Thursday, 14 May 2009

Environmentally Friendly.

My garden became environmentally friendly.  It took a great amount of hard work, determination and a clear focus of what I wanted to create.  I had a dream and that dream was to transform my garden from a place of squalor to a place of splendour.  After countless hours of dedication, one man and his shovel, produced a sanctuary for his soul.  The birds, the bees and the butterflies discovered a place of harmonious tranquility.
We hear a lot about being environmentally friendly.  Making sure that we use goods and services that will have minimal impact on the environment.   We are asked to do our bit to conserve energy and recycle used products.  We are told that we should walk, use public transport, instead of using the car.  This is all well and good that our legacy should be that we leave a greener, cleaner planet for future generations.
But what about a positive environment?  Should this not be an ideal for all of us?  A negative environment can do great damage to the mind, body and soul.  Indifference, apathy, indeed to devalue the credibility of our fellow man, compounds the problem of a negative environment.   
Now is the time to think 'green' in our minds.  It's about making peace with our inner environment so that this, in turn, will make our outer environment a better place for all mankind.   We can become environmentally friendly to each other and reap the rewards of a world that embraces and rejoices in our individuality.  All different, all equal.
The cynic might argue that there is no point in having such altruistic visions because the world is beyond hope.  The cynic will tell us that people have their own self interests and only care about themselves.  With such attitudes, the lack of caring for our fellow man, can only intensify.  This would be very sad.
Some might say I'm delusional.  That we must be resided in the fact that those cynical of such ideals, will be proven to be correct.  So do we continue along the road to an increased negative inevitability?
Well I know and you know, that we do have a choice.  Together, we can become environmentally friendly, to save our planet from the impact of climate change.  Together, we can become environmentally friendly towards each other.   With inner peace, we shall exude outer peace that will produce that positive environment I so crave for all humanity. 


  1. It's nice to know that there are still some of us who know what respect means and are still willing to try to hold on to decency and treat other people well.

    It's just shameful how some people treat other people with disrespect and think that the way they behave is acceptable. It shows how little they respect themselves and others.

    The world is just mad, and until the justice system, the police, and the government and society think tanks get real and actually look at the mess society is in, it's only going to get worse, I think.

    For a society to run smoothly we need good, fair discipline which must start in the home. Parents must be made to realise their resonsibility in raising their children to become honest, decent, productive members of society, who engage with each other in a respectful and inclusive way - not want to roam the streets at night with knives and guns.

    If parents would do their job properly and the government had the correct, supportive framework in place to make it easier for parents to bring their kids up properly - life would be so much better. If parents actually took notice of where their kids are and said NO! to them on occassion their kids wouldn't be in the streets looking for trouble.

    If the police, or their reps would get out on the streets and stop people early on in their career of crime - nip it in the bud type thing - then people wouldn't do half the anti social and destructive things they do.

    Then if the judges were allowed to actually hand down sentences that actually punished the person who's done the crime, instead of letting them off or giving a stupidly lenient sentence, and prisons didn't have all the new fangled gadgets and priveledges that a lot of law abiding people don't have - then I think we will see things improve.

    I can see the human rights brigade jumping up and down as I speak - and I agree we can't go torturing criminals. But at the moment the criminals seem to have more rights than the people they harm - and that is not good enough. The criminals are laughing in our faces because they know the likely hood of a police officer coming out when a victim rings them is very low. And even if they do come out (two days later) will they catch the person responsible? Again, unlikely. And if they do catch them - they'll get a warning, or a ASBO, or community service, or a suspended sentence!! No real hardship there then.

    Nice garden by the way! Looks very peaceful.

  2. You have created a beatiful and serene haven, with I could experience it. Our garden has not had the loving care yours has receieved, we are both elderly, but at this time of year, our small patch is lovely with yellow tassels of the small laburnam trees and the pink and white blossoms of the peonies. You should be very proud of your achievements. Hugs...

  3. once again ,gary ,you are so right,for it is the vey people who are causing this enviromental damage,that are totally self absorbed, and undermine all others.the problem ,is greed,there will always be those who want more ,at all costs.this short sighted approach,benefits noone ,in the long is our choice .we decide how we treat others ,this has a ripple effect,as does the damage these same people do to our incisive piece ,timely , and , and it runs deep throughout society. society.

  4. Hi Gary,
    The first time I saw your parasol on ‘Zimbio’, I tripped over my own feet to get a closer look! You might remember; maybe not. You have quite the sanctuary, friend.
    I agree with your presentation: that of looking within for answers; looking to like-minded people for clarification, friendship, and empathy.
    We need to take stock of the environment and needed changes; add our strength and willingness to donate some time. Over here, we have what is called, “adopting a road or highway.” Because I’m disabled I adopted a small area, but it stays clean and the other two streets are looking nicer now!
    Your dedication to your garden is inspiring; together with your post I feel refreshed.
    Warm regards, Dixie

  5. Hi Julie,
    Thank you very much for your heartfelt response. You cover a lot of points that I totally agree with.
    Society can be a very rude, hostile place. Indeed, learning the values of respecting others should really start at home. Sadly, there seems to be a lot of adults who are bad examples to their all too impressionable children.
    Rudeness, from what I have experienced, seems to be getting worse. One of my pet peeves is how bad mannered people can be in stores. They walk in front of you, bump into you and don't even have the decency to excuse themselves. When I encounter polite folks, it is like a breath of fresh air.
    Yes things need to change. We can all do out bit, take a little time and show more respect to our fellow man. A positive environment helps reduce mental health issues.
    Thanks again Julie for your notable input. Wishing you well in your writing exploits.
    Thanks for the nice comment about my garden. It is most peaceful.
    With respect, Gary.

  6. Hello Carole,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Yes I am blessed with a lovely garden. I am blessed because I am physically able to maintain it. It has been a positive, therapeutic focus. Part of the incentive was the fact that, at one time, my garden and the surrounding gardens were unkempt squalor.
    I made a positive statement and when certain anti-social neighbours were finally removed from my neighbourhood, my new neighbours took action and sorted out their gardens. Now I live in a positive environment.
    You do a wonderful blog, Carole. Always a pleasure to visit your site. Take very good care. Warm wishes, Gary.

  7. Hi david.s,
    First of all, let me congratulate you on setting up your own blog. A very good read and I admire your transparency.
    Greed, never mind the other person. To much of a 'me and to heck with the rest' society. This attitude has only made it that so much tougher for folks with mental health issues.
    To be undermined, disrespected and dismissed, can take its toll on our confidence and self esteem. We both realise that it is time that people started to live in harmony and respect our individual, unique qualities. Environmentally friendly is not just a catchphrase for saving the planet. It is about saving ourselves from the increasing negativity. It is time to celebrate our differences and be here for each other in a respectful manner.
    Thank you David. Keep on blogging.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  8. Dear Dixie,
    I most certainly recall how you informed me through 'Zimbio', how much you liked that vision of my garden. I like to think that all the hard work paid off. I have had the great pleasure of interacting with you because of this. It has also given me the opportunity to check out your wonderful blog.
    I like that community involvement project that you have there. Adopting a street, or a patch of land. Brilliant way for folks to take pride in their environment and feel better about where they live. The benefits are many. So with the cleaner, greener positive environment; now we can find the momentum to create a more positive environment towards each other.
    Thanks Dixie. The world needs more decent folks like you. How refreshing. With respect, Gary.

  9. Hi Gary,

    It is wonderful that you have created a place that promotes the peaceful feelings that only nature can offer.

    As Julie so well puts, our world is quickly losing site of what brings real happiness. Sadly, I agree that things will continue to get worse as we move further away from what truly is important.

    It is frustrating that many of the solutions to our woes are not that complicated yet our leaders are bent on ignoring this in favor of idiocy. Spot on Julie!

    While we cannot control the world, we can each try to create peace wherever we can. We especially need to create peace within ourselves that will intrinsically transfer to those around us if only in a small way.

    I have struggled my whole life with the cynical notion that the world was beyond hope. This may prove to be true but it does not mean that we have to accept this for our own lives.

    The "black dog" has been nipping at my heals of late and your thoughts are a great help.

    Namaste my friend,

  10. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    To discover inner peace and exude this state of wellbeing in a positive way to others can, if enough of us try, help promote a better way on our planet.
    My garden is a tangible demonstration of what can be achieved with a positive focus. I thank you for noting that my garden is in tune with nature.
    I for one will not let cynicism detract me from wanting to see a more positive environment.
    As the ongoing theme here with your comment and others' comments alludes too; our society, generally speaking, is too much of the 'heck with you Jack, I'm okay' mentality.
    Indeed, it starts at home and the examples we set for the children.
    Here is a quote from Fred Astaire:
    "The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any."
    We have a ways to go. I shall do my utmost to be positive contribution to the world.
    Thanks for your wise input, Roger. It is always a pleasure to have this interaction with you.
    Respectful thoughts to you, my friend, Gary.

  11. Hi Gary;
    I love to look at your garden. It's one of those things that I would dearly love to be able to have time to do but alas, have none. There is such a peaceful feeling in strolling through blooms and bugs doing their industrious thing making every thing grow like crazy. I appreciate the pictures so much. Nice blog and thanks.

  12. Hi Heather,
    Thank you for commenting on this blog from way back in the middle of May, 2009. That's the beauty of subscribing to follow-up comments.
    I'm so pleased you like the photos of my garden. The garden does give a sense of peace and contentment.
    Please keep going with your inspirational blog.
    In peace, Gary

  13. Lovely garden, Gary. My grandmother used to do a lot of gardening when she was still living here in our country. When she moved to the U.S., she didn't have any more place to do that. Sometimes I wish there are more people like you and my grandmom. I mean, if more people knew how to take care of their surroundings, we wouldn't be living in a planet which seems to be suffering from a yeast infection.

    Peace and respect,

  14. Hi Ryhen,
    Very kind of you to comment on this now archived posting.
    My garden was a statement of peaceful defiance towards what was, back then, a most negative environment surrounding us. It is now a positive environment in our neighbourhood.
    I greatly appreciate your response. Let us hope that we can eradicate the planet of this 'yeast infection'.
    Peace and respect, back atcha', Gary :-)

  15. Gary, my good friend, this post is totally rocking the hooks of my brain cells. Whatever did I mean! He He. I love to stroll around in beautiful gardens, with colorful flowers and nature's green intoxicating sounds and smells.

    For some unknown reason, this post sounded like a really moving and inspiring speech, the environment health minister slash spiritual guru, would give, and it really moved me. Great soul in the words, Gary.

    I ROFLed at Ryhen's mention of the yeast infection, he is one funny dude!

    Btw, your garden looks very beautiful, a place to connect with nature, as well as the inner mind. I loved the pictures! Thank you for sharing, smile and be merry. :)

  16. Dear Shanaz,
    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment on this 'archived' posting. It is very kind of you.
    Like you, my friend, I speak with sincerity and transparency; straight from the heart. I am heartened to know that you could relate to this posting.
    Creating an 'environmentally friendly' state of mind; reaches out to all humanity.
    I'm glad you like my garden. It is testimony to my own resilience and determination to make my life and others who share; a better environment for us all.
    Evidently yeast is rising to new heights:-)
    Thanks Shanaz. With peace and respect, your way, Gary :-)


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