Thursday, 14 February 2008

A 'Mountain' of Mail.

I have almost managed to clear a pathway to my front door. The 'mountain' of mail (also known as Valentine's cards or is it bills?) I receive on February 14th is staggering. Early Valentine's morning, I looked out my window and saw the postal lorry (an 'articulated' lorry, no less, which doesn't mean it is a well-spoken truck)... and knew that great stacks of Valentine's Day cards would soon be thumping through my letter box.

This year has been even more of a struggle. The overflow of Valentine cards was so great that it cascaded into my living room and onto my keyboard. Must clear off a couple more if I get my metters lixed, I blame it on that last card I just removed off my beykoard

Valentine's Day, in all seriousness, is a day of reflection. I think of my lost love. I hope she is happy, for despite it all, I will never stop caring. I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. This is a short blog. I have a 'mountain' of mail to read. Well a guy can dream....


  1. Happy valentines day Klahanie!

  2. Well Klahanie

    Some days, Valentine being one of then can be days for reflection, of loves past and sometimes lost.

    If reflection be the food of love then dream on. I know for myself, dreams of what is past can some times bring a little comfort. However dreaming of what is to come is more fulfilling.

    Take care my friend


  3. Hi Klahanie,

    I was really pleased this year on Valentines Day, I actually received TWO!! (one was expected but the other was totally unexpected)...which was a delightful surprise.
    I hope that next year you receive your Valentines card/s FOR REAL!


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