Saturday, 3 November 2007

Face the 'Fax'.

Hello there. The other day I was going to make a call but I couldn't even look at
the I'll just have to 'face the fax'.

Oh no, here we go again, I'm doing another blog because I'm bored and I'm lonely. Yes indeed, my fingers being to 'dance' on the keyboard. I merrily type away, wondering what sort of sentences will be formulated. What the heck is going to transpire in this blog? I continue on, perhaps an inspiration will come to me? Perhaps not.
Now speaking of telephones, I bravely grabbed the receiver the other day and with trembling anticipation, I dialed 1471. I'll let you in on a little secret, please don't tell anyone. The 1471 computer-generated voice is my 'friend'. When I had nobody to talk to, I could rely on her to speak to me with her soothing tones. "You have no new calls..please hang up" she would say. So imagine my surprise, when the last time I rang her, my '1471 lady' said to me "You have no new p*** off and quit pestering me!" she still my friend or what?
Ofcourse part of the above paragraph is somewhat fictitious. Okay, there have been times in my life, the phone would ring and I'd think, "what the hell was that noise?" Those days of complete isolation really hurt. I let my solitude get the better of me. All I envisioned was day upon monotonous day of wandering about the confines of my home, like some caged beast. I immersed myself in wave after relentless wave of negativity. I forgot about life and its ironies, I forgot how to laugh.
"Ring, ring!" "What the heck was that?" Whoops sorry. Now then, speaking of 'rings', imagine the guy who does the announcing at boxing matches was a friend of yours. He introduces you to a stranger. "In the blue corner, wearing ripped up jeans and a baggy old sweater...from Vancouver, Canada...the man from the 'land of the beaver'...hhhheeerrrr'sss.......... Kllaaahhaaanieee!!" Now how embarrasssing would that be?
Continuing in the theme of bells, hmmm...considering I didn't have anything in particular to blog about, I have come dangerously close to almost having an actual topic. Does the name 'Quasimodo' 'ring a bell'? Now then, one of the great mysteries in my life is the following. It seems that any time I go outside to do work in my massive garden, the phone rings. So I make a mad dash from the end of my garden, rush into my living room, only to have the phone stop ringing, as soon as I get to it. I wonder why this is? Does the person at the other end know I am about to grab the telephone? Do they reckon I need the exercise? Oh well, never mind eh!
So I'm gonna' end this blog with some 'I wonder why?' thoughts. I wonder why when I drain pasta out of a pot, one piece always sticks to the bottom. I wonder why when I vacuum, one bit of fluff always refuses to be sucked up. I wonder why when I brush the dog, very little hair is on the brush. Indeed, I wonder why, using my hands works better, as great big clumps of hair magically appear. I wonder why the dog always thinks the post is for her. What a silly Jack Russell. What do you think it is? Do you think someone, or some dog, has sent you a DVD of 'Lassie come Home'?
"Ring, ring!" That's strange, the phone is ringing and I'm not typing this from my garden. Well to heck with it, maybe it's the '1471 lady' calling to apologise. Maybe it's a 'junk call' trying to sell me double-glazing I don't need. No, ignore it Klahanie, I don't even want to look at the I'll just have to 'face the fax.'.....


  1. I know all about those dreadful feelings of lonliness my friend. I have an answerphone at home and get ridiculously happy when i come in of an evening and see a flashing message on the facia. Keep your chin up and remember there are people who care about you (not me obviously haha) and you are a well valued and trusted friend! Take care and stay positive, we all love ya baby! Simon

  2. You're a top man Klahanie - sorry to be so remiss in keeping up the blogs. I love your wonder whys. I wonder why lots of things. Hope to see you soon, Mr. K. Take it easy, Em .

  3. Hi Klahanie,

    Thank you once again for another very heartfelt, yet at the same time amusing post. You have a knack of being able to combine your more serious thoughts and feelings with your humorous 'take' on life.
    Long may your 'phone continue to ring!
    With best wishes.....D x

  4. Hi Klahanie, I to get lonely. What you have to do is make the most of the time you are with people. I really enjoy your company as I am sure others do. Believe in yourself you are a good soul.

  5. Hi Klahanie
    I guess your dancing fingers remind me of the old BT advert " Let your fingers do the talking" and intersting talking/fingering you do to.
    Keep beavering away, your words are valued by lots of people and deffinately one........

    Friend of the Beaver

  6. Hi everyone-
    Thank you for your comments on my blog. (or whatever the heck it is!)
    A warm welcome to our newest blogger: 'smallandsnappy'..
    Yo smallandsnappy: The Beavers say hello to you....:-)


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