Thursday, 31 December 2009

A 'Wee Folks' New Year's Eve.

It is a quiet and gentle New Year's Eve.  The glowing candles and the colourful lights create the perfect setting for a perfect evening. 
I sit and I marvel at the joy on the faces of the 'wee folks'.  I watch them so happy in their carefree world.  They are good and they are kind.  No judgement is passed, no stigma attached.  The wee folks live in peace, sweet peace and contentment.  They wish for the world of us bigger folks to be more like theirs.  If only.

I sit here and I wish for our world to be a cleaner, greener, more loving place.  A world where no man shall live in fear, where no child goes to sleep, cold and hungry.  I wish for a world where we stopped competing, stopped comparing and started living.  I wish for a world where we celebrate our differences.  All different, all equal.
Let our legacy be to future generations, that it all stops now.  An end to bigotry, an end to the indifference to the plight of others.  Let us leave our precious, fragile planet a kinder, caring, more peaceful place for our children and, in turn, for their children. 
I sit here and I sense a new optimism for the dawning of a new decade.  I believe there are people who embrace a beginning of a fresh, vibrant and most positive reality.  We can make it so.
The wee folks wish us all a peaceful and positive 2010.


  1. Dear Gary,

    Such a lovely post. It is often the young generation that reminds us to walk softer, live a bit slower, love more completely, and respect the earth's rights.

    You're creativity shines through the characters, in image and word.
    Happily I step into 2010, taking their simple beauty, with your insightfulness, on my path. A very Good New Year to you,
    Dixie :)xx

  2. You who are on the road
    must have a code that you can live by
    teach your children well, their parents hell will slowly go by
    don't you ever ask them why
    if they told you you would cry
    so just look at them and sigh
    and know they love you!

    Happy New Year Gary! I too feel the movement of peace and well being afoot. Here's to positivity and making a difference in this world and the next.!!

  3. If only, Gary. If only. But I fear it will never be - still, let's see what 2010 brings

    Julie xx

  4. wee folks? seems to me that you also have some weird friends of your own. haha. Can you ask them if they'd like to meet my cows? Anyways, 2010 is another long year. I hope all your wishes come true, Gary. =)

  5. I'll drink to that Gary.

    Have a great New Year

  6. Dear Gary,
    All I can say is, "mmmmm", as I ponder this post and the workings of your, for want of better words,
    skewed and addled mind.
    So, the "wee people", as you like to call them, are back, eh? Personally, I think I have a better word for these visitations, that being "hallucination".
    So, get your s*** together Gary, it's New Year and we have stigma-busting to do!
    From your (concerned) friend,
    P.S. In all seriousness, though Gary, I think you should finally take the plunge and write a children's book or something. I think the "wee folks" would go down great with kids of a certain age. So here's hoping that your and the wee folks' dreams come true in 2010!

  7. Dear Dixie,
    Thank you for such a lovely response.
    The younger generation can indeed be reminders to appreciate, through such innocence, that the world and all it has to offer, should be treated with respect.
    My 'inner child' follows you down that path that realises a better world can be realised as we enter a new decade.
    With peace and respect, Gary xx

  8. Dear Heather,
    Ah, a bit of 'Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young'.
    'Does it take the children
    To make you understand?
    Does it take the children
    To make a better land?' The preceding lyrics are from the band 'America'. I believe these lyrics reflect the ethos of what you submitted.
    Heather, here's to hoping that the new reality so many of us long for; comes to an inspirational fruition.
    Happy New Year, Heather.
    With peace and kindness, Gary :-)

  9. Dear Julie,
    If only. If enough of us want it to be, it can be. Lets walk along the road, in this new decade, with realistic optimism that we can make the world a better place.
    Peace and respect to you, Gary xx

  10. Hi Ryhen,
    The 'wee folks' would love to meet your cows. They are used to cows jumping over the moon while the dish runs away with the spoon..:-)
    Peace brother and may your positive dreams come true.
    Peace and consideration, your way, Gary:-)

  11. Greetings John,
    Thanks for that. Here's wishing you and your loved ones a great New Year.
    Cheers, Gary:-)

  12. Dear David,
    The 'wee folks' are wondering when you are coming over to play? To sing and to dance, to make merry. They think you seem like a very nice person and wish you peaceful blessings.
    Seriously David, these stories are actually a form of, hopefully, busting stigmas. I suppose I could come from more of a children's story angle. Because, these stories, perhaps overly twee, do have serious underlying thoughts to ponder.
    Lets hope that 2010 is the dawn of a fresh start. Where stigma, where prejudice, begins to fade into obscurity.
    With respect and best wishes, Gary.

  13. I also think this will be a great year and really like your attitude.
    Johnny Ray

  14. Warm greetings Johnny Ray,
    Thank you kindly for your most positive comment.
    I have been checking out your informative blog. I consider your various sites to be of great value to aspiring writers.
    All the very best to you and your loved ones in this new decade. A new decade of fresh, positive hope.
    In peace, Gary.


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