Sunday, 10 July 2011

Watch The Sasquatch.

I have been asked why I don't have more photographs of my shy and humble self on my postings.  So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a photograph of a Sasquatch who so kindly posed on this bench for me.  And no, before you ask, it's not me, it really is a Sasquatch.
Now some folks insist on calling this magnificent beast, 'Bigfoot'.  Get it f**king straight!  It's the legendary and awesome creature, Sasquatch,  and here's a brief history.  "In southwestern British Columbia, on southern Vancouver Island and nearby islands, live some five hundred speakers of Halkomelem, a Central Salish language in the Salish tribe language.   And there is also said to be, somewhere in the mountains and woods known to the Halkomelem, a creature called in their language 'Sasquatch' or 'hairy man'." (Source Answers. Com).
There is some confusion in regards to the Sasquatch.  Some may think of the Sasquatch as a Yeti with a suntan.   Well, that's just plain ridiculous.  That's like saying a brown bear is a polar bear with a suntan.  Some may believe they have seen a Sasquatch or two, playing a gig at a rock concert, such as the dudes below.

However, I can assure you that a Sasquatch would never wear such clothes, or hats, or sunglasses and only plays classical Spanish guitar music.

Some may believe the Hollywood hype and think that the beloved Sasquatch would hang out with a bunch of humans and a cute lil' ol' dawg.   Why would any respectable Sasquatch be involved with this nauseating collection of folks?  And according to science, 'Bigfoot'  doesn't exist.  For f**k sakes, it's a Sasquatch and of course,  it does exist!

And do not let this fool you.  A Werewolf, I repeat, a Werewolf is not a Sasquatch.  Pictured is Michael J. Fox, a legendary Canadian actor and a guy who thought he was doing a movie about a Sasquatch.   Maybe the title of the film, Teen Fox, sorry Teen Wolf, might have given him a bit of a clue.  Ah....Beavers...sorry, where was I?

Okay, back to my new friend who kindly posed for me on that bench.  You will note that the car space is reserved for the Sasquatch.  So not only do I have overwhelming evidence of the existence of the Sasquatch, you can clearly see that the space is for a Sasquatch to park their vehicle.
He was now waiting patiently for his Sasquatch wife to return in their car with their Sasquatch kids.  Apparently, the wife and kids were shopping at the local supermarket and being in British Columbia, they would, no doubt, be in the shop conversing with other customers about important things like maple syrup and ice hockey.
So that's it.  Remember, do not disrespect this noble creature by calling it, 'Bigfoot'.  For f**k sakes, one more time, it's a Sasquatch!


  1. Thanks for clarifying this, Gary. I knew a Sasquatch wasn't a bigfoot, but I didn't know Harry wasn't real. I must have watched that show a dozen times. The grandkids love it, so I shouldn't be blamed, eh? I'm not telling them, btw. It'll break their hearts.

    Great post.

  2. wow, the Sasquatch looks pretty adorable. Though I fail to see the connection between us fans wanting to see more of your pictures and the history of this cute being or animal or whatever. He does look apish doesn't he. Can I call him the apish monkey? :p

  3. Hi Gary .. love the story and the photos .. fun .. and the video .. glad the Spaniards reached that far north ..

    Cheers and enjoy Sunday .. still big question .. why aren't there any real photos of you??? Happy days - Hilary

  4. Who knows what lurks deep in the BC interior, high in the mountains, loafing near the lakes, down amongst the trees? And maybe, just maybe, in the nearest Costco?
    That was one talented Sasquatch. A little sensitive though.

  5. Sasquatch Rules!!! Ok!


    After Penny of course!

    Take care

  6. Hi Gary,

    All these years I thought Big foot's favorite food was the sas*squash;a large fruit of the vine that grows in Northern Canada and serves as sustenance for the mysterious and rarely seen creature with a reserved parking space. Thank you so much for clarifying the difference. Now I won't make a fool of myself at parties.

    You are a dear friend to save me from this verbal confusion. Cheers!

  7. Hi Y'all,

    I never realized Sasquatch drove cars in areas where other people were. I thought they were too shy to shop with the rest of us!

    Thanks so much for clarifying! As my Human says, you learn somethin' new every day!

    Rooo's to Penny.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. i got it now and for a Sasquatch he seems pretty patient waiting on the misses

    Everyday Life

  9. Dear Gary,
    Well, you know what they say about men with big feet. Yes, they're probably a Sasquatch.
    Being the highly intellectual person that I am, I already knew the distinction between the so-called "big-foot" and the Sasquatch. I read about it when I was about seven years old, I think, when I was interested in such things. I believe it was in a book called "The World Atlas of Mysteries", or something like that. I do not tell a lie.
    Interseting and funny post all the same, though, a little like your good, hairy self. In fact, you're not a Sasquatch, are you?
    With Very Best Wishes, and a lovely pair of big feet, your way,
    P.S. Hope you have received my birthday card and enjoyed it.

  10. The world would be a much sadder place if creatures like the Sasquatch and Nessie didn't exist. I'm so glad they do :)

  11. So Gary, am I to deduct you look similar to a Bigfoot, er, I mean, Sasquatch? If so, you're in good company, man. I have quite a bit of hair on my back, chest and junk to the point where my family calls me Bigfoot every time I take a dip into the swimming pool. I kindly correct them and them to call me Sasquatch because Bigfoot is incorrect and to do so, is insulting. I also yell, "Get it fucking straight!" And then I'm asked to leave. when I turn my back, they throw Harry and The Hendersons DVD's at my furry backside. Luckily, I don't feel a thing because my fur is so thick and luxurious.

    You have a lot of interesting history here about the hairy man beast, Gary. Some stuff I've never read. I've learned a lot. But did you know those ZZ Top fellas are actually the offspring of Sasquatch and Janis Joplin? That's where they get their musical talents. Didn't know that, did ya? Excited?

    Your Sasquatch friend on the bench looks mighty fine and I'd like to share a beer with him sometime in the future. He could park his car in the space approved for him and his kind and we could chat away all day about the weather and the legendary Michael J. Fox. That would be nice.

    Humorous, informative post, my friend. I'll be sure to inform the folks on Fartbook about your latest offering. Have a great day!

  12. Hi Joylene,
    Always here to inform, eh :) Yep, must keep it a secret that Harry isn't the real deal, but just a cheap Hollywood fake :)
    Take care eh, Gary.

  13. Hey Shanaz,
    There is no connection, just my way of avoiding having my 'fans' see more pictures of my shy and humble self. Then again, the Sasquatch is a darn sight better looking than me. He told me so and I wasn't about to argue with a seven foot creature! :)
    There is something 'monkeyish' or 'apish' about him. However, best not let him know this :)

  14. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks and the Spaniards seem to get all over the place :)
    Actually, there are some real photos of me on previous postings. My photo icon is actually me and there are some brave souls who could verify this. Then again, pose me beside the mighty Sasquatch and you realise who the truly good looking one is :)

  15. Hi Delores,
    I've seen a few creatures lurking around BC that were, or looked very similar to the awesome Sasquatch. Amazing what you see hanging around the beer parlour :)
    The wife and kids were apparently shopping at 'Wolfmart'. Yep, even a Sasquatch can get confused and be somewhat on the sensitive side. Then again, if a Sasquatch wants to be sensitive, it'll get no argument from me :)
    Take good care eh,

  16. Hey Old Kitty,
    The Sasquatch rules! Long live the Sasquatch! And Penny has been thinking of a doing a collaboration
    with a Sasquatch. She realises that the Sasquatch, quite literally, is one of her biggest fans :)
    You take very good care, Gary

  17. Hello THE SNEE,
    Rebecca, dear Rebecca, it's my pleasure to clear up any confusion. Now then, the 'Sasquatch's favourite food is actually a pasta dish which you will know as 'spagYeti' :)
    Delighted to know that your making a fool of yourself at parties will be a thing of the past.
    Truly thrilled to spare you any verbal confusion, Rebecca :) We most certainly wont go into the differences of the word 'fanny' between the two nations :)
    Take care and you know the big ol' Sasquatch just lurves y'all :)

  18. Hi Hawk aka BrownDog,
    In Canada, it's a common occurrence to see a bunch of Sasquatch's driving around town. When they go into the shop, they just have a great time with the humans and talk about ice hockey.
    It's my delight to clarify some vital info about our friend, the mighty Sasquatch! :)
    Penny sends y'all some doggy kisses n' stuff :)
    See y'all over at your site.
    Gary :)

  19. Hi becca,
    Glad you got it :) The Sasquatch dude was having a bit of a break on the bench. Actually, he nearly broke the bench. Earlier, he had been signing autographs for his numerous and awe-struck fans in the BC town of Harrison Hot Springs....

  20. Dear David,
    Greetings my Sasquatch type friend and the envy of all men.
    Of course, you being highly intellectual, I was not surprised to know that you were aware of the distinction between 'Bigfoot' and the proper name, 'Sasquatch'.
    I wish I was a Sasquatch, David. I have done my best to look like such a magnificent creature, alas, I need to be much hairier.
    I have received your card and I'm going to phone you and thank you for the card. That would be before I head off to the Welsh valleys...which I wont go into details about. Baaaaah....
    Kind wishes and a bag of Sasquatch toenails, your way, Gary.

  21. Hi Jemi Fraser,
    It's great that we share our world with such wonderful creatures as the Sasquatch and the underrated Canadian lake 'Monster', the lovely 'Ogopogo' of Okanagan Lake :)

  22. Hi Kelly,
    My friend, only in my wildest dreams would I ever look as good as 'Bigfoot', whoops, the Sasquatch.
    Oh, I know all about you and hairyness. I recall that you are very good practice for anyone wanting to become a sheep shearer. Remember, there is a sheep shearer shortage over in lil' ol Britain and there only so many folks from New Zealand that can get here.
    It's encouraging to know that you correct your family when you entertain them with your dips in the swimming pool. To call you 'Bigfoot' is just wrong. Glad you told them to get it 'fucking straight', just before you and your hairyness is escorted from said swimming pool. I believe you are a prime candidate to join the Sasquatch Appreciation Group on Farcebook.
    You have proven that having a furry back has its advantages. Now then, if they had thrown a box set of 'Harry Pothead' at your hairy back, that might have been quite the test on your hairy resilience.
    Fascinating history on the hairy dude, eh. There are loads of nifty neato info about the Sasquatch to be found out there on the internet. I'm sure you will want to read up more about your new heroes.
    Ah yes, I had heard that them ZZ Top fella's were the offspring of a desperate Sasquatch and Janis Joplin. In fact, she eventually was seen making out with the Sasquatch in the back of a Mercedes Benz she finally managed to buy. She did get a bit distracted because the car also had a colour (color) TV....
    And now, whenever I marvel at the sounds of ZZ Top, I realise just where the got their talent from. Reckon she enjoyed a Sasquatch Pearl Necklace....Exciting stuff, Kezza and I thank you :)
    If you are ever in Harrison Hot Springs, Mr. Sasquatch would be delighted to have a beer with you. You could both get drunk and rub each other's fur n' stuff :) Once you finished doing that, you could ask if there was some Family Ties between the Sasquatch and Michael J. Fox, the star of the film, 'Teen Fox'.
    I do appreciate you putting this posting up on everyone's favourite social 'notworking' site, Farcebook, or Fartbook or Fakebook...
    Have a great day, also. With respect, kindness and a gigantic bag of steaming Sasquatch shit, your way, Gary :)

  23. This is another funny post. Okay we won't call him Bigfoot. So he is Sasquatch, not Bigfoot!lol

  24. Hey Ramona Andresa,
    Aha and thank you:) The Sasquatch is most grateful that you will not call them 'Bigfoot' :)
    And I'm liking your excellent, informative blog, by the way.
    Take care and have fun.
    Gary :)

  25. Loved it! Awesome post :D.

  26. Blimey. Canadian wildlife is a lot more exciting than that in the UK! We have a few squirrels and deer but nothing weird - except Nessie of course!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  27. You have convinced me of the existence
    of the beast by your collection of overwhelming evidence...Sasquatch lives! Glad you're enjoying your well-deserved vacation. My best

  28. Sir Tom Eagerly, says:
    Funny. I thought a Sasquatch was a fruit. Maybe I'm thinking of a cumquat. I think cumquat is a Mohawk word for a ladies private parts. No?

  29. I've done a couple blog posts about, Sasquatch. In mine I called him a Bigfoot and I'm going to stand by that and if whatever it is doesn't like it, he can come here to L.A. and tell me himself. Maybe I can get a picture while he's at it.

    Tossing It Out

  30. i remember when i was a little girl watching a documentary about Sasquatch (referred to in that program mostly as Bigfoot), and it did not paint nearly as friendly a picture of him as you have here... so I became convinced that Bigfoot was going to come to my backyard in the middle of the night and tear us all apart. I was scared for days. It's nice to find out all these years later that Sasquatch is quite a friendly and gregarious fellow, even has his own parking space and goes shopping too!

  31. Hi Gary.

    I thought I'd left an earlier comment but I think it was the response to your comment on my blog. Oh well, 'squatch' that.

    This is great, and I love the parking spot. Hmm, so how big is his car?

    In peace, Dixie

  32. What a fun post! I love that Sasquatch has his own parking space. For sure, he must be real.

  33. Ah the resemblance is amazing! LOL! ;O)
    Your post reminds me of my visit to Canada when I was 11yrs old and we went to our 1st drive in movie to see the Legend of Boggy Creek. I was really scared. I later saw the film as an adult and was seriously underwhelmed. When I took hubby to Canada I decided to take Tim to a drive-in matinee, the Guest House hosts thought my mistake hilarious!
    I've heard of the sasquatch but have you heard of the Siwash? :O)

  34. Ha! When I saw that first picture, I thought of Harry and the Hendersons! That's exactly who he looks like.

    Even though I, too, live in the PNW, they don't seem to talk about him much here near Seattle. I heard more about him when I lived in the Bay Area.

    Either way, keep him up there. I already have too much wildlife that freaks out my dogs!

  35. Hi Nas,
    Thanks for that, dude. I've just arrived back from a tour of Wales where I was mobbed by my adoring fans. No, not sheep :)
    Cheers, Gary

  36. Hi bazza,
    Hey, in Britain, we have such fearsome beasts as hedgehogs to contend with. And speaking of Nessie, here we go again, Ogopogo could kick Nessie's butt, eh :)

  37. Hey Count Sneaky,
    I knew you would be convinced of the overwhelming 'proof' as so obviously displayed in my photos.
    And thanks Henry, I had a very thought provoking holiday. And now I'm back from the wonderful country of Wales. Have a peaceful weekend, my friend.
    In kindness, Gary.

  38. Hi Lee aka Arlee Bird,
    The Sasquatch is now aware that you have done a couple of blogs using the wrong name. He reckons that you will realise your mistake and understand that this proud and noble beast will not take commercial advantage of using the wrong name.
    He reckons that you should go up to Vancouver, the film capital of the world!
    Would you really like to have your photo taken with a Sasquatch? Actually, what a great idea, eh. Could be part of another blogging contest. See how many bloggers can get their photo taken with the mighty and legendary SASQUATCH! :)
    Cheers Lee and have a very nice weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  39. Aha Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Funny, if you looked above, you would note that the highly delightful, THE SNEE, has already made reference to a fruit.
    No, Sir Tom, 'kumquat' is actually a rare form of male erectile dysfunction. So to answer your question, 'no' is the answer And 'Mohawk' is a Canadian gasoline service station.

  40. Hi Joanne,
    Ah yes. You see, the Sasquatch is indeed a lovable and friendly creature of our precious and fragile planet. He conversed with me and we have made arrangements to meet up next time I'm over. His wife and kids are also very well behaved in the supermarket. Of course, I have photographed the proof that a Sasquatch has its very own parking space :)
    Have a peaceful and positive weekend, Joanne.
    In kindness, Gary

  41. Hi Dixie,
    Ah yes, 'squatch' that :) I guess if you crossed that big hairy creature and a kangaroo, you would get a 'Hopsquatch'....Okay, I tried:)
    He and his wife drive a very large pick-up truck, complete with a British Columbia flag in the back window :)
    Here's wishing you a peaceful and positive weekend, Dixie.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  42. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks. And the Sasquatch and myself, are delighted that you realise that the photo of their parking space, is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  43. Hi Nancy,
    There is certainly a resemblance and the makers of that film got a fairly good likeness of the lovable Sasquatch.
    I'm surprised that the Sasquatch is not mentioned that much in the Seattle area. I guess the Sasquatch should go through Customs at Blaine and come down and visit y'all :)
    Sorry, forget that. Much better that your dogs don't get freaked out by any additional wildlife.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
    With respect, Gary :)

  44. Hi Madeleine,
    Resemblance to me? LOL
    Ah, that low budget 'docu-drama' about the Sasquatch :)
    I know of Siwash. Off in the water, just off Stanley Park in Vancouver is, Siwash Rock.
    Have a lovely weekend, Madeleine.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  45. I am ashamed that I did not know the difference. Next thing you'll be telling us is that the Loch Ness Monster is not a Mermaid. Not sure I can handle all this brutal honesty on your blog (I'm a very fresh folower) but I'll give it my best try. Something tells me you are worth it !

  46. I have tagged you for a challenge Gary...hope you have time for it. see "my 7 links" post from today.

  47. Very good reading, I enjoyed it. I remember Harry and the Henderson's too. I don't think people were really ready for that at the time of its airing. With all of the research going on about these creatures, I'm sure eventually we'll all have one as a neighbor..LOL! Anyway, enjoyed your writing. Thanks and enjoy the day. sher22

  48. Hi Donna,
    Hey, that's okay. I'm here to inform with really important info to make your life that little bit better:)
    The Loch Ness Monster is a very large mermaid and has a cousin living in Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada named, Ogopogo. Ogopogo is but a shy and modest very large lake mermaid.
    Oh, and speaking of worth it, I just commented on your somewhat soapy posting. A good, clean fun posting.
    Take care, eh
    Gary :)

  49. Hi Delores,
    Apologies for my late response. I'm about to head over to that posting. One moment, please :)

  50. Hey "It's Super-Siter!",
    Hey, what a great thought. A Sasquatch as a neighbour. Could make for some very interesting BBQ's and some wonderful sing-alongs with a Spanish classical guitar playing Sasquatch.
    Enjoy your day :)

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  52. Gosh seo usa,
    So you have a solution thanks to the Sasquatch. And just what that solution be? How to go shopping with a Sasquatch family and talk loads about ice hockey, eh.....

  53. Wait a minute...aren't brown bears just polar bears who moved south for the winter?
    *shakes head*
    Thanks for the lesson on Sasquatch, although you can see from his statue that he does have very big...uh, feet.

  54. Hey River.

    Thanks for streaming by. You may have come up with a few grizzly details. I do know that a Yeti is a Sasquatch without a suntan.

    That is not a statue. That is a real live Sasquatch! :)

    Very big feet wishes, your way,

    Gary, friend of the Sasquatch....

  55. I saw a creature like this swinging on a grapevine through the branches of an Almond Joy tree on Gum Drop Island recently...he shrilled some kind of throaty Sasquatch cry...hard to decipher the words (the dialect is different from Possumese, which I'm fluent in, btw), but I did manage to hear:

    "I was seeking Garrreeee...."

    Remember, folks, you heard it through the grapevine, heh heh...

    1. Aha and it be I.B.Nosey,

      A genuine Sasquatch speaks fluently with a Canadian accent, eh. My human has told me this from his frequent talks to any Sasquatch that could be bothered listening to him Possumese, is very similar to Hedgehogese....

      IWSG aka I Was Seeking Garrreeee!!! :)

      Heh heh and thanks for commenting on this archived posting. Toodle pup, ahem, pip....

      Pawsitive wishes,

      Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!


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