Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blogger's Got Talent.

The excitement, the expectation, is building up to a crescendo of hysterical frenzy, as the finalists in Blogger's Got Talent are being flown in from secret locations all over the world.  Naturally, the finalists are being flown in on the Blogger's favourite airline, 'Blog Air' and will be picked up at Blog Hope airport.   
The studio audience at the finals are settling into their seats at the Blodeon Theatre in beautiful downtown Blogbank, just a  few miles northeast of Bloggywood.   A hush falls all around the audience as the curtain raises and the lights come up.  

The crowd they cheer.  Oh how they cheer.  The music starts and the three judges are introduced.  Judge number one, Bloggo Baggins, a major star who became famous in the Bloggit and Lord of the Blings.  Judge number two, Joe Bloggs, who does a blog using his first name, Joe.  And judge number three, Sharon Blogbourne, famous for being the wife of the dude who's the lead singer of Blog Sabbath.  
Being the final show, the judges have had their say and now it's time for the five finalists to give one last performance before the public gets to vote for the winner.  

Blogger number one, in the category, Sarcastic Blogger,  "Hi, my blog is called, much to your surprise, "The Sarcastic Blog".  "I cannot even begin to describe how thrilled I am to see all you wonderful, sincere people out there in the audience.  There are no suitable words to explain my joy at knowing how much you like me!"

Blogger number two, in the category, Satirical Blogger, "I keep hearing about the 'big bank theory'.  The theory goes something like this.  First of all, become the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a big bank and get rewarded for incompetence, whilst your millions of loyal customers are thinking about such trivial things like, will they have a roof over their heads, a job tomorrow, or food on the table.  And to top it off, as a CEO, you will get a nice hefty bonus at the end of the year, for a job not well done.  Wow, what a great job!  A bonus for buffoonery.  An incentive for idiocy.  And when you become the epitome of incompetence, it gets even better.  Apparently you morph into a 'Fat Cat'.  And who wouldn't like the idea of becoming a 'Fat Cat'?  Oh,  I almost forget the name of my blog.  Too busy contemplating 'civil war' and 'military intelligence'."   The name of my blog is, "Cat on a Hot Tin Spoof".

Blogger number three, in the category, Comedy Blogger, Hi, my blog is called, "I'm Incredibly Funny and You're Not!"  "Maybe you can relate to this.  You get on the bus.  That would be the second bus after the first bus driver looked at you and continued on.  You stood there, as the first bus drove by you, with your arms waving frantically, praying for a miracle and hoping that the driver will have a change of heart and stop.  But alas no, instead you get drenched by the worst downpour known in twenty years.
When you get on the bus that kindly stopped for you, the driver decides it would be hilarious to accelerate and brake really quickly.  That way, you  lose your balance, you wipe out, fall into the lap of an old lady and proceed to dump two bags of groceries, which were full of eggs, a variety of sticky syrups and fresh sardines, all over her fake fox fur coat."

Blogger number four, in the category, Poetry Blogger, "Greetings wonderful people.  My blog is called, "Edgar Allan Poem".   "Here is an old example of one of my finest poetic works, There was a young fella' named Skinner, who took a young lady to dinner.  At quarter to nine, they began to dine, at quarter to ten it was in her.  Not Skinner, the dinner.  Skinner was in her before the dinner!"   "I thank you from the very depths of my radiantly glowing soul."

The next category was a combined category.  For the two categories are rather similar.

Blogger number five, in the combined category, Self-Obsessed, Self-Promoting Blogger,  "Hello people.  The name of my blog is titled, "The Only Blog you Need To Read!"   "Now then, here's how it is.  You will read my blog and you will realise just how wonderful I am.  You, the Blogger Sheep aka Bleeps, will heap praise and adulation on me.  I will ignore you and not acknowledge your comments.  I will never grace you with commenting on your site.  I would not lower myself to do such a thing.  When you visit my must read site, you will note the links in my postings that link back to other postings that I have written which also have more links to postings that I have written.  Soon, very soon, I may hold a contest on my site that gives you the opportunity to adore me even more.  If that's possible.  The one with the most complimentary response to my contest will be allowed to purchase my book titled, "The Only Blog you Need To Read!", at a slightly reduced cost.   Anyway, time for you people to do the right thing and vote for me!"

There you have it, the five finalists in Blogger's Got Talent.  I realise that there are other categories.  However, the television production company needed to get it down to just five contenders.  Here's a quick refresher and then you, the public, can vote to decide the winner.  

Blogger number one is in the category, Sarcastic Blogger is, "The Sarcastic Blog"
Blogger number two is in the category,  Satirical Blogger is, "Cat on a Hot Tin Spoof"
Blogger number three is in the category, Comedy Blogger is, "I'm Incredibly Funny and You're Not!"
Blogger number four is in the category, Poetry Blogger is, "Edgar Allan Poem"
Blogger number five is in the combined category, Self Obsessed, Self-Promoting Blogger is, "The Only Blog you Need To Read!"

I wonder who you would vote for?  Or maybe, you would like to mention some other categories that didn't make the final of, Blogger's Got Talent.  I can think of a few more.  


  1. So which blog does yours fall into? I think mine is self-promoting sarcastic satirical comedy. But not poetry. I don't do that.

  2. Ah Grumpy,
    With the exception of self-obsessed, self-promoting, I would be okay in numerous categories.
    And yours is most assuredly never, ever, ever sarcastic, ever!
    Hey, you never voted! Then again, the ballot box is most likely rigged...

  3. you forget the Chef Blogger....I Can Cook and You Can't Dork, Blog
    the Gardening Blogger....Nasturtiums AdNauseum Blog
    and the Vacationing Blogger....Betcha Can't Guess Where I Am Right Now Blog
    Where do I fall in all of this....Poetry Blogger perhaps???
    I vote for The Sarcastic can never have enough sarcasm I always say.

  4. Oh Dear! I don't think I'm going to get an audition. :( I don't think I fit in any of those categories.

  5. Hi Delores,
    They only had categories for five finalists. That's why I'm glad you added to the list of other categories that were removed in earlier rounds :)
    Poetry is one of your delightful specialities, Delores.
    Sarcastic Blog? You do surprise me!

  6. Hi Sharon,
    This was the finals and down to just five categories. Other categories would have happened during the auditions :)

  7. Blogger with the Absolute Best, Most Faithful Followers Who Are Willing to Hang In There Through Those Music Posts

    (knocked out in the first round, sad to say, but will be back next year . . .)

    1. Hi Susan,
      Just listening to a musical interlude. Now where was I? There's always next year's show and hopefully, "Blogger with the Absolute Best, Most Faithful Followers Who Are Willing to Hang In There Through Those Music Posts", will be among the five finalists:)

  8. I think you pretty much caught the essence of those types of bloggers. In truth, I think a lot of categories we could all fall into- either at different times or some bloggers write that way all the time.

    Good post. I follow :)

    That would be either a remark coming from the Self-Possessed, Self-Promoting Blogger or Satirical or Sarcastic Blogger. Some of us could fall into that Self-Depreciating Humor Blogger category for his remarks about him or herself, such them telling us about the time he or she accidentally bumped an old Hobbit off the curb into the way of an oncoming semi-truck (oops) or the ever reliable Outlandishly Obscene Blogger, featuring goats copulating with the Wee Folk or the famous dwarfs from the "Snow White" tale. Right now, I'd have to guess, I'm the meandering blogger, rambling on, applauding your well-crafted tale of the various bloggers we encounter on the net or in the mirror in the morning- from time to time.

    We'll never know who exactly who you might have been thinking about (or not thinking about) in this new contest of yours- but that, I think, isn't the point of this post, eh? But gosh (silly sarcasm)- I think it never hurts to point out the truth. And now I twiddle my thumbs, anxiously. Golly, I'm going crazy with the anticipation of not knowing who will be announced as the winner(s).

    While I wait... This next example may cover a couple categories:

    The guy says I love you
    you believe its true
    9 months later,
    he says the hell with you
    the baby is a bastard
    the mother is a whore
    all this wouldnt have happened
    if the rubber wouldnt have torn

    I believe that was from the great poet, E.E. Cummings

    Take care, Gary

    1. Hi Kelly,
      The following reply comment is brought to you by, "KLAHANIE, A Man Challenging His 'Inner Critic'".
      Ah yes, I suppose a number of us could fall into those five finalist categories. I was saddened to note that my favourites, the variety blogger, such as your good self, did not make it into the finals. Me thinks the show may well be rigged with suspicious phone voting.
      One of the classics. "Good post. I follow :)". That can come from the 'drive-by blogger', who visits once, 'follows' your site in the hopes you will become one of the zillion 'followers' on their site. We both know that the amount of followers on a site can be absolute bullshit and can have no bearing on how well thought of they actually are.
      I note that you are sometimes a, "Self-Depreciating Blogger". I never think of you decreasing in value :) Self-deprecating, maybe :) Strangely enough, the Obscene Blogger or the Crude Blogger, never got past the opening rounds of the show. That was a (cover your eyes at this point) a fucking surprise!
      Of course, I may or may have not been making up certain bloggers. We both firmly believe that there is no possible we way that we would ever use sarcasm, or biting, truthful cynicism in our blogs. No way! Never, ever! I hope that on next year's show that we might have somebody in the 'Cynical Blogger' category. Wouldn't that be nifty neato. I'm worried about this whole thing being totally rigged and that the most undeserving in my opinion, 'The Self-Obsessed, Self-Promoting Blogger', may end up winning because their really scared 'Blogger Sheep' aka 'Bleeps', will feel obliged to vote for the blogger they so 'adore'.
      And while we wait for the results. Kinda' like a dubious ballot count in Florida...your example category would be 'The Allen Gizberg Tribute Blogger' category.
      Thanks Kelly. Take care and keep doing whatever it is you do :)

  9. Dear Gary,
    Instead of calling your award "Blogger's Got Talent", perhaps, thinking of some blogs, it should have been called, "Blogger's Got No Talent". I'm thinking in particular of the "welcome to my prosaic, banal existence" blog, which includes posts like, "Me and my husband put up a shelf today", or, "Why I like Digestive biscuits". I'm sure that such blogs are deserving of a "no talent" award.
    Anyway, I hope mine wouldn't fall into such a category, being, as it is, an incredibly intelligent, profound, moving and inspirational piece of writing.
    Did I mention big-headed bloggers? Frankly, I don't like them, either.
    Very Best Wishes, your way, from your pal,

    1. Dear David,
      I think that would be an excellent idea. There would be a number of blogs that fit into the "Blogger's Got No Talent', show. Thrilling blogs though, when you really think about it. Who doesn't want to know that the wife and hubby took the kids to McDonald's for a "Happy Meal" and discovered an extra toy with the meal? Gosh and wow!
      Kind sir, your blog is the epitome of excellence. However, I reckon you have a number of bloggers 'googling' all those darned big and fancy words you use. Maybe those who have never ventured over to your inspirational and moving blog, should go check it out.
      Those "big-headed bloggers" are craving attention and beyond the bravado, lies an insecure person who needs to feel accepted. Sadly, acceptance in a rather superficial way. I much prefer honest and transparent bloggers such as you, my hairy, hippy friend.
      Take very good care. In kindness, Gary

  10. Sadly I would like to nominate a category for Bumbling along Bloggers who do not fall into any category, or the bloggers who cannot make up their minds. And guess where I fall - into mediocracy with a whole lot of others.

    1. Hi Elephant's Child,
      The category you mention can be one on next year's show. I would suggest that mediocrity and lack of direction within their postings, is something I'm rather good at. However, the most important thing, I believe, is that we write firstly for ourselves and hope that the therapeutic attributes of the written word, will not only help us but help others. I say to you, my friend, happy writing :)

  11. LOL I want to write a blog called Cat on a Hot Tin Spoof! Clever you! I definitely would choose that one on the title alone. I' d also like to make a reservation on Blog Air to attend the season finale of "Bloggers Got Talent". Simon Scowl is a good friend of the judges, and got some free tickets for Bloggers who try hard, but could do better. He's randomly distributing them in front of the live show. I thought I could fly out there, stand in the rain, and see if I could catch a ticke or two. Wanna go? I think it would be jolly fun, and a good laugh. Really funny post, Gary!

    1. Hi THE SNEE,
      Ah yes, perhaps a fitting title of a blog that wants to make fun of those who insist on putting up a photo of a cat and some cutesy caption underneath like,'awe look at cute kitty playing with a ball of string! Giggle, giggle!'
      You, of course, will be invited up to the cockpit of 'Blog Air', where you can meet the much loved um 'Pawlot' oops..I meant pilot, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet pilot star!
      From there you will be taken by limo to next year's final of Blogger's Got Talent. Actually Simon Simon Scowl strongly urges you to compete next year. 'Congratulations', he will say to you. 'Rebecca, you're through to the next round of Blogger's Got Talent!' The judges will have no say in this and as your success and fame grows in the Satirical Blog category, you will be sent to 'Blog Camp' for further coaching by your judge who will be a rather confused dude from 'Blogger Idol', named 'Steve Tylenol'. Yes indeed, Steve, America's answer to Mick Jagger.
      Seriously, if you rush over, you can still catch the last few moments of this year's show. Make sure you fold down your umbrella. Look forward to seeing you here in beautiful downtown Blogbank....
      Thanks Rebecca.
      In kindness, Gary :)

  12. Hello Gary:
    Oh, what fun this all is!

    The blogs which perplex us most are those 'I can crochet, knit, sew and quilt whilst playing the piano and reading a novel at the same time blogs'. They remind us of our schooldays when everyone was picked to join a team except us!!

    So where, dear Gary, is the virtual red carpet, the goldette figurines and the bloggerazzi for the greatest Blog Show not on Earth?!!!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance,
      Isn't this a whole load of fun! :) Which reminds me, it has been ages since I left a comment on your site. That would be the site that when I leave a comment, I note that I'm like the millionth comment. Of course, I'm not in the least bit jealous of your thoroughly deserved popularity. Although I'm thinking of entering into next year's newly created category, 'The Sobbing Uncontrollably In A Darkened Room, Blogger', category.
      Ah yes, the versatile, multi-tasking blogger. You may well have not been picked to join a team in your school days, but hey, look at you now. Every sensible blogger, in all known dimensions, wants to be a part of your team.
      The virtual red carpet, the goldette figurines and the bloggerazzi are all at one of your many manors. In fact, I would like to be part of that reality show where I get to take care of one of your mansions. Yes, that show. 'Mind your Manors'. Gosh, I'm so funny...maybe not. As 'PT. Blogum' was credited for, 'there's a blogger born every minute..'
      Take care and soon, very soon, you will have one of my much loved and highly acclaimed comments, grace your site.
      With respect and a piano playing knitter, your way, Gary

  13. No Bloggy award for the bestest looking kitty or doggy?!?!

    Charlie is in a sulk now!

    LOL! Take care

    1. Hi Old Kitty,
      Sadly, no category for the bestest looking kitty or doggy or gerbil or rabbit or snake or iguana or even a skunk posing as a cat! :)
      Maybe next year's show can have such a category.
      Sorry Charlie is sulking. Maybe Charlie could write about it on one of your upcoming postings. Anyway, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, sends you both pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses! xx

  14. Haha! the blogger I like the least is the self promoting one.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I totally agree with you. I know that I, KLAHANIE whose blog was featured on BBC radio, would never, ever, self-promote! LOL
      All the best to you, my friend :)

  15. LOL. The blogosphere needed a show like this . . .

    I'd have to cast my vote for "Cat on a Hot Tin Spoof".

    1. Hi The Golden Eagle,
      Yes it does, along with 'Blogger Idol'. Or is that 'Blogger Idle'?
      Thanks for voting. "Cat on a Hot Tin Spoof", will be delighted to get at least one vote.
      Take care and have fun with your writing :)

  16. Hiya, Old Sport,

    Good to see some creativity going on in the blogworld.

    “Bloggers Got Talent” should receive the Golden Globe award for the most imaginative contest in the history of the Blogosphere. But to categorize actual bloggers could be harmful to the said Blogonauts. I should be a judge, for I qualify as an Insensitive Blogger and my posts can prove my blatant disregard for the feelings of the readers. But, as insensitive as I am, I do exhibit the demeanor of a Heartfelt Blogger, as well as a Sensitive Blogger – just depends on my mood at the time. Because, you see I am not a blogger, I am a storyteller/writer, more on the storytelling side though. Like a soldier, I am a trained professional and I write to kill, take no prisoners and write plots with extreme prejudice. And, my friend, I’m just getting warmed up. You see, I took a 20 year hiatus to raise a brood of, yes, insensitive girls, and since they are now of legal drinking age, I am FREE, FREE at last! I’ve got a couple of WIPs going on, with a couple of extensive outlines and am seeking precious solitude to tackle my next novel, which will be written without consideration of the actual characters involved – I’m going to enjoy that work so much……

    I guess to sum it up, I am not a blogger at all. Seven or eight months online and I still don’t get it. But, as a wise man once said, “There comes a time in the affairs of all men when they must take the bull by the tail and face the situation.” - WC Fields

    Dude, I enjoy your site so much, and I’m glad I ran across it.

    Peace ...

    1. Hi Jackie,
      First of all, my friend, thank you for such a kind, thoughtful and candid comment. This is what I truly appreciate. You have displayed through your comment, what I believe the real magic of the blogging community can be all about.
      You have verbalised, most eloquently, your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations. You have spoken to us of one who likes to write in variety of styles and genres. Write according to the mood and let the mood flow from your fingertips, onto the keyboard and beyond. I think you will agree that above all, writing is a profound and therapeutic resource.
      And now that you are "FREE", you can continue with your writing endeavours. That is a most positive result.
      And after sixty months of blogging, I'm not sure if I totally get it. All I know is that bloggers, writers, or whatever we wish to call this, can all feel a part of something special. I think of my Weblog or Blog as an 'email to the world'.
      I hope you do another posting very soon, Jackie. This interaction is powerful and I'm grateful our paths have met.
      Much respect and admiration, your way, Gary

  17. To Kelly, above: e e cummings would have been horrified to see you spell his name using capital letters!
    To Gary: Nice post dude!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

    1. Ah bazza,
      Capital punishment, I reckon. And I note you just cannot resist using exclamation marks!
      Thanks dude! Oops!

  18. Oh, let's see. Maybe add:

    I Got More Followers Than You
    You Can Follow Me, But I Ain't Following You
    Okay I Followed You For a Week, Now I'm Out Of Here.

    LOL You, my fine fellow, are too funny, like in too cute. I love how your mind works.

    1. Hi Joylene,
      Ah yes, 'The Follow You, Follow Me, Blogger' category, with a twist.
      Well noted on the cynical side of blogging :)
      Which reminds me, as if I notice, however you are catching up to me in total 'followers'. Right then, must go and do my 'drive-by blogging', visit some site, become a follower, leave a comment like, 'Great post! Thanks for sharing! I follow!' They will then take note of my icon, click on my icon, visit my site, click on 'follow' and yay, I will get yet another 'follower' who will leave a comment such as, 'Great post! Thanks for sharing! I follow!' Gosh and golly, aint this fun?
      Oh my mind, if my memory serves me correctly. Hang on, my mind is on strike. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, my mind is constantly racing with surreal slants on situations. Whatever that means.....
      Thanks Joylene. You know I'm one of your biggest starstruck fans :)

  19. LOL, maybe I can make to the next bloggers got talent contest and enter as a serious but quirky blogger...

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Indeed, you may well end up in the 'seriously quirky' category on next year's 'Blogger's Got Talent' show.
      Hope you had a good weekend. I'm about to reply to your email.
      With respect, Gary :)

  20. What a hilarious idea! The comedy blog "I'm funny and you're not!" made me giggle.

    I've not idea what category my blog falls in or even if it falls into any category.


    1. Hi Jai,
      I'm glad you liked this idea. You, my dear friend, would fall into the category that for some strange reason, got knocked out in the opening rounds. You are what I admire the most, 'The Variety Blogger' :)
      Hope you had a peaceful weekend, Jai.
      In kindness and respect, Gary

    2. Wow, such a compliment, thanks Gary!

      I'm a variety blogger, I like that.


  21. I admit I chuckled at these. I know someone whose line is 'my Blog's so good I don't need to comment or follow anyone else's but you should follow mine because I'm fabulous!'

    Oh I love Joylene's suggestions, too. They are classics.

    1. Hi Madeleine,
      Thanks I do hope that blog you allude too is tongue-in-cheek'' :)
      Indeed, Joylene's observations are spot on!
      Take good care and happy writing.
      With respect, Gary

  22. 'Blogger's Got Talent' ... Classic!!

    You've done it again, Gary! Too funny - and true - for words!

    1. Gidday Wendy,
      Then we will have 'Blogger Idle'..oops 'Blogger Idol' :)
      Thanks Wendy and we both realise the biting truth to some of those categories.
      Take very good care and talk soon :)
      With much respect and happy writing, your way, Gary

  23. Love it! Gotta say a few names popped into my head as I was reading descriptions! :)

    I think I'd have to vote for whatever Bloggo voted for - great name!! :)

    1. Hey Jemi,
      Go on, name names! :) I'm kidding, but I think quite a few of us could think of few folks who fit the descriptions.
      Hope you had a lovely weekend and your computer problems have been rectified.
      In kindness, Gary

  24. The prize could be their own TV show called....wait for it......"One Man and his Blog!"

    1. Hi Gem,
      That's a great name for a show. A name I've thought about in the past. Of course, in fairness, it might have to be called, 'One Woman and his Blog!'.
      And a Star Trek blogger would be called, 'Captain's Blog Stardate....'
      Hope you had a lovely weekend in your new adventure in Russia :)
      With good wishes, your way, Gary

  25. Gary, this is outrageously funny; blog-on!
    Thanks for stopping by my 'sleepy blog bog' :)

    1. Hey Dixie,
      Thanks Dixie and I'm pleased you found this posting to be funny :)
      My pleasure to drop by your profound, thoughtful and artistic blog. I'm wishing that the 'racing turtles' have sped up somewhat :)
      Please take very good care of YOU.
      Peaceful and healthy wishes, your way, Gary :)

  26. Reading the comments here was as funny as reading your post. Now, of course, I'm wondering what sort of category my blog might fit into. Perhaps "nothing to see here, move along"?

    1. Hi River,
      That's the real beauty on my site. I'm blessed with awesome interaction and I do my utmost, when possible, to respond back to each of the comments. And then go to loads of blogs and leave comments. Actually, that's one of the reasons my blogs are every few days. Oops..started to ramble...
      I like your ironic category. Reminds me of postings that I have written about why reading the posting was a waste of time. Careful Gary, nearly self-promoted :)
      Thanks River, kind wishes and some leftover lipstick, your way, Gary :)

  27. Gary/ Penny check out:

    There's a doggie advert that's pawsitively marvellous!

    1. Hi Madeleine,
      I have checked out and left one of my 'highly sought after' comments on Lee's latest article that you kindly pointed my way. I think, being an all different, all equal, sharing, caring two-way blogging community, that many of us embrace as an ideal, that I've no doubt that Lee will visit my shy and humble site and realise that I have done this theme he alludes too, many times.
      Pawsitively pawesome advert on there:)
      With respect, your way, Gary. Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star xx

  28. I read your comment on Lee's post today. Love your blog and your bio. You sound like a super person.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you very much for noting my comment on Lee's latest article. I have alluded to what he wrote about, on numerous occasions.
      I'm honoured that you have bestowed upon me such a compliment and thank you for linking into my site. Very kind of you and I shall come and visit your blog.
      May you have a peaceful positive day within the all different, all equal, blogging community.
      In kindness and respect, Gary

  29. I hope I don't fall into any of those categories, Gary! Creative post, and timely.

    I really love the layout of your blog. Did you do it yourself?

    1. Hi Susan,
      I'm sure you would be in the 'variety blogger' category. I have huge admiration for those with versatility and keep you guessing as to what they might post next :)
      My blog layout is a very simple design from blogger. Being such a technophobe, I'm a bit scared to try anything too complicated. Thanks Susan and happy writing.
      With respect and kind wishes, Gary

  30. Very clever post-- a much different more entertaining approach than I took on my post. The topic of annoying bloggers and comments seem to be frequently addressed by us bloggers. I know I've hit this topic a number of times and it always seems to get a good response.

    Strangely enough, last night I was trying to come up with something for my Monday post. Since I frequently write about blogging on Mondays I took that route and the topic I went with was the first thing that came to mind. I thought it was just a throw-away post of a mini-rant and was quite surprised when I saw the response.

    Just goes to show that if you want other bloggers to speak out, bring up the topic of comments and obnoxious bloggers. We all have something to say about these topics.

    Thanks for stopping by and directing me to your post.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  31. Hey Lee,
    Thanks for the very flattering compliment. We both seem to get a rather good response on the more annoying side of blogging. Perhaps not surprisingly, the perpetrators of our aggravation, has never responded.
    I wouldn't be too surprised by the response to your provocative article, Lee. There are a number of folks who can relate to such a rant.
    Anyway, I'm sure the 'Blogger Sheep' aka 'Bleeps' would be outraged at our rant against the obnoxious bloggers.
    Glad to drop by your well written and interactive blog. Although, trust me, I was not in any way trying to prompt a response from you on my article. Nonetheless, I'm grateful you dropped by. Take good care and happy writing.
    With respect, Gary

  32. Hi Jai,
    Indeed, you are very much a variety blogger. Keep them guessing :) I very much admire someone who can display a whole range of writing styles.
    With respect and happy variety writing.
    Gary :)


I do try to comment back to each commenter individually. However, I might have to shorten my replies or give a group thank you. That way, I can spend more time commenting on your blogs. Thank you and peace, my friend.