Thursday, 30 June 2011

'Pen Eh' The Jack Russell Dog And Modest Internet Star.

Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.  Now then, Gary, the human I allow to live with me, came back from a really long trip over to Canada.  He's told me that Canadians say 'eh' a lot, eh.  So the old fart thought it would be real clever if I had my named stated in the Canadian version.  Thus, 'Penny' becomes 'Pen Eh'.  Oh, how clever.  I think not, eh.

Right then, to humour the old dude, I reluctantly posed in front of a 'Canada Eh' t-shirt and a Vancouver Canucks flag.  Apparently, a bunch of folks in British Columbia were sticking flags like the one in the photo, on their vehicles during the Canucks Stanley Cup play-off run.  Whatever the heck that is.  And yes, it gets worse, I went along with it and wore a genuine Canadian toque.  Note my overwhelming enthusiasm.

This is my new doggy pal, Bean.  Bean is a Canadian dog and is a much loved family member of Heather and Wayne's.  Gary has told me that Bean is quite the runner.   Aha, runner Bean...get it?   Arf, forget it, eh.  How you been, Bean?  Bean, what say you and I do a collaboration posting sometime in the near future?

When Gary came back after five long weeks, which seemed like five years to me, I actually recognised him.  I know he was worried that I might bark at him, chase him out of the house or piddle on his shoes.  Much to his delight, I went crazy with excitement, gave him doggy kisses and then piddled on his shoes.  I missed him as much as he missed me.

July 1 is 'Canada Day'.  You can find out a bit of the history of Canada Day, here Canada Day.   So, on behalf of Gary, I wish all Canadian animals and humans, a peaceful, pawsitive Canada Day, eh.  This is 'Pen Eh', Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, saying, see ya later eh.....


  1. Pen Eh?! CindyLu here, Eh! I daresay, you look absolutely darling in that Canadian get-up! Be proud, dear girl; no doubt Gary thought he'd be pulling one on you, having you doll up like that. The joke's on him! Imagine HIM in that get-up?!! BOL

    So glad you properly welcomed Dad home...just wouldn't be complete without the complimentary piddle! Have a wonderful Canada Day...and good luck with your dad singing all day long. You might want to stuff your ears with that shirt! "Oh, Canada..."

  2. Ah the long suffering Pen Eh!! If he pulls that stunt on you again, I'd be leaving more than just piddle in his shoes. You tell Gary the next time he goes a'travellin that you want to go too. Maybe you could get him a fancy dog collar to model, or a harness and leash.
    Happy Canada Day right back at you Gary and Penny...check out my blog "youngish" for my own personal version of Oh Canada.

  3. Hi Gary and Pen Eh! I talked with Bean and she would be delighted to collaborate on a posting with you. She is smiling in anticipation of such a project. I'm glad you welcomed Gary home so well. He was truly worried that it had been too long and you might even try to defend the home front from the stranger at the door. Thanks for the plug Gary and Happy Canada Day to you too!! So take off eh?!!

  4. Love it! Penny, the Jack Russell and modest internet star, you look simply sensational!

    And what's a bit of pee between friends, eh? :)

    If you and Bean could collaborate, it would make for a wonderful posting. And what a handsome beast he is too :)

    Happy Canada Day to the old dude :)

  5. Eh Pen Eh....

    mmmm I kinda like the sound of that.

    So glad your Gary is homea gain with you. I hate to admit it but I get pretty lonely when my human leaves.

    I don't piddle on her shoe, but I do leave a bit of slobber slime on her arm and face.


  6. Hello CindyLu and co-starring Kim,
    Actually, CindyLu, my fellow dog, or 'dawg' as y'all might say, Gary is quite fond of wearing that silly toque and we wont mention his pink tutu, oh no :)
    I did indeed welcome the old fart back to England after his triumphant autograph signing tour of British Columbia. I shall well and truly stuff my droopy ears with his ridiculous t-shirt, as he sings, 'Oh Canada', gets strange looks from his neighbours (neighbors) and wears his finest lumberjack shirt, eh.
    CindyLu, what say, Bean the Canadian dog, you, the American dog, and me, the English dog, all work out some kind of collaboration posting in the near future. We'd show them humans a thing or three.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, 'Pen Eh'...whoops...Penny :) xx

  7. Greetings mybabyjohn/Delores,
    Absolutely, dear Delores, I think it only right that I go on tour with him the next time the old chap goes on his travels. I think he would look rather pawesome in a dog collar and a leash that had loads of maple leafs on it.
    And yes, happy Canada Day to you, my Canadian friend. I shall stroll over to your site later on after I've had a nice long doggy nap and sneakily piddled in the old guy's running shoes:)

  8. Aha and hello Heather,
    Gary has told me lots about you. All nice stuff, of course. I'm truly delighted that Bean is delighted to do a joint posting with me, Pen Eh the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! Bean and hopefully with some expertise from CindyLu, we could all do one heck of a pawsting..I mean posting.
    I was very aware who the dude was at the door. I greeted him in a very happy way and then checked out his luggage for doggy treats. I did rather likes the Hawkins Cheezy thingys he brought back...
    I, Penny am delighted to make mention of Bean and thus, perhaps more humans and other animals, might just stroll over to your site and see if your writing is anywhere as good as mine, yes mine, 'Penny' the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! eh. Have yourselves a wonderful Canada Day :)
    Pawisitive and pawesome wishes, Pen Eh...ummm..Penny :)
    Take of eh, you hoser.....

  9. Gidday Wendy,
    Why thank you kindly, my New Zealand human type friend :) Of course, I always look sensational. I state, ever so modestly/
    And nothing like piddling on someone's shoes to show how much you care :)
    Whoops, I should have mentioned that Bean is a she. My fault. Was going to mention that in the posting, but I shall leave it now.
    I shall pass on your Canada Day wishes to the old dude.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses to you and your three adorable doggies.
    Pen Eh...yikes...Penny :) xx

  10. Hi there Bert,
    Ah yes, 'Pen Eh' does kinda' sound okay.
    For sure Bert, it can get very lonely when our human has to go out and sometimes leave us alone to look after the place, vacuum the carpets and do the dishes :) Seriously, I do know what you mean.
    Hey Bert, nothing like a bit of slobber slime to show how much you love your human.
    Doggy kisses, your way, Pen Eh aka Penny xx

  11. Pen Eh!! Sorry sweetie, but I do have to say that the Canadian version of your name is cute indeed ;)

    Good to see you again, and I LOVE that picture with the treated edging and the demon dog eyes! Impressive, yes siree.

    Be careful should you decide to get even with pictures just what you make Gary pose in. I get the impression he might like posing in a collar and harness just a wee bit too much, you know?

    I told Moppet what a brave dog you were while you human was away and now she looks at me with terror every time I leave the room.

    Looking forward to your collaboration.

  12. Runner Bean!! LOL!! Oh Penny!! What a comedienne you are!! LOL!! Yay for "spending a Penny" on Gary's shoes too! LOL!!

    Happy Canada Day!!! Take care

  13. Ah yes Penn Eh,

    I remember fondly a July 1 some years ago, which I appropriately spent in a Scottish pub with two Canadian friends, and which we appropriately ended by belting out "O Canada" in the middle of a Scottish street...

    Love your smile :)

  14. Dear Gary (the human Penny allows to live with her),
    As I've said before, it becomes ever more clear that Penny is almost human, and, of course, a much better writer than you.
    If I may be so bold to suggest, "Pen-eh" really should do all your posts from now on!
    A lovely post, Gare. And Penny looks oh so cute in them there pictures, eh.
    Wishing you all the best, your pal,
    P.S. I shall be in touch (probably tomorrow). Apologies for the delay.

  15. Hi Pen-eh! Happy Canada Day! Perhaps in honor of your new found Caninedian name, I can invite you and your dear buddy Gary over for a penne pasta dinner. What do you think, eh?

  16. Hi Mustang Sally,
    That's okay, eh. I kinda' think my name in Canadian is quite cool n' stuff. Gosh, I'm starting to talk like them, eh.
    You like the way I staaaaare out with my penetrating eyes? Did you know I can control humans and take over their blogs, just by staring at them :)
    You know, I wondered where my collar and leash went. Then I noticed that Gary was staring in the full-length mirror, making barking noises and yes, wearing my collar and leash. Mustang Sally, we must keep this a secret...
    Ah, speaking of Moppet, maybe Moppet could participate in some kind of collaboration animal posting, also. Hmmmmm and arf..
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, to you and Moppet, Pen Eh, yikes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. x

  17. Hi Old Kitty,
    Ah yes, bean there, done that! :) And very good, "spending a Penny on Gary's shoes..." What if I told his shoes were 'penny loafers'. I wonder if that means anything to you.
    And hey, maybe you and Charlie would like to participate in a highly anticipated animal posting. And yes indeed, Happy Canada Day.
    Doggy hugs and kisses, your way, Pen Eh..ummmm..Penny x

  18. Hi Chris.
    Pen Eh, here :)
    Wow, that must have been a load of fun singing 'Oh Canada' with two Canadians friends on a street in Scotland. I can imagine the puzzled looks one might get from the Scottish.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy smiles, your way, Pen Eh..darn it, Penny :)

  19. Dear David,
    It's me, Penny. I am pawing away this comment back to intellectual type human.
    Kind human, I am actually demonstrating that I, a dog, can write better than Gary and in fact, any human. I've considered taking over this site and then, to help improve the visits on your site, take over your blog.
    Thank you so much for obviously realising how cute I look in them there photos. Heck, even Bean, a Canadian dog, well even she looks good, eh :)
    My human, Gary, looks forward to your imminent communication. Better still, why not phone me and I can give you a few pointers on how to be a better writer.
    Pawsitive wishes and sloppy doggy kisses, your way, Pen Eh...damn!...Penny x

  20. Hi THE SNEE,
    My oh my, aren't you putting pun to paper, today. Very good, "Caninedian" or in Francais Canadienne, 'Canachienne', what with me being female, eh.
    And your 'penne' joke was pasta its sell-by date :) eh...However, my human and I would love to come over for some pasta. And then we could go to Lebanon, New Hampshire where they could take a DNA sample of me and then inspect my doggy doo...
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, your way, Pen Eh....shit...Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    Oh yeah eh, Happy Canada Day! :)

  21. Hey Pearl,
    An awesomely incredible post, actually, eh :)

  22. Welcome back, Gary! Peh Eh's toque is smashing, and what a pose Pen Eh makes. Definitely a natural in front of the camera, no?

  23. This is a pawsome post :D.
    It made me smile!
    Penny, could you please tell Gary that I wish he has an excellent weekend, and I wish you all the best too.

    I would change my name from Ginger to Ginge-eh but it sounds a bit poncey; more suited for a dog than a cat, wouldn't you say?. We do have our dignity you know.
    Wait - I think I saw a mouse. I'll catch it and leave the bloody remains on Bazza's door-step; he'll like that.
    Ginger’s owner, Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  25. Gary,

    Aww Pen Eh must have missed you all those long weeks! How sweet are those kisses..I miss reading penny's posts by the way and this one really made me smile!

    Maria aka Andresa

    P.S. Hope you could drop by my new blog. I'd really appreciate it! :)

  26. Aww, heart melting! =) Penny is too darn cute, and so is Bean. {{{Doggies}}}

    My dog would be so mad at me. He's very spoiled & hates being without a certain family member for too long. LOL

    Really cute & funny post, Gary! I hope you have a really wonderful weekend!! =)

  27. A really cute posting! "Bean" is a big boy; definitely no sprout, eh?!
    Happy belated Canada Day!

  28. Happy belated Canada Day Pen Eh & Gary :)

    Great souvenirs you got - glad you two have been reunited! :)

  29. Hi Susan,
    I shall pass on your welcome back to Gary, eh :)
    We have noted you had a bit of break and are now doing an additional blog. Shall duly check that out a bit further.
    Of course, I look adorable, even in Gary's silly toque. I'm a very photogenic dog, for sure :)
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, Penny :)

  30. Greetings Nas,
    My human friend, I've most pleased I could make you smile :)
    Gary thanks you for your weekend wishes and hopes you had a most superb weekend. I thank you also and I also hope your weekend was pawesome and pawsitive.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny :)

    Awe, my little kitty friend. How's it goin' Ginge'eh?
    And a cat with dignity. When did that happen?
    I'm sure Bazza would be delighted if you left him a gift of the bloody remains of a mouse. You cats are so uncivilized.
    Take care, Ginge-eh :)

  32. Hi there Ramona Andresa,
    Indeed I did miss the old guy during those many weeks he was away. I shall do a few more 'pawstings' on this site. It is so obvious that my writing is far superior to his writing.
    Gary and I have noted your new blog and have linked in. Certainly a lot of photos and interesting info to be found there on
    I do hope you do another posting soon.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  33. Hi Y'all!

    My Humans spent several years living in Canada 'cause of Papa's job. Momma says it's kinda easy to pick up the "eh". In Toronto everyone seemed to end a question with "eh"?

    She said she came back home sayin' stuff like "Y'all like the idea of going out tonight, eh?"

    So don't worry Penny, your human will get it together soon and be back to normal.

    Hmmmm. Wonder what it sounds like if you cross a British accent with a Southern accent?

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  34. Hey LilPixi,
    Why thank you for thinking I'm too darn cute. And yes, I suppose, Bean is kinda' cute, also :)
    I can understand your dog being mad at you if you were away for too long. Gary has told me what a lovely lady you are and thus, I'm sure you dog adores you as much as you adore your dog :)
    I appreciate you thinking this was a cute and funny post. I've tried to teach Gary to be somewhat funny in his writing. Alas, he still doesn't know how to write humour.
    We both hope that you had a wonderful weekend like we did here in lil' ol' England, eh.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Pen Eh...shit...Penny xx

  35. Hi Dixie,
    Ah yes, Bean, she is no Bean sprout. Gary told me how big she is compared to me. Big and lovable. While I'm small and lovable :)
    I shall pass on the Canada Day thoughts to Gary, thank you. And may you have a peaceful and happy July 4th.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny x

  36. Hi Jemi Fraser,
    I sure hope you had a very nice Canada Day, eh :)
    And yes, Gary has loads of neat stuff from Canada. He's hoping to put the Vancouver Canucks flag on his car, sometime next June :)
    Nice to have the old fart back.
    Pawsitive wishes your way, eh, Pen Eh....darn it....Penny :)

  37. Howdy Hawk aka BrownDog,
    Ah yes, Toronto. Gary has told me that you are not supposed to mention the name 'Toronto' in Vancouver :) I'm sure it's just some good natured rivalry. At least that's what I reckon, eh.
    Wow, your Momma ended up with a Southern accent mixed with a bit of Canadian 'eh' Cool, eh :)
    I'm not sure if my human will ever be back to 'normal'. He keeps boring me talking about his visits to Tim Hortons and something about a sport named ice hockey...
    The combination would probably sound similar to a British person doing my Canadian accent. They usually make me sound like I'm from a trailer park in Alabama, y'all :)
    Have a nice day, y'all and here's hoping you have a really pawesome July 4th.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  38. Gary left you for five weeks, Penny? What a scoundrel! Next time, bite him on the ankle, but only after he feeds you, of course. Anyway, tell Gary welcome back.

  39. I also have a dog named Bean. I thought I was being original. I guess not. Happy Canada Day!

  40. Hi Samantha,
    Yes, he left me for five whole weeks. However, his son took very good care of me and took me for loads of walks. I wore my favourite sunglasses in hopes that the 'Puppyarazzi' would not recognise me. Sadly, they followed us all over the place and thus we had to sneak back into the house where his son comforted me and gave me lots of really neat doggy treats:)
    He brought me back some Canadian treats and was spared any ankle nipping. However, I'm not so sure about maple syrup flavoured doggy biscuits! :)
    I have passed on your welcome back to Gary, the scoundrel that he is.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Pen Eh....ooh la la...Penny x

  41. Hi there A Beer for the Shower,
    Wow, I shall tell Bean that there is another Bean. That's amazing and I've Bean thinking how cool that is.
    Thanks for the Happy Canada Day :)
    Hope y'all enjoyed your Fourth of July festivities.
    Pawsitive wishes, your way, Penny :)

  42. Tell Gary Eh that he's lucky to have a dog like you. But he probably already knows that.

    Pen Eh is an honorary Canadian name that goes way back in yonder days and its meaning is quite astonishing. Pen Eh means "Canine Wonder Dog." Imagine that. Just don't let Gary Eh know that you can fly in the air and stuff. He might try to make money off of you and I don't want to see you prostituted.

    Hope you had a mARFelous Canada Day, my friends!

  43. Hi Kell Eh,
    Arf, arf, I'm such a clever dog. And yep, my American type human friend, he does realise how lucky he is that I allow him to live with me, eh! :)
    I found out that Pen Eh is indeed and honorary Canadian name and yes it does me 'Canine Wonder Dog'. So, human dude, you were most correct. In fact, I've been offered the part of the flying dog in the remake of that Canadian classic film, 'Strange Brew', starring Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh.
    You know what, Kell Eh? The old fart has already tried to make money by selling souvenir t-shirts of me, without my pawmission.
    We had a mARFevlous Canada Day. We do so hope you had a PAWesome Fourth of July, n' stuff.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Pen Eh....ah bollocks!...Penny :)

  44. I'm a big fan of those two. I watched that movie with them about a dozen times. Then I started seeing flying dogs everywhere. True story.

  45. Hey Kelly,
    "I'm a big fan of those two. I watched that movie with them about a dozen times. Then I started seeing flying dogs everywhere. True story."

    Wow, my human type friend, you watched the movie with them? You like sat in the cinema with Bob and Doug McKenzie and ate popcorn and like drank Elsinore beer, eh ?
    As you know, Kezza, I have been offered the part of the flying dog in the remake of Strange Brew. Be prepared to see yet more flying dogs, eh.
    Arf, arf, n' stuff, Pen Eh...dammit, Penny:)


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