Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Car Radio And A Foghorn.

Gosh and golly!  Real sorry I haven't been posting much lately.  I understand just how important my posts are to you.

Okay, I've been extremely busy with personal situations.  So much so that I haven't been able to delight you with my must-read postings.  Delusional moment is over.

Here's a short posting.   Feel free to thoroughly skim through this short posting.

A couple of nights ago.  Two in the morning.  I'm trying to get some sleep.  I cannot sleep thanks to the *thump*, *thump*, *thumping* racket I can here outside my bedroom window.  "Fantastic!",  I thought.   "Who the f**k is blaring out music at this unearthly time of the morning?  What inconsiderate pricks!"

I get dressed to go out and investigate.  Getting dressed is a good idea.  Out to the street and the noise becomes louder and louder.  To my embarrassment, the noise is coming from my car radio.  Somehow, it has switched on.  Oops, better open the car door and switch off the radio.  Actually, remove the radio from its casing.

For the first time in several days, I notice a thick layer of ice and frost on my car.  Predictably, all my locks are frozen solid.  Music blaring, gone two in the morning and I can't get into my car.  I visualise irate neighbours coming out to scream at me.  I start to worry about the police arresting me for disturbing the peace.

After several minutes, I manage to get the lock working on the passenger side.  I switch off and remove the offending radio from the casing.  I sneak back into the house.  Try to get some sleep.  No luck, as I'm kept awake by the foghorn aka my neighbour's snoring.

Speaking of switching off, I've switched off the comment section.  I'm trying to comment on as many other blogs as possible.  Time to try and catch up.  After all, my comments on other blogs are the subject to frantic bidding on eBay.  One of my comments was auctioned off at the princely sum of five cents.  Fancy that!