Friday, 2 September 2011

"Follow You, Follow Me"

For reasons beyond any fathomable comprehension,  I have been honoured in receiving the above award which you might have guessed is called the "One To Follow Award".  Now then, the award was created by Kate over at the following site : The Scribbling SeaSerpert    Kate created this award in celebration of her passing the 200 mark in followers and forwarded on the award to bloggers she thought should be followed, if you don't already follow them.  Do you follow what I'm saying, so far?  To of the bloggers who received the award from Kate, proceeded to bestow the award onto shy, humble and oh so unassuming me.  Thus, I wish to thank Madeleine, over at the following blog :  Scribble and Edit .   If for some reason you have never checked out Madeleine's site, I would highly recommend her blog which has lots of variety and poetry and romantic type writing and suddenly I've noticed I've used 'and' a lot and realise that this has turned into a run-on sentence and so, I will bring this sentence to a screeching halt!  
Now then, I noted that Madeleine forwarded on the award to three bloggers, okay two bloggers plus me.   So, I have decided to do the same thing.  I have always maintained that you cannot judge a blog by the number of followers it has.  As far as I'm concerned, some of the most interesting and thoughtful blogs have few followers.   Here are three bloggers I believe should get further recognition for their writing and I do hope you consider them worthy of following.  Each one is one to follow.  

Here they are.

1.   Heather writes with passion, honesty and transparency.   Here is the link to her site :  Soundoff   
2.   David articulates an intelligent and informative blog whose underlying theme is to eliminate the unfair stigma that still surrounds mental health issues.   David can be discovered here :  A Day in the Life     
3.    Laura writes on a wide variety of topics.  Sometimes serious, sometimes witty and sometimes with a touch of irony.   Well worth checking out.   Here is the link to her site :  Austanspace 

In keeping with the theme of the posting, I leave you with the 1978 song by Genesis from the album "And Then There Were Three", titled, "Follow You, Follow Me"


  1. Congratulations slap up another awards shelf there.

  2. Dear Gary,
    First, congrats on yet another award.
    Second, thanks for giving me a mention, your oh so intelligent, intellectual giant of a friend.
    Seriously, Gary, I can't thank you enough for pointing out my site, once again, to others who might wish to read it.
    I hope if they do it will, in a small way, help dismantle some of the stigma surrounding mental illness, a cause which I know you also care deeply about.
    Thanks once again,
    From your pal,
    P.S. I promise I will be in touch again soon.

  3. Fatnastic Gary, your blog is an inspiration to others. I loved the Youtube link too, that is one of my favourite songs! Congratulations and magical wishes, Di x

  4. Hey Gary

    Well Done! Thoroughly deserved. I've been away for 2 weeks so am catching up with everyone's posts then I will have a look at those blogs you mentioned that I don't follow.....yet ;)

    Take Care


  5. Congrats, Garry :-) I already follow Ms Austanspace and I'm looking forward to checking out your other recommendations. Keep up the good work!

  6. Um...I'm not quite sure I follow...I'm quite confused, and although I do follow Heather I will also follow the other blogs you've suggested following and if I followed your post correctly, you have been bestowed by one who follows you with yet another award and for that please allow me to congratulate you on this prestigious "One to Follow Award" for which you so deservedly have been honored!

  7. Hello Gary:
    Well, follow that!!

    You deserve your devoted following and your'one to follow' award and, as dedicated followers of fashion, wher you lead, Gary, we shall follow!!

  8. Hi Gary .. totally generous and so wonderful you received the award .. I must pop on over and visit your esteemed recommendations - no doubt Penny had a good paw at the suggestions ..

    Lovely day - enjoy your walks together .. cheers for now - Hilary

  9. I think I follow the idea behind this following award! :-)


    Take care

  10. This is a great award. Congratulations, Gary! You deserve it, because there are those out there who haven't read your blog yet, and they should!

    Happy Follow You, Follow Me Award!

  11. I haven't seen an original looking blog award in a very long time. This, this I like.

    Congrats on being recognized as a follow-worthy blog. I knew I read you for a reason. :D

  12. Hi Delores, R. Jacob, David, Diane, GEM, annieoatcake, Kim, Jane and Lance, Hilary, Old Kitty and Joylene,

    I want to apologise for not responding to you individually, as I usually try to do. I thank you all very kindly for your congratulations. I sincerely wish that those who I have forwarded this award onto and indeed, other bloggers out there who deserve more recognition, get discovered.
    I want to especially thank Madeleine at Scribble and Edit for forwarding this award onto me.
    May we all be in this together.
    Thanks again for your kindness, my friends. With much respect and appreciation, your way, Gary

  13. Hi,
    For sure, it's an original looking blog award and I'm most grateful to have received it.
    Thanks for your congrats. I appreciate our interaction. Take care, my friend and happy writing.
    With respect, Gary :)

  14. Great post! Congrats bro… you are worth a follow!
    I’ll check out the links—thx for what you do.

  15. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for that. I'm just hoping that my posting will bring further awareness to those fine bloggers. In fact, my friend, I hope you get more folks to link into your sincere and open blog.
    And thanks again for noting me on your site. Very kind of you :)
    Take very good care,

  16. Congratulatioms Gary and thank you! After the day I had it's nice to come home to an award! ;) Or should I say to the Ashram. Well, I'll be camping out here for a couple of months and as soon as my own computer is hooked up I'll be blogging up a storm about this whole deal here. Thanks for not forgetting me, Gary, and thanks for the heads up, Heather!

  17. Hi Austan,
    Thanks for the congratulations, Laura. I do endeavour to hopefully bring further awareness to superbly written blogs, such as yours.
    And I know how tough things are going to be for you over the next couple of months. If forwarding this award onto you has provided you with a modicum of comfort, then that is one heck of a positive result.
    All the very best to you, my friend. Very much looking forward to you, when you get the chance, to write about your ideal. "Blogging up a storm". Almost literally, I'd say :)
    Apologies for not informing you sooner about the award. Very pleased that Heather let you know.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  18. Congratulations on the award, Gary. I hope you are doing well. :D

  19. Congratulations!

    It is much deserved!

  20. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you, my friend. Delighted to see you :) I'm embracing positivity with all my strength. Hope all is well with you.
    In kindness, Gary

  21. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks you. Very nice of you to say.
    Peaceful and positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  22. Funny how 20 years ago we were "stalkers" and now we are followers and the more you have the more awards you get.

    About time !

    Well done and now to check those other blogs. Keep up your great writing !

  23. Congrats to your awardees Gary and you are most welcome. I like your very long sentence it conveyed your excitement and enthusiasm well :O)
    PS the sound didn't work for me for the Genesis song I hope my computer isn't busted!

  24. Hi Donna,
    Ah yes, "stalkers". Of course, me being famous, has to go out disguised, so that my adoring fans don't recognise me :)
    I'm not really worthy of awards, but, hey what the heck, I shall take them :)
    You know, I actually hate the usage of the word 'followers'. I wish they could come up with another word. I like to think we are sincerely linking into each others blogs in a sharing, caring community.
    Thanks for your kind words, Donna. It would be nice if those three blogs I mentioned and plenty more out there, that are relatively unknown, get the recognition they deserve.
    Take very good care of yourself and your loved ones.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary

  25. Hi Madeleine,
    And thank you for considering for that very nice and original award. I was flattered by that:)
    Oh dear, I hope it's just that you maybe didn't have the sound switched on :)
    Take good care, Madeleine, and thanks again.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary a guy who sometimes, just for the heck of it, has been known to do a run-on sentence and ends up using 'and' far more than is required and I should realise that the over-usage of the conjunction word 'and' can diminish the impact that was trying to be conveyed and thus, now I suddenly stop! :)

  26. Things are good for me, Gary. :D I've been busy writing and submitting this past month. Cross everything for me...

  27. Hey Sharon,
    Delighted that things are good for you :)
    All the best with your writing and submitting. Heck, even Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star has crossed all four of her paws! :)

  28. Congratulations on yet another award Gary. It is great to know your readers appreciate and recognise the amazing nature of your excellent blog.

    I hope all is well.

    Have a lovely (wet) week ahead.


  29. Congrats, Gary! Yet again. Loving me, loving you. There is nothing more that we can do. Wait. How did an Abba song get in my comment?

  30. You deserve this award! I love your blog. It is so beautiful and very different from most of the blogs I read. Truly unique and fascinating!!

  31. Hi Nas,
    Thank you very much for your congratulations. And thanks so much for the compliment. Coming from one of the most gifted young writers I know, it's indeed flattering :)
    I'm endeavouring to embrace positivity as best I can. I hope you have a pleasant week, probably rainy, but pleasant, nonetheless.
    In peace, Gary

  32. Hi Samantha,
    Merci beaucoup! :) Or is it, "Knowing me, knowing you (ah-haa)
    There is nothing we can do.."
    Abba eh :) And getting a comment from my favourite 'dancing queen' (or princess), I'm really grateful.
    Thank you, Samantha.
    Here's wishing you a peaceful and pleasant day.
    Gary :)

  33. Hi Nancy,
    Wow and thanks. I'm really heartened by your kind and thoughtful comment. It's my absolute pleasure linking into your wonderful blog.
    I hope you had a great time in Portland! :)
    In kindness, Gary


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