Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Together, With Hope, We Cope.

I gazed out my window.   And the rain wept down,  tears filled my eyes, as the rain wept down.  Yet through those windswept droplets, through my own distorted view, I heard a gentle voice, the voice of my inner child.  "See beyond the window.  See beyond the rain."  And thus, no longer street lamps on a desolate road.  The glowing lamps became twinkling stars in a cosmic fireworks display.
There is many a day I wake up and I feel I cannot breathe.  Waves and shivers of panic immerse my very being.  It's a constant battle with the inner critic and the inner child.  I'm struggling.  Oh, how I'm struggling.  I have done my utmost to maintain a positive environment.  An environment that has been attacked by indifferent people who caused such stressful problems.  And with the remaining remnants of my dignity,  they leave me to pick up the pieces of many a shattered dream.
Yet, I know I must, with every fibre of my positive self, stay strong, stay resilient, stay determined.  If you are feeling helpless and hopeless.  Alone and isolated.  Please know that I am here for you.  I have seen beyond the window, beyond the rain.  I know that what appears to be a negative, can be reborn and nurtured into a heartfelt positive.  It's what our inner child would want.  Together, with hope, we cope.


  1. How did you know, this was just what I needed today.

    Berts My Vickie

  2. Hi there Vickie,
    And thank you for being here :)
    And thus, I'm very grateful to you.

  3. What a beautiful message of hope, we wish you the best in your battle, keep nurturing your inner child.

  4. You are a candle in the darkness. Shine on.

  5. Keep it up, Gary. Turn those negatives on their head and show them you will not be beaten!

  6. Rainy days and Monday's always get one down. I always liked Carol Carpenter's voice, especially when she sang this.

  7. Brilliant! A reminder, what we see is what we choose to see, choose to think. I love the idea of the stars. Thanks, Gary, for your powerful, positive thoughts!
    Peace always

  8. Hi Gary .. the knowledge that Autumn is here always brings a little gloom and doom - yet the colours are so outstanding and knowing that everything is just having a break for recovery .. a time to rest a little and gather strength for times ahead.

    The most important thing Gary is that you realise what is going on - those indifferent people don't - they don't think of your feelings, or your shattered dream.

    You do .. and you know you have your dignity exactly as you describe .. and as you say .. you have seen beyond the window and the rain.. to the sun beyond.

    Together exactly we hope and we cope, and we come through to find the Autumn rainbow that will give us strength through the dark days to the dawning of positive times ahead.

    With many thoughts .. Hilary

  9. Dear Gary,
    I know you are having quite a difficult time of it at the moment, my old hairy friend. So do not despair. I know that you are trying your very best to remain positive. And, as we said to each other the other day, just because we appear to be OK, it doesn't always follow that we actually are. So, know you can always get in touch with me, your intellectual, Robin Hood-a-like friend, for some support, if you need it. As you say in your post, "together we cope", and I'm sure all the other positive comments you receive are a boost too.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  10. Hello Gary:
    Such a very meaningful, beautifully expressed and heartfelt post which conveys so well all that you must feel, and be feeling, during a personally very difficult time.

    To be positive is never, at moments such as these are for you, an easy option but you must, as you know yourself, and show here, believe in hope and the certainty that things will become better, never perfect for they seldom are, in the future, whenever that may be.

    But, more importantly, you must be aware that you are important to those around you, you count, you have much to contribute, you too enrich the lives of others, you are part of this great and very varied, and at times very fragile, human race. And it is together we stand.

  11. Hi Gary

    I hate to think that you are suffering in someway at the moment but please know that you are an extremely highly thought of and valued person You are so generous with your time and kind words to everyone within the blogging community and I'm sure this extends to your personal life too. I hope you continue to remain positive because .....
    "A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug", Patricia Neal.

    Take Care

  12. We are all here for you too!! Seriously!! And so is Penny and your most precious son! And the wee folks and all the positive energy of your home! :-) With these forcefields to protect you, no one and nothing may harm you, ever.

    Take care

  13. Gary
    Everyone has good days and bad days. Sometimes the low ones seem very low. There are always helping hands to help you back on your feet.

  14. Your timing is impeccable. And right back atcha, big guy.

  15. going deeper into understanding we find compassion... going deeper into compassion we find insight... yes together, we hope (and cope)... and take another breath... and another...

  16. Hi Bella and Ollie,
    Thank you and may we all persevere and not let negative aspects overwhelm us. May we all embrace the wisdom of our inner child :)
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  17. Hi Delores,
    My friend, let us all shine on and see the light beyond the dark:)
    In peace and positivity, your way, Gary

  18. Hi Ian,
    Thanks friend. I will never let negative energy deny my right to a happy life.
    May positivity continue to embrace you in your new life :)
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  19. Hi Joylene,
    And the belief shall set us free :)

  20. Hi Manzanita,
    Ah yes, a haunting tune by Karen Carpenter.
    And yet through all the rainy days and Monday's, I look beyond and see a simple beauty.
    Thank you, my friend.
    In peace and goodwill, Gary :)

  21. Hi Kim,
    And thank you for encapsulating the positive perspective that this posting was trying to convey.
    And through the splattered rain upon the window, may the smiling stars, shine down on you :)
    Peace and positive wishes, your way, Gary

    1. I never saw very, very beautiful. Sitting here smiling :)

    2. Thanks Kim for a follow up response to this archived posting. I appreciate that. Those stars full of dreams are beckoning you towards that new and inspirational adventure in your life. Your smile is a gift and it embraces our world. Thank you :)

  22. Hi Gary,
    With hope there is a future, you must believe that my friend, although at times it is hard to find it!
    You have the love and support of a great many people ( including myself) and with this you will win through!
    In kindness,
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  23. Hi Hilary,
    Exactly. I look at the autumn as a time of resplendent beauty. One last brilliant splash of colour before we settle in for winter. Then, the spring brings renewal.
    Indeed, the indifference of others has not impacted their lives. We, unfortunately, has suffered the consequences of other's actions. They get on with their lives, oblivious to what they've done. I'm doing my best to move on from the constant reminders of other's actions.
    Dignity and morals are truly intact.
    Hilary, you have summed up brilliantly, the ethos within the posting. I'm grateful to know you. Together, we can help each other embrace hope and realise that we can indeed, cope.
    Peaceful and sunny thoughts, your way, Gary :)

  24. Dear David,
    Thanks, my friend. I know you are very aware of what's been going on and how I'm trying to cope with it all.
    And yes, just because we may seem 'okay', sorted, our inner peace may be at conflict with negative elements. We both do our best to remain steadfastly positive. Not always easy, but a heck of a lot better than the awful alternative.
    I'm heartened that we both can be here for each other. And my visits and phone calls we share, have been of much comfort to me and I would dare say, to both of us.
    I am always encouraged by the heart warming responses I receive from those remarkable folks in blogland. I do know that together, with hope, we cope.
    Thanks David. Say 'hello' to the 'merry men' and maid Marian, for me:)
    With very warm wishes, your way, Gary

  25. Hi Jane and Lance,
    I am very grateful for your kind and considerate words. I was hoping that this post would demonstrate, that what can be construed as a negative, can be transformed into a most uplifting positive. Like your good selves, who have endured such personal trials and tribulations, I endeavour to visualise a better way.
    I try to believe in a positive, realistic outcome. Indeed, I do my very best to live with positive anticipation, rather than, negative speculation. Not always easy, but just like you, I look for the brightness during dark times.
    Indeed, we are all valid. And those who undermine my validity, have causes much grief in my life and my son's life, will not overwhelm me. We are all a part of something very profound, very special. Just knowing that we can be here for each other, is a powerful tonic to realise a better life for all of us.
    Thank you, Jane and Lance. Your words and wisdom, resonate.
    In peace and kindness, your way, Gary

  26. Hi GEM,
    Thank you, my friend. I try to live with, rather than suffer from, the ongoing concerns that have impacted my life. It's a real test of character for me to not totally crack up. I've been there. A scary place. I cannot return.
    I'm really touched by you saying that I'm highly thought of within the blogging community. I do endeavour, time permitting, to visit a number of sites and try to hopefully add some worthy input. I feel terrible when I cannot always find the energy to do so.
    And yes, I do like to think that those that know me, feel that little bit better as I do exude a positive and friendly energy :)
    And thanks for the Patricia Neal quote. Positivity breeds positivity....
    With warm and positive wishes, your way, Gary

  27. Hi Old Kitty,
    I thank you. And yes, all the positive energy that has been created and nurtured within my home, with all the inspirational elements, will never give in to the positive energy saboteurs!
    I'm so grateful for the kindness and sincerity of my bloggy friends.
    You have always been so nice to me.
    Here's a big hug to you and Charlie, from Penny, my son, the 'wee folks' and ever so thankful, me:)

  28. Hi Ray,
    Indeed, my friend, indeed. And know that you will always have my helping hand.
    Time for a coffee :)
    Take good care,

  29. Hi Austan,
    Thanks Laura. And if anyone demonstrates the power of seeing the positive in the darkest of times, the wonderful words on your blog, are well...proof positive!
    Take care and keep smiling :)

  30. Hi joanne,
    Thank you. And to breathe in the positive fresh air and not be stifled by stale air....brings us one breath closer to hoping and coping...

  31. Hi John,
    And the future is bright. Just have to remember to embrace that thought. Sometimes we look too hard, when, in fact, the solution is right in front of us.
    The love and support is a powerful, mutual ambience. I like to realise that day when we all win through. You're a kind and decent man, John.
    I'm grateful to know you and all the compassionate folks that make up my life, make up each other's lives.
    In peace and respect, Gary

  32. "The glowing lamps became twinkling stars in a cosmic fireworks display." A lovely turn-about image, transforming gloomy weather into a gleam of hope.

  33. Hi Susan,
    I thank you and for relating to the positive analogy I was trying to convey.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary

  34. This is such an amazing post! One of my favs by far. And so so powerful!

    Thank you for sharing Gary.

  35. Gary-the awareness that the rain is just rain, and the sadness one's own creation, is already a great step forward toward healing and happiness.

  36. Your over-arching warmth and positive attitude depress me. Wait, no--not depress. Impress. I always get those two mixed up.

  37. Amen brother… keep it up, my inner kids is behind you.

  38. Hi Nas,
    That's very nice of you. And I know that you, a man of wisdom who embraces positivity, would relate to the feeling of this post. Thank you, my friend.
    In peace and kind wishes, Gary

  39. Greetings nothingprofound,
    Indeed and creating a positive out of a perceived negative, is another step down the road that leads to inner contentment...

  40. Hi Nate,
    Well, my overly twee, nauseatingly sweet attempt at prose tries to make a remarkable depression. Wait, no--not depression. Impression. I always get those two mixed up :)

  41. Hi Jeff,
    My inner child says 'hello' to your inner kids :)

  42. Channeling our inner child is always, ALWAYS great advice! It really does help to see the positives in every single situation. thanks for the reminder :)

  43. Hi Jemi,
    I knew you would relate to this. We really need to take time out and listen to the wise words of our inner child :)
    And Jemi, it's so nice to see you here after that fiasco you endured.
    Keep smiling and stay positive, eh.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  44. My dear strong friend, I'm sorry I did not read this sooner, but I'm here, your continued positive outlook that you place yourself in is very commendable, your resilience, your continued strength to fight through all obstacles is quite the symbol for your son to see, you are my friend a hero. My thoughts are with you, you are not alone. Later......

  45. And, Gary, we get by with a little help from our friends! Lovely post.

  46. Dear Gary,

    I can't wait to meet you one day. Is that you I see beyond the window? Your message rings with me. Be well dear friend.

  47. I hope you do the 7x7 Link Award as you have some of the most beautiful posts I've ever read!

  48. Hi The Manic Chef,
    And my kind and caring friend, I'm grateful for you to have visited and left such a thoughtful comment.
    I do endeavour to stay strong, to stay resilient. I am determined that through the strength and support we all share, that we can realise a bright and positive future. I will do my utmost to be an example of never giving up, to my blessed son.
    And you, my dear friend, will never be alone and I'm on my way to visit your site.
    In peace and respect, your way, Gary

  49. Hi Samantha,
    Indeed we do :) "What would you do if I sang out of tune?" Ummm...cover your ears? Thanks Samantha for your lovely comment.
    In kindness, your way, Gary

  50. Hi THE SNEE,
    Dear Rebecca, yes it's me smiling and sending you positive thoughts from the other side of my computer screen :)
    Thank you, my dear friend. In kindness and understanding, your way, Gary

  51. Hi Nancy,
    I'm very flattered by your kind comment. I've posted up a similar award, or I should say, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star has posted up a similar award, thanks to that wonderful blogger, Delores at:

    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  52. Such a very meaningful, beautifully expressed and heartfelt post which conveys so well all that you must feel, and be feeling, during a personally very difficult time.

  53. Hi Outdoor playground equipment,
    Thank you and your thoughtful comment was beautifully conveyed.
    With respect, Gary

  54. The rain, the rain, the darkness and the lights. To me they are just that. When I look beyond them I see the thirsty flowers, trees and ground slaking their thirst. So, there is no negative here...just Momma Nature taking care of her own. As you can see from the foregoing comments, your friends come and stand beside you, for they, you see, need your good wishes as well. My best.

  55. Hi Count Sneaky,
    Thanks for that. And of course, this posting was about perception and turning a negative visualisation into a positive outlook.
    Indeed, we need to be here for each other and I like to think that I reciprocate in a honest and supportive manner.
    Cheers Henry.
    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  56. Best post I have ever read in my whole life. Best. Ever. I hardly even have any words.

    So much love. <3

  57. Hi LilPixi,
    Wow, sweet lady, that's very kind of you. I'm truly touched by your comment and truly touched to have you as a friend :)
    So much love, indeed!
    Peaceful and positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  58. The inner child is a precious entity, and should be nurtured.

    There are no clouds or rain where I am sitting right now, but your words were still a ray of sunshine that made all the difference in my day. Thank you.

  59. Hey Chris,
    In today's fast-faced, hectic world, too many of us forget about our inner child. I'm heartened to know that you embrace and nurture your inner child :)
    And your comment is like a ray of sunshine in my day. For that, I'm truly thankful.
    In peace and good wishes, Gary :)


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