Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Negative Speculation.

I was travelling back to my home loaded down with shopping items. I checked my watch and realised that the school I had to walk by, was just about to close. This meant the mayhem that is the after school rush. If I picked up the pace, I reckoned there just might be a chance of avoiding the mayhem that is the after school rush.
As I neared the school, it became apparent that I was most likely going to be used as a convenient target to bump into. It had happened before, so I prepared myself. Prepared myself for the onslaught of screaming youngsters and the excitable, animated adults that had come to fetch them.
Now in Britain, American or Canadian 'football' is not exactly a sporting pastime. I chuckled to myself as I thought about the good old days when I used to play football and was very good at avoiding being tackled. (Heck, when a dude the size of a truck is heading towards you, it is a very good idea to avoid being tackled). Judging by what lay before me, a 'gridiron' uniform, complete with a helmut, may have been adequate protection. Well almost. Hmmm...Gary the 'gridiron gladiator'.
So, resided in the fact that getting past the school and onto the freedom of my home, was going to be a bit of an obstacle course, I bravely moved closer to the teeming mass of humanity. A little girl, about six years old, ploughed into me. "Watch where you're going!" yelled the man who was with her. I smiled and said to him, as I pointed further down the road: "Wish me luck." "What did you say? You got a problem?" he screamed at me. I repeated myself. All I was trying to do was see the funny side of what lay before me. He mumbled something and continued on his way.
I am a very sensitive person. This really shook me up. It had been a good day, sadly that one moment had caused me much anxiety. At times we can be guilty of assuming the worst. I had experienced an example of someone assuming the worst, when all I wanted was for him to realise the best. Perhaps he heard what he wanted to hear. If we choose to hear what we want to hear, we may not hear what is really spoken.
Negative speculation breeds a negative environment. Realistic, positive anticipation will make us, will make the world, a better place.


  1. Some people can't see anything but themselves and their own! I wouldn't let it get to you. It says way more about them than you. I hate the school run. I walk to my daughters school. Luckily I only get caught in the chaos in the morning as she only goes to their nursery section, but from Sept I shall have to experience the joy of the school run in the afternoons too. Is there no end to the madness? I sometimes wonder how aggressive and arrogant selfish people of the world think. But then I get a headache!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I try not to let situations like that get to me. I know that my intentions were good. It is such a shame when someone assumes the worst. Oh well.
    I wish you the very best when it comes to experiencing the chaos before and after school. Yikes:-)

  3. There is an enormous amount of negativity in the world today. People have become callous and unfeeling.

    I can remember when a smile and a kind word was a standard of living...a sign of respect and gentle upbringing. I don't know how the world became so cruel.

    Now, you stay strong and positive, Gary. Don't let others dampen your outlook. Though your humor was lost in translation to that unfortunate person...I admire it, and I admire your fortitude in facing all those school children.(smile) Very brave...

    I always enjoy stopping by to read your new posts. Always a pleasure, my friend!

    Blessings to you,

  4. Hi Mattie,
    Thanks very much for your comment.
    In the 'hustle and bustle' of our world; it seems to me a lot of folks just haven't got the 'time' do dislay acts of kindness. They are too busy?
    Yet, when we stop, take the time and embrace positive possibilites, we truly become a nicer, compassionate. more tolerant world.
    Over here in Britain, it is called the before and after school 'run'.
    When I see the folks swarming away from the school, I think it would be a good idea to run :-)
    Please stay positive and keep smiling, Mattie. Your kind interaction is most appreciated.
    Warm wishes and respect, Gary.

  5. Oh believe me you are not alone in this.

    Its not just the school runs that cause these problems. Shopping is worse for me. When I had my major operation I was so scared of people knocking me with baskets that I ended up with a phobia about it. It meant I freaked out completely and in the end Steve did the shopping.

    People can be so thoughtless. It is just selfish behaviour that needs to be changed but somehow I don't this situation will ever end.

    Best wishes.


  6. Hi Mattie,
    Thank you kindly for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    I had a hunch I was not alone in my dismay with the school run mayhem. I sure do relate to the shopping situation. I have done blogs in the past relating to this. I think of the outraged looks I have received from the people who block off the reduced section in the supermarket. The audacity of me trying to take something, when it is all for them. Still they did allow me to take the reduced price cottage cheese.
    Thanks Fee. I send you positive wishes. Warm regards, Gary.

  7. Just goes on to show that how we condition ourselves has an important impact on what we become.

  8. About 5-6 months ago, I was told I exhibited "negative speculation" with people, places and things. It is very painful to admit, especially in public. But maybe honesty and transparency will aid me in stopping the bahavior.
    ~A very nice blog, you should be proud of. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Hi Gary,

    Sadly, there are those who's anger is looking for a reason to lash out like this. What you did was great. His response was a reflection of the pain he must feel daily.

    Events like this give us a great opportunity to practice compassion. When we realize that the other person must be suffering for them to act this way, responding (internally usually) with compassion, we at the same time learn to be more compassionate to ourselves.

    All the best my friend. Your sense of humor is a great inspiration.


  10. Dear Gary,
    You are a sensitive guy and when confronted with other people's bad bahavior this obviously has an effect on you. Just know that such things are not your fault and that it is much more preferable to be a nice, sensitive man than to be an ignorant, beligerent one.
    Yours with Warmest Wishes,

  11. Hi Desperado,
    Thanks for your comment. If we allow a negative environment dictate our lives; then we ofcouse immerse ourselves in ongoing negativity. I most definitely challenge negative influences.
    Thank you Desperado. Sending you positive thoughts, Gary.

  12. Greetings dcrelief,
    Thank you so much for your ongoing comments on my blog. I am most grateful to you.
    I know, based on your own life circumstances, that you have been subjected to a lot of negativity. So we can assume, at times, that positive intentions have an underlying negative connotation.
    I am so pleased you are working through this, Dixie. Your honesty, your transparency, your desire to embrace positive possibilities is inspirational.
    Empathetic thoughts to you, Gary:-)

  13. Hi Roger,
    Thank you my friend for another thoughtful comment.
    I endeavour to, like I know you do, be compassionate, friendly, have a laugh and make folks smile.
    When unfortunate incidents occur that shake me up; I do rationalise that my intentions were good. So I move on in my continuing journey along the positive road.
    Thank you Roger. Positive wishes, Gary.

  14. Dear David,
    Many thanks for your continued positive interaction.
    Yes I am a sensitive guy. I know I'm being somewhat unrealistic but I try to get along and be positive to all I meet. When the dynamics change, through negative speculation, it does get to me. I get this urge to rectify the negativity. In reality, I suppose it is better to move on and realise I am well-meaning.
    David, you are indeed a gentleman, it is my great pleasure to know you.
    Warm wishes, Gary.


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