Monday, 9 July 2007

Canoes and Contentment

Greetings Friends-
I have experienced some truly magical times in my life. Inspiring memories that resonate within me. Memories that keep me focused on the positivity that I sense and the positivity I try to share with others.
Many years ago, I discovered the peaceful satisfaction of exploring the lakes of British Columbia, in a canoe. I recall the harmony I felt with nature. Surrounded by awesome beauty, I was immersed with an overwhelming sensation of tranquility. In my solitude, yet not alone, I was at peace with the environment.
My senses were acutely aware of all the sights, sounds and feelings. The vision of the gentle, pristine waters of the lake, the wondrous backdrop of the snow-capped mountains. The reassuring sound as the water lapped against the paddle. The cool, refreshing breeze flowing across my face.
Canoeing was such an adventure. Paddling for miles and miles until I could paddle no more. Discovering a remote island on a remote lake and setting up camp for the night. Words cannot do justice to how I felt. It was getting dark, time to reflect on how great the day had been.
It was late May, yet earlier that day, nature had decided to create a most unseasonal snow storm. Late at night, sitting outside my tent, mesmerised by the glowing embers of the camp fire. I realised that, to me, life doesn't get any better than this.
The sky had cleared and a full moon shone on the lake. The light from the moon sparkled on the majestic snow-encrusted evergreens. That beautiful vista is captured so vividly in my mind.
Filled with such inner-peace, I retreated to the cosy confines of my tent. I lay there, snuggled up inside my sleeping bag. I listened to the sounds of the nocturnal wildlife. The haunting call of the loon, the distant (thank goodness) howl of the wolves. I drifted off to sleep. Never have I slept so well.
The next morning I portaged my canoe across the island. Portaging is carrying your canoe overland. Or as I look at it, walking around with a canoe on your head. Not the most flattering of headgear, but hey, I never had much fashion sense.
Lately I have been wanting to rekindle my love of canoes. Pollution-free, environmentally-friendly canoes. The preferred mode of transport of the 'First Nations' people of North America. I am only a short walk from Rudyard Lake, so I haven't got much of an excuse. I'm sure with all the terrible weather we've had lately; the rental of a canoe wil be no problem.
Canoes and contentment. I stay focused on healthy behaviour. How positive is that?
I thank you for your time.


  1. Hi adanac67,

    The experience you descibe so beautifully and vividly, certainly does sound magical. Like you, I have an affinity with nature, especially lakes and rivers. There is something about a stretch of water that instantly fills me with a feeling of peacefullness and a sense of tranquility.
    Reading your post I was able to visualise what it must have been like,(you painted a wonderful picture with your words!)
    I have been canoeing myself, just once, (no where as grand as British Columbia of course, just a river in Wales) it was raining heavily and we became completely soaked!...but I found it so much fun and very exhilirating!
    I will now have to add that to my list of 'places to visit before I die! (I really do need to get started on this list!)
    I visit Rudyard lake quite freqeuntly, I have walked around it many times, or sometimes I just sit on the far side looking out over the expanse of water at the sun glistening upon the lake,(SUN?I hear you say,what's that?...I seem to have a distant memory that It's a huge orange coloured ball in the sky,that radiates heat!)
    You are very fortunate to live within walking distance of Rudyard Lake.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories, and I hope that one day you may re-visit this magical place and rekindle some of the magic you felt at the time!
    In the meantime as you say, there is always the possibility of hiring a canoe at Rudyard.(Just realised I've done a blog within a blog again!).....D x

  2. Hi domenica-
    Good grief, you have done another "blog within a blog again!"
    So I shall try not to write too much or I might be guilty of a 'blog within a blog within a blog..' I mean, really, this could end up being like that film 'Groundblog Day'!..
    Thanks for your kind comments. Your dedication to mindbloggling is most admired by me. You deserve a lot of credit for maintaining this inspirational ethos.
    Phew!..almost another blog within a blog within a blog...:-)

  3. Hi adanac67,

    Thank you also, for your supportive, positive and kind comments on my last post!

    I have only met a handfull
    of people in my life that share and display the same passion and vision as myself.(I now include you in that small, but powerful band of people)
    I will end now, otherwise it may sound like a 'Mutual Admiration Society'(having said that, mutual admiration is surely a good thing!)
    Best wishes....D x

  4. Thanks for yet another inspirational post adanac67 - Domenica is right, you paint the most magnificently vivid picture with your words. You're a skilled writer a superb communicator.
    Canada sounds very appealing. I've canoed in a Canadian Canoe in Cumbria - I was pretty rubbish and could only go round in circles, to the increasing annoyance of my fellow crew members - they weren't antics, I just couldn't co-ordinate the boat & ore thing. I was in hysterics. Fond memories. Thanks again Adanac67, part of staying focused on positive behaviour is encouraging happy memories - which is what you've just done for me. Spreading happiness and positivity. Your a good person.

  5. Greetings Emma-
    Aw shucks! You say the nicest things. I am most flattered by your comments. Your reassurance to myself and the other fine people on the mindbloggling community means a tremendous amount.
    I love your remark about your canoeing adventures in Cumbria.How funny is that? Hmmm...getting dizzy in a canoe.
    Ofcourse, I've been up a certain creek without a paddle..but that's another story...:-)

  6. hi its nana here thanks to everyone who has comented on my enjoying mind blogging.
    everyone has made me feel so welcome.
    Ive never met such a lovely bunch of people in my life.
    I think its brill when people get on and care for each other like which i have found here.
    Everyone is so careing and thourtfull thank you everyone for being so nice.

  7. hya u,

    that sounds amazing! the closest i come to complete contentment is when i've been in a bar or club or gig somewhere when a tune comes on that i love, everyone with you loves it and the whole place is united for a min at least, you know your alive for that 1 moment!

    the problem is for me about it is that these kind of moments are fleeting for me and even worse than that anything that doesn't match up is lacking and i let out a bit of a sigh knowing this.

    do u find that? that all these amazing things you did with your cannoe leaves everything else lacking slightly!?

    but then i guess the other flip side to that is that it drives you to find more moments that live up to the greatness of other's



  8. Hi purkul-
    In answer to your question: "do u find that? that all these amazing things you did with your cannoe leaves everything else lacking slightly!?"
    When my mental distress starts to dominate me, I focus on the truly inspiring moments in my life. I have been blessed with some truly memorable, wonderful times.
    I reflect upon those experiences and realise that I still can have inspiring moments. Moments that I hope to share with others. With that sharing of my positivity. I hope it gives people inspiration to challenge what burdens them.
    I am honoured to be part of this enlightening mindbloggling ethos.
    Purkul, undaunted, I dare to dream and make positive times a reality. "Lacking" is a word I try not to use in regard to my present life.
    Warm wishes to all of you.

  9. I'm sorry I missed commenting on this post before - not sure how I missed it.
    It sounds like a truly magical time, and your recollection feels like looking through fresh clear water. The only time I have been lucky enough to feel that kind of natural tranquility was in the far NW of Scotland - halfway up a mountain, looking north, and I could see no human artifacts - not a building, a wall, a track, much pylons or roads. I stood for an age just drinking it in.
    Take care - and keep these wonderful posts coming - Tone x

  10. that last post would have made better sense had I typed - "much less pylons or roads - txxx


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