Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hope Grows In The Garden.

And what of freedom?  The freedom to soar amongst the trees and find the words to describe our pain, describe our joy.

And what of the mountains?  Do we see them as barriers?   Or do we visualise the view from the top and the panorama that inspires us to seek a happy life?

And through the forest, those trees of confusion in our minds, can we see the clearing ahead?

I gazed over at the snow-capped mountain, thought about my friends, Heather and Wayne.  I sensed we were all on top of that mountain, looking out at a positive, more caring, more compassionate world.

We spent a couple of hours at Minter Gardens.  It was a lovely, sunny day.  I was grateful to be amongst such beauty and grateful to be there with two very close friends.  Minter Gardens is located 115  kilometres east of Vancouver and only about a half an hours westward drive away from Hope, British Columbia.

And Wayne, what of our deeply profound conversations?  I see in your eyes the passion of a man who has so much more to tell.  You have told me a few tales of your life with such articulation and powerful passion.   Now can truly be the time, through the magic and the wonder of the written word, for you to find some comfort for yourself, and in turn, for others.  You, my friend, my brother in the true sense of transparent humanity, have a gift for writing.  Open that gift and share your feelings.  Your mind, your soul, will never be shackled.  

Heather, Wayne, you are both testimony that, despite the adversity that entered your lives, positivity will never let the ugliness of a negative environment destroy your determination, to live your lives the way you want to live.

Hope grows in the garden.  It is nurtured and will blossom through the undying force that we call love.  


  1. That was beautiful... it is so hard to see someone shackled to a wheelchair..but you are right...his mind is still free.

  2. Hi Y'all,

    What a wonderful, moving post. You have an unbelievable gift with words. It's like you've shared a small piece of yourself with us, your readers. Thank you.

    BrownDog's Human

  3. Beautiful. Simply, yet eloquently spoken. I just came across this quote tonight, which I think fits:
    ‎"Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do." ~John Wooden
    Heather and John sure exemplify this!

  4. Stunning, breathtaking photos. It makes me so happy to call myself a British Columbian. I forget sometimes. Thanks for reminding me, Gary. And thanks for sharing your wonderful friends.

  5. Dear Gary,
    Your freinds are a truly inspirational pair. It must be so difficult for them it is hard to imagine, but despite this they, as you describe, remain positive.
    British Columbia looks like a beautiful place, too. A suitalbe place for such hope to spring from.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  6. Here's to Wayne and Heather - a beautiful couple in a beautiful garden! Take care

  7. Hi Gary. Brilliant analogies in a beautiful post. Very uplifting and full of positive vibes!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  8. Sir Tom Eagerly, says:
    Simply charming, old thing. Bottoms up - (if that's being too provocative!)

  9. Hope does grow in the garden, really. Whenever I see the green plants and vibrant colored flowers I feel a gentle nudge of inspiration inside of me. Especially when I'm feeling a bit down, just sitting out with nature comforts me. And mountains are majestic things. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us. Welcome back, dear Gary. Always a pleasure to swing by here and be influenced by your positive wisdom. Say hi to Penny and the Wee ones for me. :)

  10. A beautiful post Gary!
    And the pictures are stunning.
    Your friends, just like yourself, are greatly inspirational, and I humbly thank you for sharing them with us.


  11. Hi Gary

    Not sure what to say that would give this beautiful piece any justice. Feel very humbled however.

    Take Care


  12. what a beautiful post and the photos were stunning

    Everyday Life

  13. Hope grows in the garden indeed. Lovely pictures Gary.

  14. Hi mybabyjohn,
    Thank you for your thoughtful response. Nobody can ever shackle our minds. We must let our thoughts and dreams stay free to soar.
    In peace, Gary :)

  15. Howdy browndogcbr,
    That is most kind of you to say and I'm most appreciative of you sensing a shared experience.
    In peace to you and BrownDog, Gary :)

  16. Hi Kim,
    I'm so grateful for your comment and that wonderfully inspirational quote by John Wooden. And, absolutely, Heather and Wayne are clear demonstration of pursuing all that they wish to make possible.
    In peace and warm wishes, your way, Gary

  17. Hey Joylene,
    You live in such a beautiful part of the world. And British Columbia is a place I can very proudly call my other home.
    Thank you for your kind comment and I'm so pleased you liked the photos.
    All the very best, Gary.

  18. Dear David,
    They are, very much, an inspirational couple. I was humbled by such a situation that has dominated their lives. Yet, despite it all, they do indeed, seek out the positives in what could well be considered a very negative time for them.
    British Columbia is an awesome place and whenever I go back, I marvel at the majestic views.
    Cheers, David.
    In kindness and respect, Gary.

  19. Hi Old Kitty,
    "Here's to Wayne and Heather - a beautiful couple in a beautiful garden!"
    What a perfect comment. Thank you.
    You take care and here's to a wonderful British summer.

  20. Hi bazza,
    Very flattering and thank you for such a comment that resonates back with such positive vibes.
    Take care, Gary.

  21. Greetings Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Dear chap, I've really missed you. I send you a virtual man hug and I hope you don't consider that too provocative!

  22. Hi Shanaz,
    Very well described and I so relate to that gentle nudge of inspiration.
    The great outdoors can be just the tonic to raise our spirits and I know it makes me glad to be alive.
    I am most thankful that you appreciated the photos. I believe that the photos can reach us on many different emotional levels.
    And it's always a pleasure to interact with a wise and lovely lady such as you, Shanaz :)
    I have said 'hello' to the 'wee folks' and Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    In peace and positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  23. Hey Nas,
    Thank you, my wise and positive friend.
    I'm very pleased you appreciated the photos.
    My friends are truly inspirational and I do my best to embrace their inspiration as a guide to make me a better person.
    Thanks again for your thoughtful comment.
    In peace and positivity, your way, Gary :)

  24. Hi Gary,
    Such wonderful photos; I love gardens, and would love to see a snow-covered mountain or two. Such a charming and happy couple. Lucky you; lucky them.

    In peace, Dixie

  25. Hi GEM,
    Thank you, my friend. Your response truly speaks of your beautiful sincerity. For that, I'm very grateful.
    Kind and caring thoughts, your way, Gary

  26. Hi becca,
    That's very nice of you. I'm very honoured by your comment.
    In kindness, Gary.

  27. Hi Mustang Sally,
    Quite right. I like to think we can all find some reflective and blossoming moments in the hope that grows in the garden.
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary.

  28. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you. I know of your love for gardens and I remember vividly, that the views of my garden were the beginning point of our friendship :) And hopefully, one day, you can be there to marvel at the wonder of a snow-capped mountain or two.
    They are a wonderful couple and I'm blessed to know them.
    Thanks again, Dixie.
    In kindness and sincerity, your way, Gary.

  29. "And through the forest, those trees of confusion in our minds, can we see the clearing ahead?" I love this beautiful description. Your writing is inspiring and incredibly uplifting Gary. Heather and Wayne are remarkable, and I wish I were a bit more like them.

    Now to go see if I can find that clearing....The oak trees are super tall, and very dense here! Glad to hear you're adjusting to English time. BTW, how's the lovely garden?

  30. Hi Gary! I just saw your comment on Amber Lashell's blog and nearly spit out my coffee on my laptop!

    I'll answer any questions you have, but the rule is you must email me/facebook me/ twitter me directly in order to get your questions answered.

    But I will say Tim Horton's is the place to be!


  31. Hi THE SNEE,
    Thank you very much, Rebecca. I do like to dabble in a bit of hopefully creative writing. I like to think that we can all help and inspire each other. Yes, Heather and Wayne are remarkable people and I know they have made me a stronger person. And Rebecca, you are a remarkable person who has honoured me with her ongoing kindness and insightful thoughts. I'm grateful for that :)
    I'm sure you will find that clearing. I'm sure that the mighty oaks are wondrous sight to behold. My garden is a bit of a jungle, right now. In between rain storms, I've started to get it back to something almost resembling a garden.
    Thank you, Rebecca.
    In peace and positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  32. Hi Canadianbloggergirl,
    How's it goin' eh? I'm assuming you nearly spat out a Tim Hortons coffee :)
    Okay, rules eh. Wow, you sound really forceful n' stuff. Anyway, I already left that question from Amber's site as a comment on your latest posting. My humblest apologies about that. Rules, eh.
    Well, my new friend, there are no rules on my shy and humble site. I'm really honoured that you took the time to leave a comment. Thanks for that.
    Kind wishes and souvenir Vancouver Canucks flag, your way, Gary :)

  33. What an absolutely beautiful & moving post, Gary. You sure have quite the Amazing way with words & thoughts. =)

    And your friends & the stories you tell are such inspiration. Unbelievable photos! Just, wow...is all I can say about those!

    So much love & light, to you, and Wayne, and his lovely wife. <3 YOU are such an inspiration to me too.

  34. Gary,

    long time, long time!

    I'm glad to hear that you had a splendid time in British Columbia. I've been away from the internet too for a while.

    I've always enjoyed reading your posts. What you wrote about your friends is genuine and sweet.

    The photos you post are lovely!

    Your semi-insane friend from across the world,

  35. Quite lovely! I was drawn to your blog through Joylene Butler, but it's the name that caught me. I live in an area called Klahanie near Seattle. What a coincidence! I like your blog & am a new follower.

  36. Hi Gary, I have been off the computer for a bit because of getting a new one, and also because I had to go to Kamloops to say goodbye to a very dear friend. This was incredibly tough but I'm back and grateful that I am well. Thank you for such a beautiful posting and that magic camera of yours made me look not half bad. The photos were beautiful and I loved the one with the hang glider. Talk to you soon. Big Hugs!

  37. Hi LilPixi,
    Why thank you very much :) I'm a big admirer of your writing and for you to like my stuff is one heck of a compliment.
    And thanks for liking the photos. I was quite pleased in the way they turned out :) I think there is much inspiration to be found within the photos.
    I know they will greatly appreciate your warm wishes as much as I do. LilPixi, thank you for your inspiration.
    Warm and peaceful thoughts, your way, Gary :)

  38. Hi(ex)camwhore,
    Hey Maria, so lovely to have you visit :)
    It was a most inspiring and moving time I had over in British Columbia.
    Thank you for enjoying reading my posts and I'm pleased my sincere thoughts came through so clearly.
    Very happy the way the photos came out and thanks for thinking they are lovely :)
    In peace and kindness, from a rather eccentric Gary from this side of the world :)

  39. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you very much for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog. That was very nice of you. I see you are blogger friends with our dear friend Joylene :)
    Ah yes, I'm very familiar with that area near Seattle named 'Klahanie'. I actually started using the name because it was the name of a Canadian outdoors and wildlife show. And you may realise that Klahanie is a word from the Chinook tribe and it basically means, 'the great outdoors' :)
    I have linked into your blog and when I get back into some sort of a routine, I shall have a better read of your site.
    Here's wishing you a peaceful and positive weekend in Klahanie.
    In kindness, Gary

  40. Hey Heather,
    Yes, I was aware of you going on that very sad yet, no doubt, reflective journey, up to Kamloops. I had no idea you were getting a new computer. Maybe I jinxed your other one :)
    Anyway, glad you are back, safe and well. I'm very pleased that you were okay with this posting. And those photos did turn out well. Amazing what a bit of adjustment to photos can do, eh! :)
    Talk soon and big hugs, your way, Gary.

  41. My dear friend, tis good to have you back amongst us. It seems like an age ago that you departed for Canada, then back to your English home. The photos revealed within this sensitive and compassionate expression of love, hope and encouragement, reminded me of your 'garden of hope' in England, why? The lovely wonder of it all. This was such a touching, and loving tribute to your friends and your giving heart to them. As I have stated a number of times before, "I love the way you write", I sense a deeper, more profound development in your writing talent....welcome back 'good buddy'. Later...

  42. Beautiful post. Beautiful photos. Beautifully written. Then again, I would expect nothing less from you, Gary :)

  43. Hi The Manic Chef,
    Thank you, my most excellent friend, for your warm welcome to me as I endeavour to be more proactive within the great blogging community.
    My time in Canada seems to have passed by so very fast. Yet, it brings me a new hope and new inspiration in my life and I do so hope, for others.
    Thank you for your wonderful articulation within your comment. I was so wishing that the true meaning behind the photos and the words were there to be realised.
    I do like to think that this will be the catalyst to add further dimensions to my own writing. Indeed, I'm hoping that many will find further inspiration and appreciate the therapeutic value of the written word.
    Dear friend, I am blessed to know you and it is an honour to interact with you. I really must try to catch up, visit your site and many more :)
    Thanks again for the welcome back.
    In peace and kindness, your way, Gary :)

  44. Hey Wendy,
    Thank you so much for that. I'm very grateful for your words and I'm truly inspired by my experience back in beautiful British Columbia and particularly in regards to what I learnt from friends in the town aptly named, 'Hope'.
    Take very good care of yourself, my dear friend.
    In peace and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  45. It sounds like a very moving time.

  46. Hi fairyhedgehog,
    It was a most inspirational and deeply profound time.

  47. Beautiful photos and a lovely post as well.

  48. Hi Connie,
    Thank you for that. I am most grateful for your comment.
    In kindness, Gary.

  49. Very poetic words that say the real truth and reveal the true meaning of life and the importance of love. I understand what you mean about the adversity and the struggle and strength to go forward- to see that. Light. Heather and Wayne are inspiring.

    Great shots of here of the mountains and the trees. Looks like a gorgeous, tranquil area where one can be at peace. Minty Gardens sounds like a feast for the eyes, too. I'm catching up with your posts in order and am now moving on to the next, because, gosh darn it, I'm just that way. :) It really seems like you've had a great experience at this point. Take care, Gary.

  50. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for your very kind and thoughtful response. You, my good friend, have very eloquently embraced the ambience within this posting. I truly believe that we can all inspire each other. And I have been inspired, that despite their adversity, they seek and cherish all that is positive. Quite remarkable.
    Thanks for liking the photos. It sure is a great location and I had some wonderful photo opportunities at Minter Gardens.
    I've noted that you have been backtracking through my other postings and I'm truly honoured you are kind enough to do so. You are quite the dude! :)
    I knew it was going to be a very special and profound experience. I like to think I've become a better man because of it.
    Thanks, Kelly.
    In peace and goodwill, Gary :)

  51. Hi Gary .. what beautiful photos in your previous posts (I've just read through) .. British Columbia is a beautiful part of the world ..

    The Minter Gardens look glorious .. and I'm so pleased Wayne can get out and enjoy the great outdoors in such enchanting surroundings .. he must relish that.

    Andrea and he seem extraordinarily strong people and they must have been so pleased to have you with them.

    You must be a wonderful friend to them .. and will have given their year an extra uplift .. as yours will have been too.

    Glorious photos and posting .. cheers Hilary

  52. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks for that and yes indeed, British Columbia is a beautiful and diverse area of the world.
    Minter Gardens is a most pleasant place with fabulous surroundings. I'm sure that Wayne found a few moments of wonderment amongst the abundance of trees and flowers.
    I know that Heather and Wayne are a source of inspiration to me and their ability to discover positivity where it seems there is nothing but negativity, is a wonder to behold. She highlights this attitude on her own blog.
    I did my best to be a good friend to them. I believe that we found plenty of positive distractions that created moments of laughter and joy. It was a profound and inspirational time for all of us.
    Thank you for your kind words, Hilary. Most appreciated.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary :)


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