Sunday, 8 March 2009

The World Turns.

The world turns, the sun sets and another day ends. In the gathering darkness, shadows from that place beyond my window, dance upon the walls. As the light grows ever dimmer, thoughts glow in my mind.
Has this been another day of negative energy? Or has the time on my own, contemplating a better future, been a time. truly well spent? As I get ready for sleep, I supress the negative 'chatter' that sabotages my positive thoughts.
To those that traumatised me, bullied me, played on my vulnerable state. I say, shame on them, for they will never, ever again, impose on my right to a better life.
The world turns, the sun sets and another day ends. Tomorrow brings new hope, new possibilities. At the dawning of the new day, we make a choice. Do we breathe in the fresh air of positive thoughts? Or do we give a negative environment permission to drown us in a sea of torment? The world turns, and with the new light, we see that if we are here for each other, we are here for ourselves.

One man lives and one man dies,
One child laughs and one child cries,
One man hates and one man loves,
One child sees war and one child sees doves.


  1. everyday its a struggle against negativity.
    There are always ppl who are there to make us believe that we are not any better than them.
    Its a constant struggle.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, bravo, live your life! Kind regards, Dixie

  3. Greetings Desperado,
    I think that folks who would prey on our vulnerabilities are trying to mask their own insecurities.
    An 'easy target', can make them feel better about themselves.
    Thank you for your comment. Keep challenging the negativity, my friend.
    Warm regards, Gary:-)

  4. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you for this. Like you, I will not allow a negative environment control my life. Living our lives. Be brave, be strong.
    Positive wishes, Gary:-)

  5. courage you are not short of gary,we all face this conflict,lets remember we are not alone in our struggle.and ,yes ,we do have a RIGHTto be happy, and yes ,we all have a choice how to face our daily trials.i am only too aware it is difficult,but i share your hope for a brighter,more positive future.[i AMtrying to stay strong.peace.

  6. Hey D.S.,
    You are so right. We are not alone in this. We do have a choice. Choosing to seek genuine people who are good for our mental health wellbeing, is vital in our ongoing recovery processes.
    You know I am here for you. You have the right to be happy. Those that would undermine your altruistic intentions, have the problem. Don't let them get to you my friend. Be strong.
    Peace, Gary.

  7. Hey Gary, hope all is well

    Just wanted to say thanks for your comment :)

    i regularly read your blog too (found you on dcrelief :) and i remember relating to one of your blogs so i became a regular on your page after that)

    As for this particular post, i love the way you ended it. the whole one man lives and one man dies.. so clever and so true

    anyway take care of yourself and stay happy :)

  8. Greetings 'M.M.I.',
    Thank you very much for leaving a comment.
    All part of this positive interaction is our relating to each others' blogs. I most certainly relate to your blogs and your latest blog: 'Shontelle-Plastic People', rings so true.
    Sincere wishes your way. Stay strong.
    Warm regards, Gary.

  9. I hope all of your tomorrows bring happiness, Gary.

    I have always been moved by your experiences and thoughts. This world is far from perfect, and your world has been touched by its imperfections. Here's to a brighter day!(smile)

    Once again, thank you for sharing. Stay strong, my friend...Mattie

  10. Hello Mattie,
    Thank you very much for your kind comments.
    I just wanted you know how much admiration I have for you and your inner strength. Your remarkable blog is a great inspiration to me.
    Stay strong and please keep smiling.
    Empathetic wishes, Gary :-)


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