Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A Therapeutic Oasis.

The creation of my garden was a statement of peaceful defiance. When I moved in to my home, it was more a matter of: "garden? what garden?" I looked out through my living room window and realised what a huge challenge lay before me. My garden and, for that matter, the gardens around me, were merely dumping grounds for people who didn't care or just couldn't be bothered. Beyond my living room window was a panorama of indifference.
On my own, only armed with a shovel, I proceeded to transform my forlorn excuse of a garden, disguised as a landfill, into a 'therapeutic oasis'. A place for our dog 'Penny' to play. A 'hang-out' for my son Tristan and his mates.
It has become a sanctuary to soothe my soul, our garden has given me a positive focus. I was determined to turn a negative environment into a special, spiritual place. I look out through my living room window, I notice the beauty, listen to the wind chimes and realise that inner contentment may well be a possibility. Anyone for a barbecue?


  1. What an achievement Klahanie, it looks really peaceful. See you soon, Emma.

  2. What a fantastic job you did! No wonder you find your garden to be a haven of tranquility.

    I think of you every time I look into my garden and find the solar lights working properly :o)

    Hope to see you soon.

  3. See what you mean about the spacing ......... far out man.
    But what a lovely garden, worth every therapeutic moment.
    As one who has enjoyed your labours in the flesh so to speak ...... photo's are great, but exploring is better.

  4. Thanks for your comments folks. Emma, my garden is most condusive to my mental health wellbeing. "Peaceful" quite right..although my gigantic wind chimes can get quite noisy..kind of like 'Big Ben' on a string..
    sunseeker, I have 34 solar lamps, heck, most of them are still working. A very pretty sight indeed.
    smallandsnappy, I just visualised you as the 'naked' gardener..moving swiftly on...Funny how the preview of the photos looked neatly set up. I think there may be some 'ghost' images on my blog? boo! Flippin heck!..even my photo blogs can be somewhat surreal..still, it is an interesting way of reading the captions on it..I guess.
    Thanks folks.

  5. Hey Maan,

    Still waiting for my barbeque invite!!!!!

  6. Hey Philip. You are the first name on my barbecue invite list. Maybe we could have a barbecue between the torrential downpours?
    Rock n'roll Maan!

  7. Heey Maaan,

    Just throw another warm dog on the grill for me, far out, and a couple of smoked crawdads.

    Surf and snappy

  8. Your Garden looks beautiful to me... just lovely. I should have you come here and plan me a beautiful space.... my yard is horrible.


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