendship and kind wishes for us, are very much cherished.
    Hugs and appreciation your way, Gary

  61. Hi GEM,
    There was a time in my life that I thought mental health concerns were something others got. Due to adverse and traumatic conditions within my environment, I discovered, much to my shock, that I had become mentally unwell. You could call it the 'nature nurture' debate. Of course there can be no obvious signs that someone has mental health issues. I endeavour to prove that my mental illness is only a small part of who I am.
    Your support resonates by your trying to understand and encouraging in your own very special way. That speaks volumes for your kind and caring nature. Your prayers for my son and I are gratefully received.
    And meditation is something I do embrace. Just a bit more difficult to reach a state of calm with the immediacy of this situation. Yet, I do stay positive and resilient that one day soon, all will be so much better for all of us.
    My dear friend, I send peaceful and positive wishes, your way.
    Thank you for your kindness.

  62. Hi Gary,

    What an outpouring of affection for you! Please count me among your friends that deeply care about you and your son. You have been a strong shoulder for me, and I hope to be a strong shoulder for you now. Your sense of humor, and generosity are a light in blogland. I'm with Joylene, and Count Sneaky, I will hold onto optimism for both of you. XXXOOO, Rebecca

  63. Hi THE SNEE,
    Dear Rebecca, thank you for your warm and lovely comment. And I'm heartened by you and all these wonderful folks who took the time to show me and my son, such support and caring.
    Your touching thoughts are embraced. I shall endeavour to continue to be of support and encouragement to you and all I have the honour of interacting with.
    Thank you, dear friend.
    Peaceful thoughts for a more optimistic future, your way, Gary
    XX and hugs (( ))

  64. Hey Gary I can so empathise.
    The depression bug bites me hard, at times, too. It's horrible and often happens when I am hoping to climb out of the quagmire of life to get on with my goals.
    I hope you begin to feel better soon. I find the winter months particularly trying and believe I should hibernate until the Spring.

  65. Hey Madeleine,
    Apologies for my delay in responding to your kind and thoughtful comment. You may well understand with my depressive state that it has been difficult to find the energy to be proactive.
    I do hope you manage to stay focused on your positive goals. I know that at times, the therapy that is writing, can be lost in the dark cloud. So here's wishing you to continue to embrace all the positive possibilities in your life.
    I shall do my utmost to move on from this bout of depression caused by situations I feel so helpless to do anything about.
    Madeleine, before you know it, the birds will be singing to the joys of a new Spring :)
    In peace and understanding, Gary


I do try to comment back to each commenter individually. However, I might have to shorten my replies or give a group thank you. That way, I can spend more time commenting on your blogs. Thank you and peace, my friend.