Saturday, 17 January 2009

Mime On The Radio.

Having successfully avoided the paparazzi and the adoring autograph hunters, my beautiful lady friend and I, were whisked off in a chauffeur driven limousine to the most exclusive restaurant in Monte Carlo.
So there I was in this fancy restaurant, with this beautiful women in a very low-cut dress. I was determined to maintain eye contact, after all, I am such a gentleman. She looked over at me and said: "Excuse me! My breasts are down here." ......and then I woke up.

"Welcome to Klahanie's radio variety show. Tonight we have a very special guest. For we have the great privilege of having live in the radio studio, a Marcel Marceau tribute mime artist. He is very shy and will not reveal his name. Anyway, he is now going to give us a demonstration of the fine art of miming. Wow! That was great. I hope the listening audience appreciated that.
Scheduled for the next few episodes of my radio show are the following. Next week we will be amazed by an illusionist. The week after, we will be given a demonstration in sign language. In three weeks time, we have booked (althought this could be a bit tricky) a fellow who will show us how to make smoke signals.
I must tell you that the excitement does not stop with all the preceding entertainment. We are also negotiating to have a group of boy scouts come in and show us how to tie some knots. We have requested that a couple of experts in the fine game of tiddlywinks (yes, that is the correct name), give us a nail-biting demo of this all-action pastime. With a bit of luck, we will be able to bring you an exciting exclusive on my show. We are hoping that later on in the year, to be able to broadcast two dudes playing chess! Now then, I'm sure you will agree, that is one heck of a schedule on my radio show.
Before I go and hand the microphone over to the all-night DJ, I have one last bit of truly exciting news. Quite different from our usual programme format. We have been in talks with the good folks at the world famous Calgary Stampede. They have indicated to us that there is a strong possibilty that they may bring over a contingent of cowboys, cowgirls, horses, chuckwagon racers, bucking broncos and clowns in barrels to perform in what will be a somewhat crowded and no doubt, rather smelly studio. We think, if this does happen, we have the perfect name for that episode of my show. Yes indeedy do, that episode will be titled: 'Rodeo Radio'.
And finally...I know what you have been thinking..well, guess what? There are no webcams in this radio station. Now if only someone would buy my Marcel Marceau CD."


  1. Ah, but you didn't say if any had a face for radio ;) xx

  2. Good observation jewel. Now you know why I am on the radio :-)
    Thanks for you comment jewel. Warm regards Gary xx

  3. "Imagination"? I was going to invite you on as a guest on one of my upcoming radio episodes. Shhh...let's keep it a secret lol
    Thank you for your comment dcrelief.

  4. Dear Gary,
    I was going to write a very long comment, but decided to keep it off the record, on the QT and very Hush Hush! as one of my favourite writers, James Ellroy, would say.
    As for your face, I can certainly confirm to ajst that it is one for radio.
    Only joking Gary, we both know that you are a supremely handsome dude.
    In the meantime, I would just like to say that your blogs remind me of the saying that there is a very fine line between genius and madness. Glad to see that you are still on the madness side!
    Yours with Very Warm Wishes,

  5. Dear David,
    What I am typing is very much a secret, so you must not let anyone else know. The reason that I am so reclusive is, that because I am so 'good looking', I consider it unfair to go into the outside world and make all the 'normal looking' dudes feel jealous. (Whoops! think I may have been dreaming again).
    Thanks for your comment David. klahanie (a guy from the 'madness' side..hooray for our side).

  6. Yes, I can see it now. A special guest to show your rocking radio show some artistic moves! Um, flat brushes, round brushes, little liner brushes... presto-paint-o, an artist is born! Show us the moves man!
    Maybe tie dye techniques?

  7. i do have a taste for the quirky,i have a voice for mime, and a face for radio?is that correct,thanks for your contribution,tell me ,what label is your mime cd on,? dave .s still baffled

  8. Yo dcrelief,
    We eagerly await you coming onto my radio show and demonstrating your fine techniques in painting.
    I have been told you do a mighty fine brush stroke.
    Kind wishes klahanie aka Gary :-)

  9. Dear 'still baffled'.
    Speak up my friend. You will find the Marcel Marceau CD on the 'EMIme' record label. Hope that helps.
    Hushed regards, klahanie aka Gary:)


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