Thursday, 5 May 2011

And, Before I Go.

And, before I go, one last look, as the sun rises and shines upon my English country garden.

And, before I go, one last look at the glowing lights in my English country garden.

Time for one more late night stroll and note the magic amongst the leaves.

Goodbye for now, my 'wee folks' friends.

And 'Scarecat' shall watch over the garden.

And thus, in just a few hours time, I shall be heading west.  West to my other home, my other life, my other reality.  One last glimpse of my English country garden.  One last sleep and then it will be time to go.  My friend, I shall see you on the other side.


  1. So bittersweet! Wishing you a safe flight, wonderful trip - and beautiful Canadian welcome. See you on the other side!
    Peace :)

  2. Hi Y'all,

    Oh my, what a beautiful and sentimental parting. I can feel your conflict, passion and sorrow.

    Oh but whenever we go from the low country to the mountains, I never want to leave...but once there, well, I never want to return.

    I could just never word my feelings so poignantly.

    BrownDog's Human

  3. What a beautiful garden! Is Penny ready with the water hose, or is that a fire hydrant? Have a fantastic trip Gary. My heart will be with you on your journey.

  4. I can feel your sadness at the thought of leaving your loved ones. But you will be back, right? So go, my friend, go with peace and a light, not heavy heart.

    I wish you a pleasant trip and a wonderful time on the other side. Bon Voyage!!

    Life on The Farm

  5. This was very touching and heartfelt. Your beautiful words ring so true. Put your mind at ease, my friend. In order to give the Wee Folk solace and keep them company, I shall gently cornhole them in their sleep. They deserve the very best care the world can give them now.

    Seriously, I hope you have a safe trip, Gary. I'm sure this is hard on you on more than a few levels and I don't wish melancholy feelings on anyone. The pictures were great, by the way.

    Peace and I hope the return home is pleasing.

  6. I adore Vancouver, it's my favourite destination in the world. Enjoy it and don't forget to send a postcard. We will all be waiting in anticipation for your report!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  7. From me, and Marvin the kiwi, we wish you a safe happy flight on 'Blog Air'. Strap in tightly to avoid the turbulence in the cargo hold and most importantly, have fun my friend! :)

  8. May Pilot Penny whisk your to your other home all safe and sound!!!

    Enjoy your trip and please stay extra safe!!!

    Take care

  9. so beautiful and yet sad. safe travels my friend

  10. Have a safe trip, Gary. I imagine you've left already, but here's hoping you meet fabulous people on the planes. Say hello to the ocean for me.

  11. I hope you have (had?) a safe trip! :)

  12. Hi there,
    As you may realise, I normally try to respond to each comment, individually. Of course, that way it also make my comment total twice as much! :) Yes, I'm sad.
    However, I'm just about to switch off my computer in England. Finally, yes finally, it's time for me to go.
    So thank you for all your kind and thoughtful comments. I truly am grateful for you and our positive interaction within the blogging community. And thus, I shall see you on the other side.
    With much respect and kind wishes, Gary :)

  13. Safe travels, Gary! Hope your trip is filled with super awesome grooviness!

  14. Love your garden! We live in downtown Indianapolis and just looking at the your peaceful backyard relaxes me. Hope you have a great trip.

  15. Okay Gary, that's it, you've done it again......I'm all verklempt! I'm all emotional and teary eyed...I am always touched by the sensitivity, you as a MALE portrays. The first sign of this sensitivity which brought on the...aawwwww...was when I noticed the two petite vases encasing flowers in your picture window over looking your "English Garden", that did it, the tears, thus did they flow. And the creative affection you show towards the "Wee Folk", just touches me in an encouraging manner, that I need not be ashamed of that I do find within myself. I always thought I was too 'sensitive' for a male, too much in-tuned with my....."feminine side"....if there be such a thing... I shall miss you my friend, but I do wish you the joyous of times on your trip back here to Canada. Can't wait to see you back.....good buddy....Later...

  16. Have a good flight and a great stay in BC.

  17. Dear Gary,
    I hope this comment finds you safe and well in Canada, having completed the gargantuan journey on "blogair".
    So, have a wonderful time my hilarious, hirsute, hippy friend. As I look out my window at the devastatingly beatiful scenery of, erm, Stoke, I promise I will not feel jealous of you!
    Now go forth, and have a good time!
    Wishing You All the Best,

  18. Hi there eh,
    Right then , where was I? Oh yeah, I seem to be typing on another computer, in another country, in another time zone:)
    Anyway, I'm here in British Columbia, eh and will only occasionally be on a computer. Besides, I have no idea how the heck to use this one :)
    Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the follow-up comments I received whilst flying on 'Blog Air' :)
    I hope too soon be able to respond back individually again in a later posting. Thanks to all of you throughly decent folks for all your very nice thoughts.
    In kindness and jet lag, your way, Gary :)

  19. Gary, I can so relate! I too live two realities, one English and the other in America.

    One thing I miss about England so much is the land. The beautiful gardens and trees and rolling hills.


  20. My apologies for not making it over here so much sooner, Gary. I had put myself on what was pretty much another blog break before today due to feeling under the weather.

    I love your English country garden. =) And I hope you are having the best time ever in Vancouver right now, Gary. =) You'll be so missed while you're not blogging.

  21. Hi Jai,
    I had a bit of a hunch, my friend, that you might relate. Sometimes, and perhaps you experience this, sometimes, I feel like I'm torn between two countries.
    And now Jai, I have left that 'green and pleasant land', for this deeply inspiring and profound experience that I'm having in this ruggedly beautiful part of British Columbia.
    Thanks, Jai.
    In kindness and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary :)

  22. Hi LilPixi,
    I'm really sorry that I only just realised that you left this comment.
    I thank you for taking the time to comment and now that I'm back in England, I shall check out how things are going in your life.
    You are a very special lady and it's my pleasure to know you.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, eh, Gary :)


I do try to comment back to each commenter individually. However, I might have to shorten my replies or give a group thank you. That way, I can spend more time commenting on your blogs. Thank you and peace, my friend.