Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chocolate Blog Cake.

I have been honoured with such a sweet award.  That really does take the cake.   Please don't dessert me, because it wont be a long posting.  Actually, it will be a trifle short.  Sure, I could attempt to come up with a whole load of sweet, food related, plays on words.   No, that would be silly.  Now where did I put my puncakes?

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award was forwarded onto me by a Canadian published author who recently had a book launch for her latest novel, 'Broken but not Dead'.  Thus, I wish to thank one of my writing hero's, Joylene Butler, for passing this award onto shy and humble me.  Joylene a brilliant writer who does and informative and supportive blog, can be found, here :  Joylene Nowell Butler, author A MOMENT AT A TIME ON CLUCULZ LAKE  

Here are some rules n'stuff.

1.  Thank and link back to the person who like gave you the award.
2.  Share seven random facts about yourself.
3.  Pass the award onto five deserving recipients.  (Okay, it's supposed to be fifteen, but I'm too lazy.)
4.  Contact those who you have forwarded this award onto.

Seven random 'facts' that you are thrilled to know about me.

1.  I was invited out of the audience at a high school function to perform with a touring group of South Korean gymnasts.  I joined my hands together to make a circle with my arms.  You know, kinda' like a hoop.  This one dude was supposed to jump through my arms.  He missed and knocked me to the floor.  I wasn't hurt, but a lot of high school kids had a right good laugh.
2.  I can blow between my index and middle finger and making a farting noise.  I'm in demand at all the best parties.
3.  I went to a formal dinner party dressed in a pink bunny suit.  I was lied too.  
4.  I know how to use my washing machine.  
5.  I went to a friend's wedding and at the reception, when we were introduced to the bride, I noticed that nobody had kissed the bride.  And thus I went to kiss the bride.  There was a ghastly silence and some shocked looks.  It turned out that in their religion, whatever it was, you were not allowed to kiss the bride.  I was told I could kiss her sister, but she gave me this really evil look.
6.  I had a bicycle with two flat tyres (tires) and no handle bars.  I used it to deliver newspapers when I was a kid.  Times were tough.
7.  I was born in England, but went to live in Canada when I was nine.  I was on the elementary school 'soccer' team, but I was lousy at football.  Strangely enough, I was very good at baseball.

Now I pass this award onto the following five, oh so irresistibly sweet bloggers. 

1.  CindyLu's Muse  Ah yes, now CindyLu does a wonderful and highly informative blog.   The human who co-stars with her, Kim, is a thoroughly decent lady and it reflects within their postings.  Here's what it notes on their site,  "Welcome!  We're passionate about pets, rescue and adoption, and animal welfare.  Enjoy your visit!  Kim Thomas and CindyLu"
2.  the feathered nest   A delightful, witty, thoughtful and varied blog.  It's my great honour and pleasure to interact with this kind and caring lady.  I hope you will go over and say 'hello'.
3.  A Likely Story    Teresa writes a charming and very clever, thought provoking blog.  And Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star has admired her dog Tilly's writing skills.  
4.  browndog cbr    And then there's Brown Dog, better known as Hawk.  Y'all should check out this site and marvel at the adventures and photos of that there talented dog.  Penny is a big fan of Hawk, y'all.
5.  Four Legged Views    May I suggest you check out a very thoughtful blog admired by Penny and me.  Here is what it notes, "Welcome to My Blog Page.  My name is Bert and I am so excited to share my life with you.  I am a Search Dog with American Search Dogs, and a Therapy Dog.  Vickie and I have many great adventures as well as a very fun day to day life here at Canine Country Club.  I have lots of friends I would like to introduce you to so thanks for checking in now and again, feel free to sign up as a follower and please send me comments when you get the time.  Enjoy."

Oh gosh, speaking of irresistibly's Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star......


  1. *Claps* What a wonderful award & someone oh so deserving of it! =)

    You're the bomb, Gary!! And I love the pic of Penny!

  2. Dear Gary,
    So, another f****** award, then, eh. I bet you're sick of receiving the darn things by now.
    I could go on to say that this is a wonderful award and you are a very worthy recipient, but I won't, because I am veritably green with envy. I, therefore, despite my outwardly friendly demeanour, am planning your destruction and downfall from blogland, of which you are presently the indesputable king.
    Which means, oops, that I've kind of given away my own secret, clandestine plot! S***, foiled once again!
    Wishing you a Very Nice Day (or am I?),

  3. Oh My, Now My Vickie wants to go to the store and get a chocolate cake and it is almost midnight.

    We both want to thank you for the nice thing you did in sending us this blog award and tomorrow after My Vickie finishes off the chocolate cake she is going to buy we will thank you properly.

    Coming from you, this means a lot. we love your blog, your insights and what we feel is a special spirit amongst the masses.

    Bert and My Vickie

  4. I think you're going to require another award shelf by the look of things, oh so popular one!

    Any chance of a photo of you in the pink bunny suit? Just asking :)

    Congrats and hello to the gorgeous Penny :)

  5. Hi Gary .. so well deserved .. I hope Penny left you some. Joylene's a generous blogger .. and her book sounds so interesting.

    Congratulations to you .. enjoy the weekend .. basking in delight from a chocolate blog cake -that looks like strawberry, meringue tart with cream.

    Cheers Hilary

  6. Hello Gary:
    We are sure that this award is no less than you deserve, not least for the amusing and witty facts which you give about yourself. This kind of self effacing humour appeals to us hugely. Does it reflect your English roots or is it Canadian acquired?!!

  7. Penny!!!! Yay!! *Waaaaaaaves!!!!!*

    Congratulations with your sweet of sweetest award!!! Yay for you!!!

    And I am still scraping my jaw off the floor from reading fact no.4.

    I mean.. WOW! :-)

    Take care

  8. Lovely award, and I love your star Penny. I received same award, but I'm on a diet! Wail....

  9. How a bout a congratulatory game of patty cakes to celebrate! Yay Gary! You are definitely in need a of a brand new cookie cupboard with the addition of thIs sweet award to your well deserved collection. I will look forward to visiting the blogs you suggested, and congratulations to Joylene on her book. That has got to feel fantastic!

    Hi Penny. You look cute.

  10. Congrats! Make sure you and Penny have a real treat to celebrate!! :)

  11. Gary, I missed you! I'm so glad you're enjoying the award. I made trifle to go with it, but I haven't yet figured out how to stick it in an email. I spent yesterday whipping whip creme, vanilla puddin and strawberries off my monitor. Too many grey hairs, maybe, or is it cells?

    Penny is too beautiful for words.

  12. That is a seriouly sweet looking award! Congrats, Gary.

    I laughed with horror at that wedding story. You poor thing!


  13. Another award for you...your trophy case is getting full full full...and thanks so much for passing it on.

  14. Hey LilPixi,
    Ah yes eh, how sweet it is! :)
    I'm like so worthy n' stuff...
    I is da bomb and you is da bestest :)
    Penny thanks you for loving her photo. She has threatened to do another posting...
    Take care, eh
    Gary :)

  15. Hey Gary. Congratulations on another award. Totally deserved :).

    some of your 7 points made me laugh :P

    Hope all is well and that you have an excellent weekend!
    All the best.


  16. Dearest David,
    Calm down, dear. Sick of all these awards? My good fellow, I revel, rejoice, sing songs of joy over getting these awards. Hell man, I got another twenty awards in my pending tray. Okay, I'm so kidding.
    David, you make me sound like one of those self-obsessed, self-promoting bloggers. No sir, KLAHANIE would never do that! And green with envy? Makes sense, what with you being a Robin Hood lookalike and into green tights. Go ahead, give it your best shot, I mean arrow, let's see how far your evil plans to destroy this shy and humble blogger, works for you.
    Have fun with my ultimate demise.
    Of course, I truly wish you the most enthralling and exhilarating day, possible! Cause, hey, that's the kinda' guy I am.
    Kind wishes and some extra green paint your way, Gary.....

  17. Congrats, Gary - and yet it is no surprise, your having been awarded yet another honor. Chiming in with Wendy - any photo of that pink bunny? lol
    And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for considering CindyLu and lil' ol' me. We are beyond honored and thrilled. Just waiting for the cake to arrive...

  18. Hi there Bert and Vickie,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. I've just taken over the keyboard to leave this comment. Arf, arf! :)
    My human likes a bit of chocolate log cake. Or, him thinking he is so clever, he titled this posting 'Chocolate Blog Cake'. Such a silly human :)
    On behalf of my human who I so kindly allow to live with me, you are very welcome for the award and I know that some neat folks have dropped over to visit your excellent site.
    That's very kind of you to note this award and post up about it. I do so hope your Vickie enjoys the chocolate cake.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. Gary and myself embrace the true magic that lies within the great blogging community.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny x and oh yes, co-starring my human, Gary :)

  19. Hi Wendy,
    Oh yeah, me and my bulging trophy cabinet, eh :) I cannot believe that I am considered for awards. What with me being shy and humble :)
    I've looked around for a photo of me in a pink bunny suit. Maybe the ex has the photos. Dare I ask her...hmmmm....
    Thanks for the congrats and I've just said 'hello' to Penny. She said 'hello' back. Okay, she barked and piddled on my feet...:)
    Take care, eh, Gary :)

  20. Hi Hilary,
    Thank you for thinking getting the award was so well deserved. Indeed, Joylene's a generous blogger and she is like one of my hero's and a really nifty neato lady who like has this contest on her site that gives one the chance to win her latest book, or her previous book. Of course, as much as I would like to win a book, just knowing a gosh darn sweet lady such as Joylene is good enough for shy and humble me :)
    Oh is that what the photo is? I thought it was a pepperoni pizza that had gone terribly wrong :)
    Cheers, Gary

  21. Greetings Jane and Lance,
    Why thank you kindly. This self effacing humour (or 'humor' for anyone who is American)is really a combination of living in Canada where they embrace irony and returning to England, where irony and talking about the weather, is a natural part of conversation. I recall when I moved to Canada, the Canadian kids made fun of my English accent (somewhat Cockney sounding) and upon my return to England, the English made fun of my 'American' 'what part of the States you from, mate?' Canadian accent, eh.
    I have visited your sight and you write extremely well. I then noticed you like get a zillion comments and like when I finally grace you with one of my 'award winning' comments, that will be a zillion and one. My goodness some serious scrolling down on your site. Am I jealous? Of course not, as I sob uncontrollably:)
    Take care and see you soon.
    Shy and humble Gary.

  22. Hi Old Kitty,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. *Sticks paw in air* :)
    I shall pass on your congratulations to that most unworthy of humans. It really should be 'yay for me', cause I'm the brains behind this blog. Arf, arf!
    And whilst you are scraping your jaw off the floor, Old Kitty, let me tell you that my human multi-tasks and can read a map! :)
    Say 'hello' to Charlie from me. Charlie will be flattered beyond meows knowing I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, said 'hello' :)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  23. Hey Carole,
    It sure is a lovely award and I'm really pleased you received the same award. Talk about not having your cake or eating it :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Gary

  24. Yay it's THE SNEE,
    Patty cake, patty cake, baker's men, bake me a cake, right f**king now!
    Ah yes, a new cookie cupboard or being in lil' ol' England n'stuff, a biscuit cupboard :)
    Have fun checking out all those sweet bloggers. And Joylene is like totally dedicated to her writing and she is the writing pride of British Columbia. I'm thrilled for her that she has had another book published. Hope she does very well with the sale of her book and the sale of her delicious chocolate chip cookies :)
    Take good care, Rebecca. Hope you have a relaxed weekend, eh.
    Hang on....Penny thanks you for thinking she looks cute :) Arf, arf!

  25. Hey Jemi,
    Thanks for the congrats :) Penny is celebrating with a sirloin steak, whilst I've been told to settle for a celebratory slice of stale bread and some dodgy looking water.
    Take care, eh :)

  26. Hey Joylene!
    Sorry it took so long to post up this award. As you know, I wanted to do my postings of British Columbia, first.
    I was humbled and flattered, beyond any adequate adjectives, that you, celebrity writer and all round wonderful human being, would consider me for such a prestigious award :)
    A trifle in an email? I reckon it would 'stick' very well in an email. Glad to see you are 'pudding' in so much effort.
    Can you see anything on your computer screen? Perhaps it's still smudged with that fruity and creamy concoction.
    Thanks so much for the award, Joylene. I reckon that you will celebrate the day you are old enough to legally go into a beer parlour, if you so wished, eh.
    Penny totally agrees with what you note about her. What a surprise, not!
    Have a super duper weekend, Joylene.
    In kindness and waiting for a trifle, Gary

  27. Hi Delores,
    How's it goin' eh? Couldn't resist saying that :)
    I may have to move to a warehouse, just to fit in all my awards, I state ever so humbly.
    You are most welcome for the award :)
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  28. Hey Jai Joshi,
    Yep, I'm getting hungry just looking at the award :) Thanks for the congrats.
    Shame that wedding happened before the days of YouTube. Or maybe not.
    Have a great weekend, Jai.
    In kindness, Gary

  29. Hi Nas,
    Thanks for the congrats, dude :) And of course, totally deserved.
    For sure, some folks think it's amazing that I can use a washing machine LOL.
    Thanks Nas and I hope you have a most enjoyable weekend.
    Take very good care,

  30. Hey Kim,
    Oh gosh, thanks for the congrats, eh :) And yet another honour. I am so overrated and really not worthy of awards on my shy and humble blog.
    Like I mentioned to Wendy, I cannot find the photos of me in a pink bunny suit. You know if I knew of their whereabouts, I would slap them up on the internet to cause me total humiliation :)
    You and the lovable CindyLu are very welcome for receiving this much sought after, highly coveted, much loved and talked about, award.
    Kind wishes and a 'chocolate blog cake, your way, Gary :)

  31. are quite the award collector! But, of course, you deserve every single one! Congrats on this one...but I'd have to say, looking at the award made me kind of hungry for some dessert.

  32. A well-deserved three-hundred-and-fifth award!
    Your seven facts were hilarious; were they all true events?
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  33. Aw Gary, you deserved the unbelievably sweet blog award because you are one extremely sweet person yourself. Penny looked like she's been having way too much fun posing for the camera. So adorable! And I salute you for the spontaneous and thoughtful act of kissing the bride of another man. :P

  34. Congratulations on the award! :)

    LOL. Great seven facts.

    I love the picture of Penny. She's so cute!

  35. So...I guess you can have your cake and eat it too? DOH!!! Foiled again.

  36. Yay, it's The Reckmonster,
    Gosh and shucks, Michelle :) Thanks, and of course, I'm so deserving n' stuff, eh...
    Right then, speaking of dessert, I'm sending y'all some traditional British dessert....have some 'spotted dick' :)

  37. Hey bazza,
    Quite right. And I shall post up award number 306, next, for your viewing pleasure.
    Worryingly, they are based on facts in my rather mishap-laden life. And yes, even number 4 is true..
    Cheers, eh

  38. Hi Shanaz,
    Awe thank you and aren't you so sweet to think I'm sweet :)
    Penny loves to have her photo taken. She reckons that's the least she can do for her adoring fans.
    There I was, trying to be a gentleman and give the bride a kiss. I thought I was going to escorted out of the church by security guards or something..
    Take care, eh.
    Gary :)

  39. Hi there, The Golden Eagle,
    Thanks for the congrats. Very nice of you.
    Yep, and I can use my washing machine and I almost worked out the timer on my new oven :)
    Penny thanks you. She thinks that Golden Eagles are really neat birds.
    In kindness, Gary

  40. Hello Static,
    My illustrious friend, man of numerous talents and writer of deep philosophy and wisdom, 'accordion' to my sources.
    You seem to have a fetish with foil.
    Do you prefer tin foil or a bit of plastic wrap, like Snoop Dogg, whoops, that's 'Rap'...doh!

  41. I have known you only briefly and yet I too find you "irresistably sweet"

  42. You? Irresistibly sweet? Damn. I've been gone from the scene far too long. What happened, eh? Seriously, though, dude, congrats on the award. I'll cleverly comment, briefly, on your titillating tidbits. That sounded naughty, eh?

    For #1- I'm glad to hear you weren't damaged when the kid knocked you to the floor. For #2- You show major talent with that special ability. You should have your own act in Vegas. For #3- It would have been cool if you had some of those fizzy tabs to pop in your mouth at the time. You could have started frothing at the mouth, pretending to be a big pink bunny with rabies. That's what I would have done. For #4- This one is particularly fascinating. Now if you tell me you can operate a can opener, too, that will take "the cake". For #5- Did you slip the bride some tongue?

    As for the other two, I'm at a loss for words. Hey Gary, have yourself a dandy good day! The other recipients you named sound like great, suitable choices. I'll check them out when time permits. Take care.

  43. hi mr gary!
    wow! hooray for you getting that super sweet award. for sure you could deserve it. i love that picture of penny! shes super sweet too!
    ...hugs from lenny

  44. Awh bless! I love the facts about you. Where in England were you born? I was born in Calgary and then my family moved us to Liverpool when I was 2 yrs. Congrats on the well deserved award and to the awardees.:O)

  45. Congratulations on your award, Gary. Terrific answers.

    (And whoever was responsible for number 3 is evil.)


  46. Hey Donna,
    Ah yes, it has but been only a brief while since I had the great delight of being aware of your wonderful blog.
    I reckon we're both irresistibly sweet :)

  47. Mr. Kelly type dude,
    Yep, behind my cheesy grin, lies an irresistibly sweet guy, spreading peace, love and chocolate blog cake to my starstruck fans, I mean, fan.
    Thank you for the congrats. And and even larger thank you for going through almost all my intriguing and wondrous, random stuff about me, yes, shy and humble me.
    So let's read what you have, no doubt, with much vim and vigour, wrote about my tits, I mean tidbits.
    Excellent! Once again, you've not disappointed me with your incredible ability to add your own personal notations and some superb advice.
    I should let you know in regards to fact number 2, that I will be running a 'finger fart; workshop at a venue near y'all. Then it's off to Vegas to make fun of the winner of 'America's Got Talent'.
    Now, in regards to a can opener; those ultra cheap type can be very difficult to use. The trick is to clip on the ultra cheap can opener at an angle of exactly 12 degrees and slowly twist the handle. Or, just give up and bash the can opener with a large pointy rock, or buy some dynamite.
    Oh no, was that the problem? I thought French kissing a bride you didn't even know, to be perfectly acceptable behaviour :)
    I should of ridden that bicycle to school, played a crap game of soccer, an excellent game of baseball and then rode off to do my paper route....
    Have fun checking out those worthy folks, or animals, who I forwarded this prestigious and sweet award too, eh.
    Kind wishes and a chocolate blog cake, your way, that isn't really made of chocolate, but has a similar colour (color)...

  48. Hey Lenny!
    Thanks for that, young buddy :) It was really sweet to get such a sweet award. Makes me kinda' hungry :)
    Yeah, Penny is real sweet and she knows it.
    Have a really neat day, Lenny.
    Hugs and smiles, Mr. Gary and Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :)

  49. Hi Madeleine,
    For sure, it's really good to know how to use a washing machine :)
    I've been to Calgary and a nice little city it is. I was born in 'fashionable' Chelsea in London and moved to Vancouver when I was nine. And now I'm back in England and answering one question that comes up a lot. 'What part of the States are you from, mate?' Yikes! :)
    Thanks for the congrats and for the congrats to those I forwarded it onto. You are just too sweet.
    Take care, eh,
    Gary :)

  50. Hey Suzanne,
    Really nice to have you visit and I do hope your computer issues have finally been resolved.
    Thanks for the congratulations and I'm so pleased you perhaps enjoyed my answers.
    That was a bit of an evil set-up. However, I did have time to get out of there and change into something more fitting for the evening. Of course, upon my return, everyone else was now wearing pink bunny suits. Yes, I'm kidding :)
    Thanks Suzanne.


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