Friday, 25 March 2011

Twilight In Leek.

It was twilight.  A glowing sun cast reddish hues upon the town of Leek.  In the centre of the photograph is Waterloo Mill,  now converted apartments, once a thriving silk mill.  In the background is the cliff formation known as 'The Roaches'.  

And as the sun dipped over the western horizon, I stood on the hill, not far from my home and I soaked in the beauty of twilight.  Twilight at the end of a warm and sunny day.  The church you see is named 'St. Edwards'.

To the north and the east, the shadows of darkness enveloped the sleepy little town of Leek.  Leek, 'The Queen of the Moorlands' and just a few miles away from the magnificence that is the Peak District National Park.

I looked off into the distance.  The twinkling lights, the remaining embers of a reddish pink sky, were  reminders that is was to time to head home.
I do almost everything on my own.  I sit in the living room, listen to the ticking of the clock, as the pendulum gently sways back and forth, back and forth.  I sit here alone and in between the chatter that torments my mind, I hear the beating of my troubled heart.  Gentle music plays sweetly in the background.  I listen to the sounds and reach for the comfort of a melodic tune.
Soon, I will go to bed.  Another restless night of staring at the waving shadows that dance and play on the bedroom wall.  And I will wonder, yes I will wonder, will the dawn, the calling of the morning birds, ease my worried mind.  Everyday is a new day, a new chance, a new hope that my sadness will end.  And through my darkness, way off in the distance, maybe, just maybe, I will see the flickering remains of my beacon of hope.


  1. "The Queen of the Moorlands" just sent shivers down my spine...

    At a time like this, what comes to a reader's mind is the goal you set for yourself at the beginning of your blog, and which you were happy to have upholded.

    For all the times you left love and kindness on my own blog, I wish you peace hundredfold.

  2. This is the 'onion' town isn't it?

    Leeks look pretty in the twilight, if a bit lonely.

    As I wish every success to your aspirations and hopes Gary, I see you are revealing bit by bit your wordly and photographic prowess. I'm sure we can look forward to lots more...

    Take care and a peaceful weekend to you, my friend.

  3. Yes, agree with Chris - wishing you a cascade of happiness and peace!

  4. Ahhh Gary, you do turn a phrase don't you? I felt like I could feel the air of Leek upon my skin as you described it. I love the pictures. You really are so talented. Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

  5. Wow! The pictures are insanely beautiful! And you do them justice with the description :)

  6. Hello Gary. It seems that you are working your way out of a major dip in your disposition. I hope you keep working at it like this. Blogging is great therapy. As you know, I have had reason to feel low recently but there was light at the end of the tunnel!
    Thanks for the lovely atmospheric photos.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  7. wow wow wow this was amazing the words were so beautiful and pictures gorgeous. thank you it was a brilliant post

  8. I think I'd like to see Leek. Your words and photos touch me deeply Gary. Your depth of heart is your beacon( at least that's what I think).

  9. I hope the dawn and the bird chorus did help! There is always the promise of a new day and I'm so glad you see such beauty as one ends. You live in a most haunting of places with the Peak District National Park just there!!! How lovely!!!! I hope the shadows remain small and fleeting!!!!!

    Take care

  10. Beautiful pictures and descriptions, Gary. I hope you find the answer to your sadness soon.

  11. Dear Gary,
    Ah, Leek. Home of great scenery, beautiful countryside, but most of all, you Gary, my hairy, hirsute, perhaps not so happy friend at present.
    You may also know that Leek is home to the head office of Britannia Building Society, where I used to work. I can only hope that I never see that place again, so please don't put up any photos of that ghastly monstrosity, home to so many capitalist barbarians.
    Anyway, Gary, enough about me. I sincerely hope your mood lifts soon, and as you know, I am always only just a phone call away. And, despite your sad mood at present, this is a quite beautiful blog, I think.
    Wishing you peace, serenity and all that crap,

  12. and yet, even in the darkness, still, you do manage to find the flicker (no matter how dim it may seem), and in so doing you set an example and provide strength and inspiration for others...

    where is the flicker? in the giving... and in the receiving...

    for you give.. and in the act of giving you are giving oxygen to the tiny flame...whether a kind word or two to others (thank you for yours to me), or spilling open with honesty and tenderness here... words that may help someone else feel a little less alone in their own darkness...

    and as you open to receive encouragement and love of others all around the world, you lighten everyone's burden including your own... because a burden carried by many is lighter than one carried alone...

    it is these simple acts of giving and receiving that keep the beacon of light shining... for you... for everyone. thank you for having the courage to do that.

  13. It troubles me that you are depressed, my friend. You know I can relate when you are in the hole of a depressed state of mind. Your pictures of the surrounding vista near your place inspire peace and a certain sadness all their own. The twilight of the sky certainly evokes those feelings, but it's pretty, all the same. Look at them long enough, like I did and you can feel as if you're there, in Leek.

    I really do hope the situation you're enduring will improve but while you're going through all this, please know you've got me and others to interact with.

    Truly kind regards your way,


  14. When I was a little girl, we'd listen to Saturday night movies on the radio. I didn't know at the time that they were reruns from the 40s. I was listening to Lorne Greene's voice and swept up in the descriptions and mood. Your prose do that for me now, Gary. The beautiful photographs take me there, the sweet melancholy draws me in. I could look at your world through your eyes all day long. Sweet dreams.

  15. wow very nice pics and descriptions

  16. Hi Chris,
    Ah yes, 'The Queen of the Moorlands', and no, it's not a reference to me :)
    Wow, thank you for such a warm and kind comment. I do my best to exude positivity to others and embrace positivity from others. Sometimes, I go through a bit of a melancholy time.
    Thank you for your peaceful wishes. I send you warm and positive thoughts.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  17. Hi Grandpa,
    Yes indeed, I moved to Leek because I always wanted to live in a town named after an onion :)
    Thank you for you positive thoughts. I find dabbling in a bit of photography can be a most rewarding distraction. Besides, sticking up photos is a great idea when I've really not got much to write about.
    My friend, may you have a peaceful weekend.
    With respect and peace, Gary.

  18. Hi CindyLu,
    Thank you so very much for your encouraging words and echoing the sentiments of Chris.
    May you also have cascades of happiness and peace:)
    In kindness and gratitude, Gary.

  19. Hi Heather,
    Why thank, my dear friend. I'm truly flattered by what you've said. I look forward to our next chat and soon, our chats in 3D reality! :)
    In peace, your friend, Gary.

  20. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for such encouragement. I'm truly delighted you liked the photos and the descriptions :)
    May you have a lovely and peaceful weekend.
    In kindness and respect, Gary.

  21. Hi bazza,
    Indeed, my friend, I'm working through and challenging some personal battles that have been disrupted by my right to live my life, the way I want to live.
    Yet, I know, despite my life of mostly isolation, there is much to show gratitude for.
    Blogging and the blogging community can be such positive therapy. The ability to verbalise our feelings can be a most cleansing experience.
    And bazza, my good friend, what you and your loved ones have gone through is testimony to believing in the power of hope.
    Bless you and thanks for liking the atmospheric photos.
    With respect and warm wishes, to you and your loved ones, Gary.

  22. Hi becca,
    Why thank you so very much. Getting such lovely comments as yours has raised by spirits :)
    Much obliged and may you have a wonderful weekend.
    In kindness, Gary.

  23. Hi THE SNEE,
    Dear Rebecca, ah yes, sneak a peek at Leek :)
    Your profound and heart-warming words resonate within me. I am grateful for you.
    May you and your loved ones have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary.

  24. Hi Old Kitty,
    Thank you and the dawn and the little birdies going 'tweet, tweet' did make me feel a little better :)
    I do my utmost to stay positive, be positive for others. Sometimes, situations in our lives, can be overwhelming. Thus, like you note, I live in an area of great beauty and I focus on the wonders of nature. That does seem to help :)
    And through the shadows, I see the light of hope for a better time for all of us.
    You take good care of yourself and Penny says 'arf, arf,' to Charlie :)
    Kind wishes, Gary

  25. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for that. I know that the answer to my sadness lies in the eventuality of a better life for my son :) This will be just the tonic for me to finally start moving on in my own life.
    May you and your family have a lovely weekend on Vancouver Island.
    In kindness, Gary.

  26. Such a beautiful place, so beautifully portrayed in your words and accompanying photographs. I was struck, of course, by this line: "I listen to the sounds and reach for the comfort of a melodic tune." Indeed, indeed.

  27. Dear David,
    Ah yes, Leek, home of this here hairy hippy hoping honestly his happiness happens hastily.
    I've been rather melancholy, as of late. Trying to move out of this 'neutral' state that you as my friend, know all about. Just feeling rather helpless in regards to my son's ongoing situation. Still, I do my very best to stay positive and challenge these dark moments.
    Ah yes, Britannia Building Society, I too, my friend, have also worked there....and I shall leave it that.
    I promise to never never upload pictures of that ghastly building. The old one or the new one.
    Thank you for your support and I know that the dark clouds will soon dissipate and the brilliant sunshine rays of inspiration will warm my troubled soul. Or some such crap :)
    I think this was a bitter sweet posting. Yet, I still find a bit of beauty through all my 'ugly' thoughts.
    Shall talk to you soon, my friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend, you Robin Hood double, living and loving in Stoke on Trent.
    With very best regards, Gary.

  28. Hi joanne,
    Thanks so much. I do try to inspire and demonstrate, through genuine empathy, that even in the darkest of moments, the glowing embers of hope are there to flamed into a brighter, more positive future for all.
    Very true. The flicker is in the positive interaction. The sharing and caring.
    I read with admiration and utmost respect your wise, warm and magical words. I truly believe that through transparency, through such honest verbalisation we can be here for each other. If we can give comfort to those who may be experiencing darkness, when they yearn for the light, that is a most positive and reassuring outcome.
    Joanne, absolutely, when he help each other, we help ourselves. This is powerful and the kindness of your thoughts is testimony that we are very much, all in this together.
    Your warm wishes resonate and are a welcome joy to behold.
    My dear friend, may you have a most peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect and gratitude, your way, Gary :)

  29. Hi Kelly,
    My friend, thank you, but please do not be troubled. I know, that through our combined strength and our ongoing positive interaction, we can support each other. This is cause for celebration.
    I was so wishing that the photos would reflect the ambience of my mood. Sad, reflective, yet somehow, inspired. For through my darkened mood, I appreciated the twilight in this sleepy little English town. I thank you for your 'visit' to this part of my world.
    I know, despite my isolation, that I'm not alone. Kelly, I greatly appreciate your kindness and the kindness of others who have graced me with such words of comfort and wisdom. And know, my friend, you will always have my support.
    With much respect, empathy and gratitude, your way, Gary.

  30. Hi Joylene,
    Wow, I'm suddenly hearing the golden tones of that wonderful Canadian actor, Lorne Greene. What a compliment to think that my prose would instil a similar mood in you.
    I'm very touched by your gentle words, Joylene. And through the melancholy of my thoughts and the gentle reflection of my photos, I wish you a most tranquil weekend in the splendid British Columbia countryside.
    Sweet dreams and positive wishes, your way, Gary.

  31. Hi PorkStar,
    Hey, thanks for your very nice compliment. Greatly appreciated.
    Hope you have an awesome weekend.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary.

  32. Hi Raining Acorns,
    It is indeed a beautiful place and as you are well aware, very close to the Peak District National Park :)
    Indeed, and the symphony of serenity plays a gentle tune and soothes the troubled mind.
    Take very good care and may you soon have the wonders of spring fill your life with joy.
    With respect and warm wishes, Gary.

  33. Leek is lovely at twilight. You have many friends on line just waiting to share your thoughts and observations...and to share theirs in return. This marvelous technology enables us to have friends all over the planet and to share feelings, ideas and thoughts we might not have stumbled over on our own. I would suggest that you are a really good writer. A wordsmith that should share his words with others. All artists share their feelings with others, that's what makes them artists, and it can sometimes be lonely work.
    Well, actually most of the time. Thanks for a peek at Leek.

  34. Those are absolutely gorgeous photos.

  35. Hi Gary .. the post is very evocative .. and shows Leek in a new light .. I do hope you can keep your equilibrium .. I am sure you will .. gremlins are a pain .. but we can overcome.

    Blogging does do so much for us - offer support .. or just provide a positive in our lives, when we thought perhaps there wasn't much - or we needed a lift ..

    Your photos are so cleverly selected .. twilight comes to early dawn quite quickly now .. enjoy tomorrow .. cheers Hilary

  36. Beautiful pics and beautiful words. With a scene like this I wouldn't be in the least surprised you find that peace. Good luck and take care.

  37. Hi Count Sneaky,
    Leek can be hauntingly beautiful as the sun sets over the surrounding hills.
    Indeed, Henry, this technology, this thoughtful interaction, is most inspiring. I know I'm honoured to be a part of a sharing and caring community and that is cause for much celebration. I believe that the connection being made, all over the world between different cultures, beliefs and ideals, is a most profound learning experience.
    And thank you for thinking I'm a good writer. I like to think that I have the ability to verbalise my feelings through the isolation that is mostly my life. Writing and any form of art can be, most definitely a lonely, yet inspiring time.
    You are most welcome for that peek of Leek :)
    May you have a blessed weekend.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary.

  38. Hello fairyhedgehog,
    Why thank you and may you enjoy the later evening of British Summer Time :)
    In kindness and spring thoughts, your way, Gary.

  39. Hi Hilary,
    Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comment.
    I always challenge my personal 'gremlins' and I focus on all that is so very good in my life. I know, that through the sharing of our feelings, we can help each other.
    I'm very grateful for the caring and sharing aspects within the blogging community. Indeed, I endeavour to be of some support, some comfort to others, through the power of the written word.
    I did so wish for the photos of twilight to create a mood of gentle reflection. May the advent of British Summer Time, bring you warm and wonderful evenings.
    Thanks Hilary.
    In kindness and gratitude, Gary :)

  40. Hi Jemi,
    I really appreciate your comment. Indeed, the scenery and getting out in the beautiful English countryside, had a most soothing effect.
    And soon, I shall be marvelling at the rugged at majestic beauty of British Columbia :)
    Thanks Jemi and much happy blogging to you.
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary.

  41. your post made me feel so sad do you face everyday like that? I wish you happiness sometimes and pray that you blackness turns to grey

  42. This is such an amazingly wonderful blog you write here, Gary. I think it's the epitome of versatility in the blogosphere.

    Gorgeous pictures! They douse your soul with serenity.

    No sadness for Gary. I'm wishing that demon far the hell away from such a good soul who deserves so much love.

  43. Hi kerrie,
    It's really wonderful to have you visit and I hope you are okay :)
    Please don't be sad, for I always work through my dark times through determination and the positive interaction from lovely people like you.
    And yes, virtually everyday for me is like that. I lead a double life, the friendly guy out in public and the isolated guy, behind closed doors.
    Thank you for your warm thoughts and I hope we both note the light through the dark.
    Thanks kerry.
    Peaceful and positive wishes to you, your friend, Gary :)

  44. Hi LilPixi,
    Wow and thank you so much for an incredibly kind compliment. And especially from such a lovely lady who has clearly displayed so many styles and emotions in her beautifully written blog. Yes, you can write zany, but beyond the hilarity, you also show a tender and caring side. For this, I am truly grateful.
    Thank you for liking the photos. I have discovered that photography can be a most inspiring distraction.
    And no indeed, no sadness, just reflection of the challenging times in life that we all endure and endeavour to conquer.
    Happy and positive wishes, your way, from you grateful friend, Gary :)

  45. Hi Gary!
    I agree with everyone here, the photos and your writing are wonderful.
    I also read your post "coffee for one." I think of the Japanese often during the day... when I sit quietly ~always it seems with a cup of tea or coffee, their plight comes to mind and I pray for them...

    I am grateful for the light that can be gathered from the open hearts that share kindness and love in the world.


  46. Hi Maria,
    Thank you so much, Maria, I am most appreciative of yours and others kind words :)
    And thank you very much for reading that 'Coffee for One', posting. Thus we both have our warm beverage and think positive wishes for our brothers and sisters in Japan and anywhere that people and our animal friends are suffering.
    I am grateful for the light that resonates from your wonderful comment. May we all be as one, sharing and caring for each other.
    In peace and positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  47. Hi Sy's Prints,
    Thank you and may you find much inspiration from 'The Lake of Dreams' :)

  48. Enjoyed reading about the Leek twilight through your eyes : )

  49. Greetings SprigBlossoms,
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Most appreciated :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed reading this posting and the ambience I was trying to convey.
    Thank you and may you have a positive weekend.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary :)


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